Take the lead in setting a new logistics track, build a new ecology of innovation and entrepreneurship through ririshun supply chain

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lead setting new logistics track
Logistics industry , The time for change has come .

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In recent years , With the development of e-commerce , Logistics industry has become an important economic growth pole . data display , The total amount of social logistics in China has increased from 2016 year 7.9 Trillion yuan to 2020 year 10.5 Trillion yuan , The compound annual growth rate is 7.37%.

Behind the booming industry development , It is the demand for innovative and entrepreneurial talents .

In the new era of consumption ,“ Experience ” It has become more and more important in business , The change of consumer demand is driving the deepening change of supply chain , The logistics industry is in urgent need of a group of entrepreneurial and innovative talents , Inject new momentum into the high-quality development of the industry , Reshape new competitive advantages in the changing situation .

A campaign to build a talent highland for the development of the industry “ The battle ”, It's going on .

In recent days, ,2021 The sixth RI RI Shun maker training camp was officially opened in . Five sessions of exploration and practice , This RI RI Shun maker training camp , Is standing at the tuyere of the new track . Basic logistics from a single warehouse dry distribution pain point 、 To smart Logistics 、 Then to the research on pain points in different scenarios of the whole supply chain , Focus entrepreneurship topics on the forefront of industry development , To open 、 Create together 、 Win win thinking enables college students to incubate makers , Help the innovation and Entrepreneurship of the logistics industry to get out of “ The acceleration ”.

1、 Build an accelerator for entrepreneurship and innovation talents , Create new value

In recent years , College Students' entrepreneurship has always been a hot topic .

Various innovation and entrepreneurship competitions are emerging one after another , The state has more and more subsidy policies for college students' Entrepreneurship , All of them show the importance that society attaches to them .

But entrepreneurship , In fact, it is not easy to do . According to the survey , There are about... In China every year 10 Million entrepreneurial projects to be incubated , But finally, the lack of access to the maker space 10%, For college students , This ratio is lower . How to integrate enterprises 、 School 、 Capital side and other resources , Build a complete entrepreneurial ecosystem , Empowering college students to start a business , It is the key to promote the realization of College Students' dream of entrepreneurship and innovation .

Regarding this , As the first entrepreneurship and innovation co creation platform for college students' community interaction in China , Ririshun maker training camp put forward a solution .

One side , Insufficient resource support for entrepreneurship platform 、 The business incubation mechanism is not perfect 、 Various pain points such as the failure of innovative achievements to land , Ririshun maker training camp simulates the process of venture capital , Cover the seed set 、 Angels learn 、A Wheel grinding 、B Rotation 、C Training in rotation 、IPO Six links of production , From theory to scenario practice, all-round empowerment of College Students' makers .

On the other hand , Many college students' entrepreneurial failure is not due to their poor ability , But because you didn't find the right direction , Not closely related to the actual development of the industry . Ririshun maker training camp will focus on the curriculum , Guide college student makers from the perspective of users , Consider the actual needs of consumers , So as to deduce the scenario solution , This can make more passionate 、 Young people with ideas can meet the real needs of users in the process of entrepreneurship , Truly create new value for users through innovative scenario solutions .

chart / College student makers workshop Session discussion scenario logistics solutions

If mass entrepreneurship and innovation is a storm , Then the guidance and empowerment of ririshun maker training camp is the oar . College student makers gain direction and energy here , Beat the wind and waves in the sea of entrepreneurship , Stand up to the tide .

2、 Entrepreneurship focuses on user experience iteration , Scenario logistics continues to deliver value

Ririshun maker training camp can be held for six consecutive sessions , Continuous empowerment is behind the development of College makers and industries , It is inseparable from the support of ririshun scene logistics ecological model .

Internet of things Era , Logistics is redefined , It has undertaken more than the rapid delivery of products , It takes products as the carrier to rebuild the relationship between enterprises and users .

Like Joseph · Penn is 《 Experience economy 》 I mentioned : Goods are tangible , Service is invisible , And the experience created is unforgettable . Experience the warmth of participation , In the new era, consumers pay more and more attention to scene experience , Value the continuity of experience and the integrity of service .

therefore , For the logistics industry , The key to competitiveness is no longer just the high quality of basic logistics services , But how to integrate upstream and downstream , Provide integrated solutions , Truly deliver the value created to users , Create the best user experience .

vice versa , Whether the enterprise can really transfer value to users , You need to improve enterprise services through user experience “ value ” To verify .

In this trend , Traditional enterprises are evolving ,“ New species of Logistics ” Full rise .

