Baidu car maker joins hands with Continental experts: system integration is a shortcut

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baidu car maker joins hands

8 month 6 Japan , Baidu's car manufacturing company, Jidu automobile, has officially signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Continental group, a global well-known parts supplier , The two sides will jointly develop Jidu automobile products , And in smart electric vehicles 、 Intelligent networking and automated driving are closely cooperating .

“ Based on the agreement , Continental and Jidu automobile will form a comprehensive 、 Efficient technology alliance , On autopilot 、 Under the background of intelligent networking and intelligent transportation , Jointly explore and practice innovative business models , Accelerate product landing .” Continental said in a press release .

Xia Yiping, CEO of Jidu, said at the signing ceremony ,“ At present, our project pre research will end this month , The next stage will enter the mass production R & D process . We hope to create a product that belongs to the benchmark in the industry from experience to intelligence to automatic driving .”

For the cooperation between the two sides , Zhong Shi, a senior analyst in the automotive industry, told the reporter of economic observer ,“ Emerging companies like Jidu , No engineering development capability , It wants to enter the industry quickly , Will you find the mainland 、 Enterprises like Bosch , Because of them ( Spare parts ) High integration . Such suppliers also want to provide system integration , In this way, its profit is relatively high .”

Mr. Zhong has reservations about such cooperation ,“ Your first step is to rely on ( supplier ) No problem , Make a good brand , Do a good job in service . But your second generation , The series behind the third generation , You can't rely entirely on a large system integrator ,( If ) such , You'll never walk by yourself , That's a problem .”

Disclosure of information , This year, 1 month 11 Japan , Baidu announced that it would work together geely The holding group officially established a smart car company ( That is, the later Jidu car ), Enter the automotive industry as a vehicle manufacturer .

Baidu said , Jidu automobile will face the passenger car market , Let users buy more extreme intelligent electric vehicles . It will be independent of Baidu system , Keep running on your own ; At the same time, Baidu will promote artificial intelligence 、Apollo Autopilot 、 Small car 、 Baidu maps and other core technologies fully enable automobile companies , Support its rapid growth .

Both sides announced at the same time , It will be based on the world's leading pure electric architecture newly developed by Geely -- The vast SEA Intelligent evolution experience Architecture , Close cooperation in the field of intelligent vehicle manufacturing .

2 month 18 Japan , Founder and CEO Robin Li revealed in the fourth quarter earnings call conference. , Baidu has recruited a management team with a strong background , From the initial stage of R & D to the official launch of electric vehicles, it takes about 3 Year time .

Half a month later 3 month 2 Japan , Jidu automobile was officially established , The registered capital 20 Billion element RMB , Equity penetration shows , The company is owned by Dazi bairuixiang Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd ( Baidu affiliated enterprises ) Shanghai Huapu Automobile Co., Ltd ( Geely Holding affiliated enterprises ) Joint ownership . The former holds shares 55%, The latter holds shares 45%.

thereafter , Jidu automobile expresses the future 5 Annual investment 500 One hundred million yuan , It is used for overall R & D and continuous building of a series of models of Jidu automobile .

These inputs will not all come from within baidu , According to Xia Yiping , Jidu automobile plans to carry out a new round of financing in the third or fourth quarter of this year .

6 month 1 Japan , At the meeting of Jidu automobile 2021 year Q2 At the communication meeting , Xia Yiping said , The first car of Jidu automobile ( Concept mass production vehicle ) Will be in 2022 year Beijing At the auto show . Because the cost of the intelligent part is relatively high , The car will be priced at 20 More than ten thousand yuan .

As a company already in artificial intelligence 、 Autopilot 、 Technology companies that have invested in map and other fields for many years , Baidu has been in a leading position in some fields related to smart cars , But Baidu did not build cars directly with its own brand .

“ In fact, Baidu has many actions , It's been trying to build cars , Cut into... From all angles . For example, its car engine system supplies a lot first ( external ) manufacturer ( For example, BAIC polar fox alpha ), In this way, it gradually learned about the internal situation of many manufacturers .” Mr. Zhong said .

But just standing outside and looking inside can't let Baidu get what it really wants . therefore , In less than 7 In a month's time , Baidu has successively found Geely, the domestic leading private vehicle enterprise, and continental group, the global parts giant , Try to learn some core technologies from these two predecessors .

Regarding this , Master Zhong thinks that , It is not ruled out that one of the main purposes of the joint venture between Baidu and Geely is to deeply intervene in the whole operation process of auto enterprises , For yourself later “” Strong-arm reaction ” To prepare for .

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