Ricoh introduces r1260 DC / DC controller suitable for automotive applications

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ricoh introduces r1260 dc dc

News of geyser automobile According to foreign media reports , Ricoh microelectronics equipment Co., Ltd (Ricoh Electronic Devices) Introduction R1260 series , This is a high-pressure step-down type optimized for automotive and industrial applications DC/DC controller .R1260 The series is a step-down type DC/DC controller , have 5.0V to 60V Wide input voltage range and 80V Maximum rated voltage . The output voltage can be configured externally .

R1260 series (HSOP-18)( picture source :n-redc)

At present, there are many kinds of batteries used in automotive applications . In Europe , use 48V There are more and more cars with mild hybrid system , commercial vehicle Is widely used 24V The battery . Benefit from up to 60V Working voltage of ,R1260 Series can reduce high voltage directly to automotive and industrial applications ( Such as MCU、SoC And sensors ) Source voltage used in .R1260 The series is controller type IC, Need to use external FET, And the best can be selected according to the purpose FET.

Besides , In order to efficiently convert voltage under light load , The IC It also has the function of switching according to the load current VFM( Frequency conversion modulation ) and PWM( Pulse width modulation ) The function of mode . This makes it necessary to IC And the system can achieve efficient operation under heavy and light load conditions .

The user can select the following two types of overcurrent protection :Hiccup The mode can be automatically released after the exception is eliminated , And the need to re-enter the power supply (re-inputting a power) The operations such as Latch type . Besides , For safety's sake , The IC Including various functional mechanisms , Such as undervoltage and overvoltage protection 、 Undervoltage lockout and overheat shutdown functions .

Besides , Spread spectrum clock generator (SSCG) It can suppress the peak value of radiated noise , Will help reduce EMI The risk of test failure and EMI Number of components for countermeasures . Based on these functions ,R1260 Series will be easy to use DC/DC controller . new IC Pin type 、 Easy to install HSOP-18 encapsulation . Besides , This product is applicable to its company's product life plan , The plan will maintain product supply at least 10 year .

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