Non standard chronic disease insurance has become an insurance pastry, and health management is the winner of the competition

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non standard chronic disease insurance
The integration of health insurance is the general trend .

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In the insurance industry , People with chronic diseases are called “ Non standard body ”. Relative to the standard body , Nonstandard body , It is usually sub-health people and patients with chronic diseases , Common diseases are hypertension 、 diabetes 、 hepatitis B 、 hyperlipidemia 、 Gout 、 gastritis 、 Thyroid nodules, etc .

For quite a long time , these “ Nonstandard body ” As it is difficult to underwrite , Faced with no risk to invest , The embarrassing situation of frequent denial of insurance . Now , This situation is changing , Due to the high demand 、 The policyholder's will is strong , People with non-standard chronic diseases have become a new target for major insurance companies .

We compared several major non-standard chronic disease insurance products launched this year , There are some differences between products , The difference is mainly reflected in the different underwriting conditions and post insurance services . The pain point of ill insurance lies in risk management for users , Control medical costs , Reduce the pressure of compensation . For the insured , The more sensitive part is the post warranty service , Enjoy convenience and real disease control through insurance 、 The prevention of .

Found by analysis , Insurance companies cut into “ Nonstandard body ” Chronic disease market , At least have “ Two brushes ”: First, carry out intelligent underwriting for non-standard people , Obtain accurate data and quantify , Reasonable risk stratification , Will be low risk 、 The insured population can be screened out ; The second is to provide health management services , Pass the assessment 、 Active intervention reduces the incidence rate of non-standard population , So as to reduce the loss ratio , Achieve effective cost control . In this new blue ocean , Who can minimize the health risk of non-standard people , It is bound to occupy more market share .

1、 Insurance companies have bet on non-standard chronic disease insurance

Following beach grabbing “ Standard body ” After health insurance , Insurance companies and insurance brokerage platforms began to target non-standard people again , Layout of sick insurance market , Provide insurance services for non-standard people with high incidence of chronic diseases . since this year on , Wise choice 、 Sunshine Property Insurance 、 Wonderful health 、 Water dropper 、 Yuanbao 、 Qianhai reinsurance and other insurance enterprises , Have launched relevant insurance products for non-standard people .

Why did non-standard chronic disease insurance products pile up this year ?

data display , One in five people in our country is a patient with chronic diseases , exceed 5.8 100 million people have one or more risk factors associated with chronic diseases . The number of people with chronic diseases is huge , And strong willingness to insure , However, the coverage of commercial health insurance in China is still insufficient 10%, For a long time, due to the lack of personalization 、 Differentiated evaluation criteria , Only standard customers are accepted , Many non-standard and sick customers were once uninsured .

In this case , The state has issued relevant policies for many times in recent years , Promote the exploration and innovation of chronic disease insurance in the insurance industry . This year, 4 month , Issued by CBRC 《 Guidance on further enriching the supply of life insurance products ( Solicitation draft )》 Request for comments , It refers to “ Expand the coverage of commercial health insurance services , Improve the level of insurance coverage for major diseases ”.

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Huge market volume , Urgent user needs , Plus policy encouragement , Let the chronic disease insurance focusing on serving non-standard people seem to be the meat and potatoes of the insurance industry . however , Now these “ Nonstandard body ” Insurance products are insurance companies in order to seize the blue ocean market , Extensive products with gimmicks to attract attention , Or innovative insurance that really moves towards accurate risk control , More in-depth research and analysis are needed , It also needs to be further tested by the market .

2、 Horizontal evaluation of non-standard chronic disease insurance products , With obvious advantages of health management

At present, there are many kinds of non-standard chronic disease insurance on the market , In order to show more clearly the mainstream non-standard chronic disease insurance products in the market , We aim at these non-standard chronic disease insurance products , From coverage 、 service content 、 Insured amount and other dimensions , Compare and analyze .

Most of these mainstream non-standard chronic disease insurance products on the market are launched this year , And its main target customers are also very clear , It's for chronic patients , Or suffering from a single disease , Or multiple diseases can be insured . Several insurance companies' non-standard insurance not only covers people 、 The insurance threshold is different , In terms of guarantee scope and service content, they also have their own characteristics , The author conducted in-depth consultation and understanding of these products through customer service telephone .

Except that Zhonghui property mutual insurance society only provides services for the low age group because it only faces the single disease of children's asthma , Other products in the table cover a relatively wide range of age groups and insurance coverage .

Proposed by Yuanbao and Taikang Online “ The whole crowd ” Insurable concept , The coverage is the highest among all products , However, the specific service content of the insurance is different from the original one “ Standard body ” The million dollar medical insurance remained basically unchanged , The only change is to lower the underwriting threshold , Hypertension 、 diabetes 、 Hepatitis B and other ill populations are unified into the million medical coverage. . At present, the product has not been officially launched , expect 8 The month is on the line. ,“ The whole crowd ” If the insurable concept only stays at the level of intelligent underwriting , It is difficult to be persuasive in chronic disease risk management .

