Once again recognized by the capital market, what did enjoy do right?

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recognized capital market enjoy right
Travel has never been a quick business .

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sound of dripping water App“ Family bucket ” Get off the shelf 、 Hello, take the initiative to withdraw IPO、 Ticking IPO There was no good news after waiting in line for a long time ……

It's just 8 month 4 Japan , SAIC Mobile's travel strategy brand enjoy road travel announced , Its first special asset support plan “ Enjoy the way 1 Number ” Successful release , The financing scale is 5 One hundred million yuan , Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 、 Several well-known institutions, including China CITIC Bank, oversubscribed , The priority subscription scale is up to 3.05 times .

This is the good news that has not been seen in the travel market for a long time .

2020 end of the year , Enjoy the road and complete the super 3 One hundred million yuan A Round of strategic financing , At that time, Alibaba and Ningde times jointly invested , Completed the upgrading and transformation of the capital structure of road travel from single to diversified . And the special asset support plan issued by enjoy road travel , It is also the first operating lease asset securitization project of Shanghai Stock Exchange , It marks that enjoy road has once again won the recognition of the capital market .

1、 It has been recognized by the capital market one after another : What are the advantages of enjoying road travel ?

There are travel market analysts on 「 Bullet economy 」 Express , Enjoy road travel to further expand financing channels , Successful release ABS Financing bonds , Instead of relying on SAIC's industrial chain layout “ Full scene intelligent travel complex ” Interwovenness .

firstly , The layout of the whole scene intelligent travel complex enjoying the road , It has covered the online car Hailing business 、 Enterprise car business 、 Personal car rental business and taxi business , It is the only platform in the industry that can provide one-stop travel solutions .

Under this layout , Utilization efficiency of lane sharing in vehicles 、 The overall technical efficiency of the middle and back office 、 Improve the overall operation and maintenance evaluation of users , Has a unique advantage . Face C Reduced profit margin in the end travel market 、 Industry competition C Under the general situation of fierce end users , The overall layout of the whole scene intelligent travel complex has brought benefits , Let investment institutions see new growth .

second , The sub areas of financing of the special asset support plan this time —— Enterprise travel service market , It's also a way to travel “ Full scene intelligent travel complex ” An important part of the layout .

Future personal business + The two wheel drive of enterprise travel forms complementary advantages , This is also the key to enjoy the differentiated advantages of road in the travel market compared with other competitors . at present , Xiangdao is a sub brand focusing on enterprise level travel. Xiangdao rents cars , The business has covered domestic 154 Cities , Over service 2200 Enterprise users , Including more than 300 Top 500 enterprises in the world .

In addition, according to 「 Bullet economy 」 understand , Enjoy road car rental in the enterprise level track also has a wealth of large-scale events 、 Conference service experience . since this year on , Enjoy road car rental for the Chinese Super League 2021 season 、 Auto Show 、 The 10th China Flower Expo 、 Shanghai Science and technology festival 、 World Artificial Intelligence Conference and other major events provide high-quality travel services .

chart / Enjoy the services provided by road travel enterprise business

“ Enjoy the way 1 Number ” After successful release , Enjoy channel can further enhance the competitiveness of enterprise level services , Optimize daily rent 、 travel on business 、 field personnel 、 Meeting affairs 、 Commute 、 Transfer 、 Shuttle bus, etc 、 Instant 、 Fragmented car service experience , Create more possibilities for quality travel in the field of enterprise travel .

2、 Someone is competing for the window period , Enjoy the Tao and make good use of the reflection period

It's summer every year , The capacity of online car Hailing will reach its peak , This year, the market share reached 80% Didi was taken off the shelf , Every platform does its best , Look forward to taking a share in this window period . There are media reports describing , The trend this summer is “ The online car Hailing platform poured out , The long lost taxi fight is back ”.

in fact , This period of time is not just an expansion of scale “ Window period ”, It is also a valuable reflection period for the industry , Let the industry reflect on how to develop healthily , Security 、 Take the road smoothly ?

For road travel , In the reflection period, the first thing to do is , Constantly polish the technical background .

Just like Ali used to IOE The window period of Alibaba cloud has been polished repeatedly , Enjoy road travel is also constantly polishing its own technical platform , Technical capability has come up , In order to provide the greatest guarantee for safe operation .

2020 end of the year , Road sharing travel is proposed based on data technology 、 Car networking 、 Intelligent transportation 、 The technical strategy of the four core competencies of intelligent security “ACTS”, Once again proved to people : Enjoy the background color of road travel , In fact, it has always been a data-driven company .

It is worth mentioning that , Enjoy the road and explore the of smart city transportation “ Application mode ”, Through online APP Joint commissioning with offline taxi waiting stations , And this year's “ One button is called Che Zhihui screen ” Into the community project , Realize the elderly at home “ One click for a car ”、 Brush your face and call a car , Help the elderly bridge the digital divide , Make positive attempts in the process of urban digital transformation , In the future, there may be an opportunity to “ Application mode ” Spread to more cities . It is also understood that , Enjoy the way Robotaxi Automatic pilot project , It will also be this year Q4 Will be in Shanghai 、 Two cities in Suzhou started operation .

chart / CCTV news client

secondly , Enjoy the road has been adhering to its core competitiveness —— User oriented 、 Experience first .

