The automobile industry can meet the emission target only by increasing the sales of electric vehicles

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automobile industry meet emission target

[ Car home information ]  In recent days, , Relevant domestic media reported that , Analysts at Goldman Sachs Mark Delaney Wrote in a report , Car manufacturers need “ Significantly improve ” Sales of cars with battery power as the main output , To meet the Biden administration's latest emission targets .

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According to the report ,2030 The sales target of electric vehicles in the United States in is consistent with Goldman Sachs' forecast . Electric vehicle stocks, including Tesla, are bound to rise again . At present, pre order transaction data show , Tesla rose 0.2%,Lucid rose 0.6%,Workhorse rose 0.2%,Nikola rose 0.9%,Lordstown Motors rose 1.2%, Faraday's future 0.2%. Traditional auto stocks also rose , For example, General Motors rose 0.3%, Ford rose 0.6%,Stellantis rose 2.3%.

It is worth mentioning that , Goldman Sachs analysts have historically adjusted fuel economy standards for changes in car portfolios , For example, cars and trucks ; and , Carmakers used to be able to take advantage of energy efficiency improvements in other areas , For example, air conditioning . therefore , The future of the automotive industry needs to change the future development direction according to relevant policies , In order to embark on the road of sustainable development .( compile / Car home graduation )

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