China FAW Xu Liuping: the next step will be to complete this year's annual goal

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china faw xu liuping step

8 month 6 Japan ,《 The daily economic news 》 Reporters learned , This year, 7 month , China faw The total sales of the whole vehicle is about 23.23 Thousands of cars .

In terms of independent plate , The red flag The brand sales volume is about 2.55 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 45.4%; The sales volume of Jiefang brand is about 1.99 Thousands of cars ; Galloping Brand sales volume is 4157 car , Year-on-year growth 22.2%. In terms of joint venture sector , faw - The public Total vehicle sales: About 9.96 Thousands of cars ; faw Toyota Total vehicle sales: About 7.87 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 0.8%; FAW Mazda sells complete vehicles 3241 car .

“ next step , FAW will achieve its annual target this year , Continue to consolidate the good development trend .” Secretary of the Party committee of FAW 、 Chairman Xu Liuping said ,“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” period , FAW will focus on accelerating the creation of a new road , Establish a national brand , The independent innovation , Strengthen joint ventures and cooperation , Emerging business layout , Overseas Development , Digital intelligence transformation , Comprehensively deepen reform and other aspects .

At the beginning of the year , FAW announced its plan to 2021 The annual sales volume of complete vehicles exceeds 400 Thousands of cars , Among them, the sales target of new energy vehicles is to exceed 20 Thousands of cars ; Realize operating revenue 7200 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 3.4% above ; Realize profits 477 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 2% The above goals .

The reporter learned that , This year is the key year for the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform . Recently, China FAW held 2021 At the mid year working meeting of the three-year action of reform within the year , Director of China FAW 、 The general manager 、 Qiu Xiandong, deputy party secretary, said :“2021 In, China's FAW wants to achieve the completion rate of both reform tasks and reform measures 70% The goal of , Ensure that the annual reform objectives will be achieved .”

in addition , According to the... Issued by China FAW “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Planning goals , To 2025 year , China's FAW will realize an income of more than trillion yuan , sales 650 Thousands of cars , Profit exceeding 680 One hundred million yuan ; The Red Flag brand is super 100 More than ; Independent brands are super 200 More than ; The proportion of Hongqi new energy intelligent vehicles exceeds 40%( Proportion of the whole group 20%, The proportion of independent passenger cars exceeds 30%, The Red Flag brand exceeds 40%; To 2030 In, we will strive to realize the electrification of most independent passenger vehicles ).

In order to achieve this goal , FAW Group's independent 、 A joint venture 、 New energy and other sectors have set targets . among , Autonomous plate , Red flag brand to 2025 Strive for annual sales of more than one million vehicles , Enter the first camp of global high-end brands ; Jiefang brand is based on the market advantages of medium and heavy trucks , In light vehicles 、 Transformation layout of bus field ; Pentium brand is adjusted through reform , Clear brand positioning , Catch up with the mainstream team as soon as possible .

In terms of joint venture , FAW Group proposed FAW - Volkswagen keeps the first place in the industry , FAW Toyota's sales volume has entered the top five of the joint venture . In new energy 、 Intelligent networking and new technology , FAW Group hopes that the proportion of FAW's independent new energy vehicles in the overall sales of its own brands will exceed 20%, Intelligent Internet car L3 The penetration rate of automatic driving function at level and above reaches 20%,L4 The penetration rate of automatic driving function of level 1 and above reaches 5%.

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