Electric cars are too quiet. Yamaha plans to develop sound devices for electric cars

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As governments of various countries have launched their own electric vehicle development plans in recent years , Electric vehicle has become the trend of automobile development in the future . But there is one thing about traditional fuel vehicles that electric vehicles cannot replace : That kind of feeling the roar of the engine when driving a car .

According to media reports , Yamaha, which is famous for making motorcycles and musical instruments, is developing a solution —— By creating a series of sound effects to restore the roar generated by traditional fuel vehicles when accelerating .

Yamaha engineers involved in the sound solution believe that , Sound is essential for the driver to gain a sense of control and speed . More people like it “vroom-vroom” Motorcycle noise , But everything is possible .

Yamaha also gets help from music partners , It purchased sound chips from piano manufacturers , And cooperate to make the car shell into a musical instrument , Study when the driver presses the pedal , Which tone reverberates best .

However, Yamaha is not the only one trying to bring a little excitement in the extremely quiet world of electric vehicles . at present , BMW Working with German film score composer Hans Zimmer cooperation , by BMW i4、 BMW i4 M Performance edition and BMW iX Parameters picture ) Make sound .

Hans Zimmer Pointed out that , The sound device developed in cooperation with BMW is expected to be in 2022 BMW released in i4 and BMW iX Use this sound on .

In Japan, , Electric vehicles are still in their infancy , Even sports car lovers find it hard to hear the roar of the engine . Japan tightened regulations on passenger car noise last year , Limit noise to 70 to 74 Decibel , About the same as the sound of a vacuum cleaner or TV .

It is reported that , Yamaha has not announced when to bring this voice to the market , But the plan is to start small , Priority is given to drivers of luxury electric sports cars . Yamaha Engineer Sumito Tanaka Express , With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles , This sound device may become the standard of electric vehicles .

Tanaka Also said , Yamaha's voice for electric vehicles , It has a huge advantage .

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