How fragrant? Xiaopeng P5 can be equipped with mattress, refrigerator and projector

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fragrant xiaopeng p5 equipped mattress

In recent days, , Xiao peng P5 Guangzhou Swire warehouse held a variety of intelligent space sharing activities . As the first intelligent car to mass produce lidar on the market , Xiao peng P5 Our autopilot assist system is remarkable in perception , And its “ Third space ” Smart cockpit concept , It can also make people shine .

event , Xiao peng car Jiang Weizhong, deputy general manager of product planning department, introduced Xiaopeng P5 It is a mobile intelligent third space , Will expand entertainment 、 sleep 、 Rich and beautiful intelligent travel experience such as outdoor and life , Explore 23 Hours of various application scenarios . Regarding this , Xiao peng P5 In a 4.8 Meters and up to 26 Under the storage space , Provides X-Paly Entertainment scene 、X-Sleep Sleep scene 、X-GO Outdoor scene 、X-Life Life scene 、X-DIY Of the scene 5 Large scene function .

Specific to the five scenes it covers ,X-Paly The entertainment scene is through carrying a projector and curtain in the car , Combined with fully reclined seats and inflatable mattresses , Realize the transformation from a vehicle to a small cinema , So that the vehicle has stronger entertainment properties .

and X-Sleep In the sleep scene , Xiao peng P5 Provide... In the vehicle Nappa The seat 、 Fragrance 、 mattress 、 Privacy curtain 、 Head pillow 、 quilt 、 Shoe storage bag, etc , Provides conditions for sleep scenes . It is worth mentioning that , Xiao peng P5 It can carry out electricity safety detection and air safety detection in real time , When carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the car are found to be too rich, it can automatically alarm and wake up the owner, and even open the window intelligently .

The rest X-GO Outdoor scene 、X-Life Life scene 、X-DIY The scenario is also expanded around a core hardware or function . such as X-GO Outdoor scene , Its construction core includes car refrigerator and Xiaopeng P5 External power supply capacity .

Xiao Peng, vice president of automobile President Li Pengcheng said at the event site , Xiao peng P5 It seems to be just using a space in the car , In fact, we have mobilized many functions of the car . According to Li Pengcheng , Xiao peng P5 These scene functions , Whether it's a mattress 、 The projector or car refrigerator is not a post installed boutique .P5 Only with these functions can we ensure that the mattress and the seat in the car fit perfectly , It's a smooth bed ; In order to realize the linkage with other parts in the car , For example, if you look at the projector , Xiaopeng is used P5 Car stereo, etc .

Times finance has learned that , Xiao peng P5 It's a compact pure electric car , A total of 460G、460E、550G、550E、550P、600P Six configuration versions , Have 4808mm/1840mm/1520mm body , The wheelbase is 2768mm, Divided into lithium iron phosphate batteries (460km) And ternary lithium batteries (550km/600km) Two battery types .

As the world's first mass-produced intelligent vehicle equipped with lidar , Xiao peng P5 Upper XPILOT Autopilot assistance system officially entered XPILOT 3.5 Time . Except high speed NGP Outside , Xiao peng P5 New cities NGP function ,XPILOT The application scope of automatic driving assistance system is extended from Expressway to urban road .

in addition , New generation of intelligent digital cockpit hardware , Refresh the experience of intelligent digital interactive cockpit . The first Qualcomm snapdragon in the same level SA8155P Car specification level chip , The whole series is equipped with the latest standard Xmart OS 3.0 Vehicle intelligent system , Xiao peng P5 Create an intelligent ecosystem .

It is reported that , Xiao peng P5 Already in 7 month 17 Pre sale officially opened on , The pre sale price after subsidy is 16 ten thousand -23 Ten thousand yuan , The new car is expected to be 9 Month official listing ,10 Start delivery at the end of the month .

at present , Intelligent technology has become one of the core competitiveness of China's new car making forces . After nearly a year 10 The development of , After crossing the threshold of mass production, the new forces of car making , The competition starts from “ How to build a car ” Arrived “ How to build a good car ” Start to change , This requires networking 、 More investment in cutting-edge technologies related to intelligence .

In addition to technology development , As the competition intensifies , It puts forward higher requirements for the production efficiency of various car enterprises and the number of supporting charging piles . reportedly , Xiao Peng will inject 15 Million Hong Kong dollars , In addition to increasing the capacity of Zhaoqing factory , also “ It is planned to build new buildings in Guangzhou and Wuhan, and the annual production capacity is expected to reach 100,000 A production base of intelligent electric vehicles ”, And there's something in it 2021 More than... Were established at the end of the year 500 The goal of a self operated super charging station .

in addition , With more and more new energy models on the market , As car companies continue to look for increment in more markets . among , Xiao Peng aimed at the sinking market , According to the Tech Planet news , This year, Xiaopeng will lay out more third - and fourth tier cities , Such as Ma'anshan 、 Putian 、 baotou 、 luoyang 、 zhangjiakou 、 Wenzhou and other places .

This year, 7 month , Xiao Peng as “ Three new car makers ” The first of them successfully listed in Hong Kong , Dual listing is not very important for Xiaopeng “ Take advantage of ” Affair , But the financing generated by listing 、 re-calculate 、 Brand benefits, etc , Will continue to play a role in the follow-up development of the enterprise .

Xiao Peng's prospectus listing in Hong Kong shows , From this fundraising 150 Of HK $billion 45% Capital of ( about 67 Million Hong Kong dollars ) Will be used in technology research and development . in addition , It is proposed to take out about 30 Million Hong Kong dollars ,“ Used to expand our sales 、 Service and super charging network , And improve the skills and service quality of sales and marketing personnel , In order to better serve our customers .”

Especially in the present , Every family spends money on Technology , I hate it “ overnight ” Promote various technologies of intelligent electric vehicles to a higher level , If Xiao Peng waits 2023 It was only in that year that he began to plan for a second listing , Then the gap that may fall in technology and market share in two years may be difficult to make up . It is reported that , After Xiaopeng, the first to land in Hong Kong, went public , Alibaba holds nearly 15%.

Now , On the new forces car track , Bring their own “ Intelligent ” Label Xiaopeng car , Relying on the advantages of the industry and taking the lead in listing in Hong Kong “ First of all ”, In the future development, it will become a more competitive member of independent brand car manufacturing .

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