Water dropper 、 Sunshine Property Insurance 、 Three models launched by Huize United sunshine life “ Nonstandard body ” The coverage of chronic disease insurance products is also relatively wide , Covering many different chronic diseases , Loose underwriting conditions , But when consultation is specific, such as diabetes. 、 Which stage of hypertension can be insured , And the corresponding premium and insured amount , The customer service response requires the applicant to fill in the illness before issuing the quotation , Several products clearly refuse to protect the third level of hypertension .

And Miao health and Zhonghui jointly launched “ Pressure control guard ” More special , It is relatively transparent in terms of premium coverage and underwriting process , Although it belongs to single disease insurance , But clearly put forward the second principle of hypertension 、 Class III patients can be insured , It also makes it the first and only product in the market 、 Chronic disease insurance covered by class III patients . In terms of service content , Active health management service is a highlight , The whole service process data can be tracked online .

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It can also be seen from the table , Huize United sunshine life 、 Qianhai reinsurance Co., Ltd. launched two types of insurance jointly with shuidi insurance, with an insured amount of only 50 Ten thousand yuan , The protection for users is still a little reluctant . Sunshine Property Insurance 、 Yuanbao and Taikang online launched products with the highest insured amount , All reached the highest 600 Ten thousand yuan , But there are also obvious shortcomings , Strict health notification , The value-added services are relatively weak . Sunshine Property Insurance will not reimburse the expenses related to purchased drugs 、 Renewal without guarantee 、 No intelligent underwriting .

in addition , The security content of the pressure control guard will bear the expenses within and outside the social security , As long as it is more than 10000 100% Compensation , The highest payout 100 Ten thousand yuan , Compliance can be managed according to the user's health , Offer a certain discount when renewing the insurance .

The biggest difference between non-standard body population and other standard bodies , Is that their own health is not very ideal , And simply through post compensation to protect their own rights and interests , Not the biggest appeal of this group , When the insurance coverage is similar , Additional services are particularly important .

The protection brought by the real chronic disease insurance is not only the compensation after the accident , It also needs a complete set of health management services provided by insurance companies , Effectively consolidate the health status of policyholders , So as to avoid disease risk , Drive a virtuous circle of healthy industrial chain .

3、 Health risk control of non-standard population , It's not that simple

Based on the particularity of non-standard population , Its health risk control is very important , And whether it's for insurance companies , Or for customers , No health management , It is difficult to control health risks .

In the field of health insurance , How are nonstandard bodies defined , How to underwrite , What kind of service do you need , And the determination of rates 、 Product design and risk control need to observe the long-term health status of users .

at present , The main data source of insurance companies is mostly their internal operation data 、 Personal information provided by customers and docking resources of specific medical institutions, etc , These data are fragmented , It is difficult to form systematic and stable data support .

therefore , Many insurance companies choose big data platforms 、 Insurance brokerage platform cooperation , Based on its technology and big data platform , Or build a health management operation service platform 、 Purchase health management services 、 Jointly develop health management products, etc , To improve understanding of “ Nonstandard body ” Customer health service capability .

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what's more , Do health management , User compliance is a challenge . Some people with chronic diseases and bad living habits 、 Diet related , Most of them have a long course of disease 、 The incidence is relatively slow . To improve users' compliance, we must carry out personalized management according to their actual situation , With wonderful health “ Pressure control guard ” For example , Insurance institutions are not just underwriting , You can also cooperate with health technology platforms such as Miao health , Give full play to the linking role of big data platform , Continuously grasp the changes of customers' health indicators and behavior data , Timely intervene and guide them .

On the one hand, after completing the acquisition of archival data and the establishment of portraits , The health risks of policy users are managed hierarchically through quantification , Develop a personalized health plan , Include daily lifestyle interventions and medical advice 、 Medication guidance, etc ; On the other hand, high-frequency interaction with users , Effective precipitation data , Establish a dynamic risk prediction model , Through proactive risk management , It is conducive to accurate risk control of insurance .

Some people in the industry think , Health insurance is health management , Only based on AI、 Big data and other technical means , Provide complete health records for non-standard people 、 Health management and data tracking , Insurance institutions can fundamentally achieve comprehensive health protection for customers . There's insurance money in the front , Supported by health management system , So that customers can minimize the risk of health damage , This is the core content of non-standard chronic disease insurance .

The integration of health insurance is the general trend . Issued by CBRC 《 Notice on regulating health management services of insurance companies 》 Express clearly , Health management can account for health insurance premiums 20%. From the original 12% The proportion of the total population increased to 20%, It goes further , stay “ Healthy China ” Under the overall strategy , Insurance companies are not just insurance , We should also take more responsibility for ensuring national health .

Said Changjiang Chongguang, executive Institute of China Insurance Innovation Research Institute , Special disease insurance, especially chronic disease insurance, is a blue ocean for insurance with disease . Chronic disease 、 Specialized disease is the entry point of health management insurance , Insurance companies can build a health management ecosystem from the group of slow-moving patients . Now , Non standard chronic disease insurance as the vanguard of health insurance integration , Grasp the key points of health management , It is bound to become a necessary option for insurance enterprises in the future .

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