2018 year , Ririshun supply chain takes the lead in launching “ Scenario Logistics ” Pattern , Based on supply chain services , Break the barriers of traditional one-way logistics distribution products , Upgrade to the ecological scene of reaching out to consumers , Focus on user needs , Created a fitness 、 Travel 、 A series of solutions related to home services , take “ value ” Really pass it on to the user .

let me put it another way , In the past, logistics was delivery flow 、 Efficiency flow , And after ririshun supply chain , It becomes a service flow 、 Experience flow 、 Resource flow 、 Custom flow .

stay B End , Scenario logistics through “ Basic value chain ” warehouse 、 dry 、 The transformation and “ Value added chain ” Resource integration of all parties , Realize the extension of the value chain , So as to achieve cross industry 、 Cross enterprise collaboration and service , For example, in the travel scene , Ririshun supply chain adopts the front assembly center solution and vehicle electricity separation solution , It solves the two biggest logistics difficulties in the expansion of e-commerce channels in the electric vehicle industry —— Packaging and distribution are inseparable from vehicle electricity .

chart / Ririshun supply chain creates “ Front assembly center scheme ”

stay C End , Scenario logistics focuses on user experience , Provide personalization 、 Customized scenario scheme , Such as in the fitness scene , Ririshun supply chain revolves around user demand , Provide distribution of fitness equipment 、 install 、 Guide the use of services such as , Also customize fitness courses for users 、 A series of scientific fitness scenarios such as healthy diet .

chart / Ririshun supply chain creates fitness scenario solutions for users by experiencing cloud multicast

The era of Internet of things has come , Scenario logistics must be the general trend . therefore , It's not hard to understand , Why is ririshun maker training camp so popular , And highly recognized by all sectors of society .

As the only scene logistics ecological brand in the industry , Ririshun supply chain focuses on logistics transformation and upgrading , Take ririshun maker training camp as “ bridge ”, The cutting-edge mode of scenario logistics and “ value ” Pass it on to college student makers , Export more high-quality talents for the innovative development of the logistics industry , At the same time, it has precipitated a number of innovative achievements suitable for the development of the current industry , Finally, it will become a powerful power on the road of transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry .

3、 Industry, University, research and application ecology are closely coupled , Maximize shared value

Different from others “ Training camp ”, Ririshun maker training camp has precipitated a set of “ Production, study and research ” Tightly coupled , Student 、 Colleges and universities 、 Enterprises 、 Industry Association resources to create , An integrated entrepreneurial ecosystem of value sharing .

in short , Students can find innovative inspiration here , Take advantage of the situation to polish their entrepreneurial thinking , Complete the leap from theory to practice ; Colleges and universities can deeply combine with the industry , Explore new economic trends and educational models in the era of Internet of things , take “ teach ” And “ xi ” Deep integration .

chart / College student makers visit the first large logistics intelligent unmanned warehouse in China - Jimo warehouse

With the help of university research resources and students' creative thinking , Enterprises can inject new development thinking , Explore new directions in the ecosystem , At the same time, practical 、 Innovative solutions . Industry associations can really play the guiding value of leading the wind direction of the industry , So as to empower the industry and society .

Apply knowledge , Give application innovation , Give soil to innovation . according to the understanding of , At present, ririshun maker training camp has accumulatively exported entrepreneurship topics 216 term , Incubate entrepreneurial projects 101 individual , Dozens of national patents have been applied for , Landing application project 26 individual . While promoting the transformation of production, learning, research and Application Education in Colleges and Universities , Also through more innovative programs and the output of innovative talents , It has stimulated the innovative vitality of the logistics industry .

Besides , Ririshun supply chain also joins hands with colleges and universities 、 Enterprises participate in the formulation of industry standards 、 In the research of innovation subject , For example, it is applied to be selected into the key R & D special projects of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China 《 Key technologies of intelligent logistics management and intelligent service 》、 launch IEEE international standard 《 Logistics operation process standard in intelligent factory 》 etc. , Inject new development momentum into the upgrading of industry wisdom .

Relying on an open ecosystem , Ririshun maker training camp is “ Double creation ” Work provides a new idea , Let the students 、 Colleges and universities 、 Enterprises 、 All parties in the industry form a benign interaction , Gave birth to more vitality 、 A more vigorous innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem .

4、 Conclusion

Logistics industry , The time for change has come .

Ririshun supply chain, which has been at the forefront of innovation , We are constantly exploring the depth and breadth of the future development of the logistics industry , Create endless scene ecological power .

From traditional logistics to scenario Logistics , From college student makers to more energetic 、 A more vigorous innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem , Around one “ The value of man ” Created by 、 win-win 、 A new future of symbiosis , Being created .

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