Gradually expand horizon / newmai technology and reach strategic cooperation

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gradually expand horizon newmai technology

[ Car home information ]  In recent days, , Horizon and focus on the landing of autopilot applications Nullmax Newmai technology has reached strategic cooperation , The two sides will face the needs of China's smart car scene , Jointly develop the industry's top intelligent driving application solutions , Help the intelligent automobile industry to realize the application of innovative technologies . Following the release of the open ecological strategy , The smart car ecosystem built by horizon “ Circle of friends ” Is gradually growing .

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Newmai technology and horizon will integrate their advantageous products and technologies in the field of automatic driving , Create customized algorithm chip integration solutions based on real mass production requirements . Automatic driving software algorithm provided by newmai Technology , Will be integrated into a horizon based journey 3、 Journey 5 Intelligent computing platform of series chips , Help automobile enterprises complete driving 、 Parking 、 Integrated application of intelligent driving functions such as driving and parking integration .

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Jointly developed by both sides “ Algorithm + chip ” The integrated solution will have rich and extreme product experience and safe and reliable functional features , It can fully meet the intelligent needs of automobile brands for platform main models , At the same time, it covers the vehicle platforms configured at all levels , Create an intelligent driving experience that meets the needs of users . In depth cooperation between the two sides , It will also further improve the stability and power consumption performance while giving full play to the performance of software and hardware .

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at present , Horizon's high-performance automotive intelligent chip journey 3, It has been applied in mass production this year . Based on the journey 5 Chip vehicle intelligent computing platform , The calculation power can be as high as 1024TOPS, It can support the whole scene vehicle intelligent application integrating automatic driving and intelligent interaction . Horizon always adheres to “ Quan Weili, he ” The ecological concept of , Open up with technology 、 Efficient support 、 Jointly develop 、 Flexible service is the purpose of cooperation , Unite the strength of all participants in the field of intelligent vehicles , Accelerate the new journey towards vehicle intelligence .( Source : Horizon HorizonRobotics; compile / Car home graduation )

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