Looking back at the ten-year education policy, we can see why it has remained unchanged in the wind of "double reduction"

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looking ten-year year education policy

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The sword of Damocles finally fell .

2021 year 7 End of month ,“ Double subtraction ” The release of the policy is like thunder on the flat ground , New Oriental, the leading company in the industry 、 Good future 、 Gaotu 、 Homework help 、 Netease Youdao and others responded one after another , Expressed support for relevant national policies , And actively carry out rectification .

“ Double subtraction ” The policy is mainly aimed at subject education in compulsory education , The business involving compulsory education is basically equal to entering “ aside ”, And wisdom education 、 Adult education 、 Quality education and intelligent education hardware represent “ The new era of education and training ” The subdivision of the track , Will usher in a major positive .

Among them , Especially “ Wisdom Education ” Most interesting .

Education information age , Artificial intelligence has been widely used in education , And constantly optimize and upgrade , With policy support and encouragement , In the future, it will integrate more thoroughly 、 More fully . meanwhile , The market demand for smart education is growing , Therefore, this field will be promising , And its rapid development has become inevitable , Will be in “ Double subtraction ” In the eye of the policy, it is stable and far-reaching .

1、 The smart education track ushers in good , The market is in great demand

in fact ,“ Education information age ” The arrival of the , stay 10 It began to appear years ago ,“ A low profile ” The smart education track has been encouraged and supported by policies .

According to the Ministry of education 2011 Published in 《 Ten year development plan of educational informatization 》 requirement : Governments at all levels shall allocate funds for education at a rate of not less than 8% Disburse education informatization funds in proportion to , It can be estimated that 2020 In, the investment scale of national education informatization funds at least exceeded 4000 One hundred million yuan .

2016 Beginning of the year , The drafting of educational modernization documents was started . Two years after , Relevant departments actively implement the spirit of the Central Committee 、 Organize special research 、 Conduct in-depth research 、 Extensive consultation .

2017 year 5 month , It was deliberated and adopted at the 35th meeting of the central leading group for comprehensively deepening reform 《 Opinions on deepening the reform of education system and mechanism 》, It is pointed out that we should pay attention to cultivating students' lifelong learning and development 、 Innovative thinking 、 The key ability to adapt to the requirements of the times .

The following year , Issued by the Ministry of education 《 Education Informatization 2.0 A plan of action 》 notice , It points out that the future education should move towards networking 、 Digitization 、 Intelligent 、 Evolution in the direction of personalization , Clearly regard the innovation and development of intelligent education as one of the eight implementation actions of educational informatization in the new era .

2019 year 2 month ,《 Modernization of education in China 2035》 Printed and distributed , Point out the need to “ Using modern technology to accelerate the reform of personnel training mode ”. thus , The field of wisdom education has been raised to a new level .

This year, 7 month 8 Japan , The Ministry of education and other six departments issued 《 Guidance on promoting the construction of new educational infrastructure and building a high-quality education support system 》, It is proposed to take informatization as the leading factor , Facing the needs of high-quality development of Education , Focus on the information network 、 Platform system 、 Digital resources 、 Smart campus 、 Innovative applications 、 A new infrastructure system in terms of trusted security .

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Vigorously develop wisdom education , It has become an important strategy to promote the transformation of education and teaching mode and the cultivation of innovative talents in the era of educational informatization ——“ Double subtraction ” The policy implements the above policies more concretely , The school is required to improve the teaching quality in class 、 Job design quality 、 After school service level .

for example , In class content , Make full use of digital technology 、 The intelligent classroom of intelligent new technology can reduce one-way knowledge transmission , Add more interaction 、 Explore 、 Practical learning , So as to achieve “ Optimize teaching methods , Strengthen teaching management , Improve students' learning efficiency in school ”; In terms of operation quality , relevant AI Technology can be more efficient 、 Scientifically ” Play job diagnosis 、 To consolidate 、 Learning situation analysis and other functions ”.

Technological upgrading in the field of Smart Education , It is important and necessary for the optimization and reform of the whole educational mechanism .

One side , Wisdom education will focus on the classroom 、 Homework 、 The test 、 After class service and other information means of a series of teaching front-line scenes are integrated into teaching , Rational collection and scientific analysis with big data , Will greatly improve “ teach ” And “ learn ” quality , Give full play to the role of the school “ Main position ” effect ; On the other hand , Intelligent education has the characteristics of online and digital education content , It can radiate excellent educational resources to more school scenes , So as to improve the overall education fairness 、 Balanced development .

Liu Ruigang, President of blue whale education, once pointed out :“ The traditional educational informatization measures are becoming systematic 、 Comprehensive intelligent education solutions ; Traditional teaching tablet , The software and hardware of intelligent education are becoming the escort of students' learning and life .”