On the user side , Enjoy channel has been constantly upgrading its products and services , Let loyal old users enjoy more “ Privilege ”, It can not only improve user stickiness, but also bring more re purchases , It will also directly promote the growth of other value-added services on the platform .

On the driver's side , Enjoy road travel is the industry's first proposal “ Equality between drivers and passengers ” The idea of the company , Pay attention to the protection of drivers' rights and interests for a long time , Advocate serving good drivers to better serve passengers . Of course, this needs to be realized by protecting the driver's income and rights . according to the understanding of , Enjoy the way “ Si Xiangjia plan ” Care in daily life 、 Work experience improvement 、 Support for career development and continuously care for the driver group in three aspects , Fully support the growth of drivers on the road sharing platform , Let enjoy the road driver become a decent career . And enjoy the road is the first initiative in the industry “ Driver mental health care program ” The platform of , Pay attention to the driver's mental health .

You can make such a metaphor , The driver enjoys the road “ Travel partner ”, And users enjoy the channel “ consumer ”. Of course, every partner wants to do his best to serve consumers , While making your platform better and better , You can also share more benefits , Get a sense of belonging .

Last , At this stage “ safety problem ” It is still the focus of the travel market , So in the industry reflection period , Enterprises should deeply realize the importance of safety , To win the trust of users , Have a chance to seize the next window period .

After a series of recent events , The preference of users in the travel market began to turn to a stable platform , Enterprises should reflect on safety compliance 、 Data security, etc , For example, it has state-owned enterprises + Enjoy road travel with dual backgrounds of automobile enterprises , Continue to strengthen investment in safety compliance , It brings a sense of security to consumers and investors .

At the product level , Strictly abide by the safety and compliance operation criteria , The compliance rate of both people and vehicles in the industry ranks first ; The vehicle is pre installed DVR System , Real time video capture of operation environment , Protect the rights and interests of both sides of the company in the whole process ; In terms of data security , Raise data security to the company's strategic level , Give Way “ Security ” Integrate into the blood of the enterprise .「 Bullet economy 」 come to know , Enjoy the road trip with Alipay 、 Alibaba cloud 、 Tencent won the honorary title of advanced collective of public Internet network security in Shanghai in the same period , This is what online car Hailing should have “ Security ” Background color .

Keep the bottom line of the platform 、 Do a good job in self-service reflection and scientific and technological optimization construction 、 Create due value for the industry , This is what the travel industry should pay more attention to at this stage .

3、 To open up the city and expand the land , We should also adhere to long-term ism

「 Bullet economy 」 come to know , Although enjoy road travel has always insisted “ Focus on users 、 Shen Kaicheng ”, Focus on user experience , Take a steady and large-scale route . But when the time came , Enjoy road travel will also catch in time . It is reported that , In the second half of the year, the layout of the city will be accelerated , We will continue to increase the number of people throughout the country 、 Penetration of second tier cities , By the end of the year 50 Coverage of the city . at present , Enjoy road travel is already in 27 The city has opened an online car Hailing service .

Past experience has proved that , Whenever a potential industry has a short bottleneck , There will always be new forces emerging , Play an exemplary and leading role , Lead the industry forward .

In becoming a broken game “ New forces ” after , Enjoy the way in meeting the diversified travel needs of users , Made more detailed exploration , Integrate into more travel scenes , For example, innovative “ Enjoy learning car ” Meet the educational needs of families ,“ Late night guard bus ” Meet the needs of white-collar workers to work overtime and commute, etc , Through continuous expansion “ Travel +” Improve the ecological user service system , Gradually realize online car Hailing 、 Business cars 、 Continuous upgrading and construction of four core business lines of personal car rental and taxi .

At the same time, we should also clearly realize , Travel has never been a quick business , Instead, we should adhere to long-term ism , Insist on benefiting the people's livelihood 、 Benefit the economy 、 Profit industry , We should respect capital 、 Awe the market 、 Awe of users and partners , In order to realize the sustainable development of the platform .

not long ago , The state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council organized the action of establishing the management benchmark of key state-owned enterprises , released “ Three benchmarks ” list , Enjoy road travel 200 home “ Benchmarking enterprises ” list . among “ Benchmarking enterprises ” The meaning is , New business forms that can make full use of modern cutting-edge management theories and means 、 A new model , It has high promotion value . This is the country 、 The market's double affirmation of enjoy road in the exploration of travel business .

It is like enjoying the way that we always adhere to the user experience 、 Compliance security 、 Adhere to the platform of long-term ism in terms of accumulation of technical strength , With steady accumulation , whole , Won the favor of many parties . future , With the development of technology 、 The industry is becoming more and more standardized , I believe such enterprises can find their own long-term development path .

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