Jetta VS7 black front version and other models have been known for a week

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jetta vs7 vs black version

[ Car home Journalism ]  Hello everyone , It's Newsweek again , Next week have 2 A new car is on the market , Namely faw - Volkswagen Jetta VS7( Parameters | inquiry ) Heifeng version and Dongfeng popular Lingzhi PLUS. Besides , Yes 4 A new car is coming into the first round , They are Audi Skysphere Concept car 、 Fxauto T5 EVO Modified version 、 aston ・ Martin ares convertible and Acura NSX Type S. Finally, there is a new car for pre-sale , It's Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 X.

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Okay , Here's the summary of new cars known a week ago , I wonder if there are any models you like in these cars ? If any , Please pay attention to the auto home website according to the time published in this article , We will bring you first-hand reports . In the new car starting next week , audi Skysphere Concept car 、 aston ・ Martin ares convertible and Acura NSX Type S It's all heavy models , It shows some advanced design ideas , Worthy of special attention . faw - Volkswagen Jetta VS7 Black front and Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5 X The selling price or pre-sale price of these two well-known models also have a certain look .( chart / writing Car home Chang Qinglin )

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