The new Mercedes Benz g 500 was officially launched at a price of 1.82 million yuan

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new mercedes benz officially launched

[ Car home   new ]  recently , We learned from Mercedes Benz officials , Its new Mercedes G( Parameters | inquiry ) 500 The model is officially launched , New car launches 1 models , The price is 182.00 Ten thousand yuan . The new car will keep running G Class consistent design style , And still use 4.0T V8 Four wheel drive system with engine and three differential locks , See the table below for detailed models :

New Benz G 500 Guide price
models The price is ( Ten thousand yuan )
G 500 182.00

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 Car home

aesthetic , The new car is different from the Mercedes Benz currently on sale G 350 as well as G 500 There is no design difference compared with the flame Special Edition , It's still a circular headlamp with a ring LED Daytime running light , The front air grille is quadrilateral and equipped with banner medium mesh , The front surround protrudes from the body , The off-road feeling is full .

 Mercedes ( import ) Mercedes G level 2021 paragraph G 500 Blazing fire special edition

The interior , The new car adopts the dual screen design of connecting the full LCD instrument panel and the central control multimedia display screen , With three spoke multifunctional steering wheel and armrest design , The central control center still retains the mechanical keys of three locks , The bottom is also equipped with a touch multimedia control system , The car configuration is very modern .

configuration , The new car has added a suspension with adaptive adjustment 、 Optional noble interior components 、 Standard geometric multi beam LED Headlights and double five frame 19 Inch black rim .

 Mercedes ( import ) Mercedes G level 2021 paragraph G 500 Blazing fire special edition

motivation , The new car still carries 4.0T Twin turbocharging V8 The engine , The most powerful 422 horsepower , Maximum torque 610 cattle ・ rice , Transmission system matching 9 Speed manual automatic transmission and four-wheel drive system with three differential locks , official 0-100km/h Acceleration time is 5.9 second .( writing / Car home graduation )

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