However , There were few high-quality products in the early wisdom education market 、 The product operation threshold is high 、 Product categories are confused , As a result, many manufacturers have fallen into channel war and price war , In addition, in the early years, the education department's own awareness of information construction is still further optimized and upgraded , Make this market access threshold “ when the river rises , the boat floats high ”.

Smart education industry , It not only requires manufacturers to have the ability to launch independent products and solutions , We should also have the ability to sort out all the needs of educational informatization from top to bottom . at present , In addition to the enterprise itself is the head , There are not many enterprises that rely solely on smart education revenue to support business growth , The industry is still in the primary stage of development .

2、 policy + market “ Double insurance “ Next , The advantage of early layout appears

On the whole , With the policy dividend in the era of educational informatization + Market demand “ Double insurance ”, The Internet of things 、 Artificial intelligence 、 Emerging technologies such as big data are bound to popularize and deeply penetrate into traditional education scenes ; And the industry access threshold has an impact on how these technologies or products are more scientific and efficient 、 Easy to use in educational scenes 、 Put forward requirements to really help educational informatization —— That is, enterprises that need to step into the track need to make early layout and deep cultivation of Technology .

At present , There are not a few enterprises that show their strengths on the smart education track —— Some enterprises rely on the experience of powerful educational institutions , The transformation posture is rapid and decisive ; Some enterprises rely on their own technical experience in intelligent hardware , How it , Into a more subdivided track . It is typical, such as iFLYTEK's borrowing speech recognition 、OCR A series of technologies such as recognition and products such as intelligent translation pen , Continue to empower the classroom scene of wisdom education ; Tal will launch “ Magic School of the future AI English project ”、“AI Teacher Chinese learning system ” outside , Also launched its managed brand “ Bi Xin ”; New Oriental launched “AI Headmaster ”, Release an intelligent platform for oral and writing 、 Intelligent learning products RealSkill etc. ……

Of course , There are also some enterprises , From the very beginning, it has been deeply cultivated in the field of wisdom education , Early layout and preliminary construction of its own moat .

Different from “ Double subtraction ” Temporary announcement due to policy impact “ Change the track ” The enterprise , Netease Youdao is a typical forward-looking “ Early entry ” The player , It was founded in 2006 year , Has been deeply cultivated in the education sector 15 years , The visual recognition behind it 、 Neural network translation 、 Speech recognition, etc AI The technology is relatively mature .

As early as 2019 year , Netease Youdao has invested in software research and development in the field of intelligent education , It can be regarded as the earliest manufacturer in the industry to layout this field ; The following year 5 month , Youdao has released a new intelligent learning terminal product for primary and secondary schools “ Netease Youdao intelligent learning terminal ”.

according to the understanding of , On the one hand, Netease Youdao intelligent learning terminal can collect and analyze students' whole scene learning data by using artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies , Provide students with personalized recommended exercises ; On the other hand , It can also provide teachers with AI Homework correction 、 One click test paper and analysis report on students' and class learning situation , So as to truly realize personalized and accurate teaching , Improve the whole school 、 Even the intelligent management level of academic big data of the whole school district .

at present , Netease Youdao intelligent learning terminal has been in 20 More than provinces 200 The school is put into use , exceed 10 Ten thousand students benefited from this .

It is worth mentioning that , Netease Youdao has long paid attention to the field of Educational Public Welfare , We are committed to using the power of Internet technology to promote the fair and balanced development of Education , Improve the quality of teaching in remote and poor areas . This year is Netease commonweal “ A screen ” The third year of continuous practice of Educational Public Welfare , The project has entered Sichuan 、 hunan 、 gansu 、 Remote areas in many provinces and cities such as Chongqing , By donating Youdao academic big data intelligent management platform ( Including Youdao intelligent learning terminal 、 Youdao homework correction system ) And excellent courses , Build up “ Hardware + Software + platform ” Combined internet education public welfare 3.0 Pattern .

obviously , Players of the smart education track represented by Netease Youdao , It has consolidated its unique first mover advantage , Now ride “ Double subtraction ” Policy Dongfeng , It is bound to usher in greater and broader development space .

“ In recent years, a number of policies have supported and encouraged smart education , We need to use technological innovation to achieve educators and learners , To contribute to the construction of educational informatization in the whole country , For the science of the school 、 Teachers' quality teaching 、 The efficient learning of students serves .” Jin Lei, senior vice president of Netease Youdao, said ,“ One thing is for sure , The rapid development of wisdom education has become inevitable , The future is limitless .”

* The inscribed drawings and unsigned drawings in the text come from : Netease Youdao official .

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