With the advent of DTC era, how can wechat shopexpress help businesses seize the new blue ocean of cross-border e-commerce?

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advent dtc era wechat shopexpress

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China must go to the world , Also have the ability to go to the world . But the way for Chinese enterprises to go to sea , It's not a smooth road .

After decades of efforts , China has established global cost efficiency and quality advantages in many aspects , In more and more categories . It is different from the past by acquiring foreign enterprises to enter the foreign market , Now many Chinese enterprises have the ability to compete in the world market in person .

But in fact , The ability of Chinese enterprises to go to sea is still insufficient , The huge domestic demand market has certainly created a large number of new Chinese consumer brands , But how to stand the test in the sea of Globalization , It's still a difficult equation .

At this point , Weimeng has launched a full link digital sea going solution ShopExpress, To stand up and become an assistant for Chinese businessmen to go to sea .

1、 Do Chinese businessmen go to sea “ assistant ”

Nowadays, Chinese brand merchants go to sea , For micro Alliance , It's more like 2006 year Shopify A repeat of the outbreak .

Shopify The development opportunity benefits from Amazon's opening the platform to third-party sellers . Amazon, which is mainly self operated, is difficult to provide commodity diversity in the early stage , So in 2006 In, he chose to open the platform , And integrate it into Amazon's global FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon) Logistics network . But Amazon still monopolizes the user side ,“ platform ” Or the biggest beneficiary .

Brand merchants naturally do not want to be kidnapped by the centralized e-commerce platform , Now Shopify A new opportunity has emerged : Help needs “ Independent ” Our sellers build their own e-commerce channels , And override the domain name selection 、 Website design 、 The whole transaction and management process from goods on the shelf to payment , Help businesses deeply serve consumers .

Nowadays, Chinese brand merchants go to sea , Not only facing high funds 、 management 、 Communication and other global operating costs , Also determine your management ability 、 R & D capability 、 Whether the full link digital capability can support the operation at sea . For example, recently, the hot products of many well-known cross-border e-commerce companies in China have been taken off the shelves by Amazon , A large number of funds have been frozen , Heavy losses .

After all, Weimeng and China Sea brand businesses share the same root and origin , Better understanding of sea merchants , Just the right medicine . in other words , This opportunity will come to the prepared micro Alliance .

As a full link digital sea going solution launched by Weimeng ,ShopExpress Overseas independent stations will be provided SaaS System 、 Precision marketing delivery and housekeeper operation assistance services , By building a station 、 marketing 、 operating 、 logistics 、 Payment and other full link service systems , Help Chinese businessmen go to sea quickly , Build a global brand .

As a heavyweight product providing full link digital sea going solution ,ShopExpress There are two main advantages of our company :

First , In terms of drainage channels . Micro alliance has docked Facebook、Twitter、Snapchat、Instagram And other overseas mainstream social media and search engines Google, Docking with multiple overseas media ShopExpress, Ensure that the sea brand forms a comprehensive coverage of diversified consumption scenarios , Ensure the breadth of flow sources ; Docking with search engines helps to obtain active consumers , Ensure the accuracy and conversion rate of flow .

On the basis of determining the source of traffic ,ShopExpress It also provides SEM、SEO、 Red man Marketing 、 Overseas integrated marketing promotion services such as alliance Marketing , And one-stop overseas media advertising service , Cover strategy development 、 Creative development 、 Account opening guidance to accurate delivery 、 Track and evaluate 、 Regular training, etc .

secondly , stay SaaS Station construction .ShopExpress It provides rich industry templates for sellers to choose independently , Meet the business needs of different businesses going to sea . adopt ShopExpress, The seller can customize the global style , Even without design experience , It can also create an independent station style in line with the brand tone , So as to implement high transformation SaaS The cooperative enterprise service concept of building the station .

In essence, business , Micro alliance ShopExpress amount to Shopify The blockbuster product of Customer Success Platform( Customer success platform ). It can be deeply involved in the digital link of the enterprise , Return the traffic to the enterprise to operate , A complete closed loop is formed through a series of product matrices , Provide... For Chinese sellers “ from 0 To 1” Full link digital sea going service .

2、 Micro Alliance “ Three major strategies ” How to release new kinetic energy to sea ?

Why micro alliance can seize this opportunity ? From the big customization of micro Alliance 、 Ecological 、 Internationalization and other three strategies can be seen .

stay 2020 year , Micro alliance customized “ Big guest 、 Ecology and internationalization ” Three core strategies , This will also become a troika for Weimeng to go to sea .

First, mass customization , since 2018 From the year onwards , Weimeng prepares for the big customer market by continuously improving its products and service capabilities .

stay 2020 year , Weimeng smart retail merchants have developed to 3682 home , The brand merchant is 618 home ; In fashion retail , Issued by China Chain Management Association “2019-2020 Top 100 fashion retail enterprises in China ” in , Proportion of retail brands using Weimeng Services 34%.

The mass customization of micro alliance has been recognized by the market , And let Weimeng be selected into the first constituent stocks and stocks of Hang Seng technology index MSCI China's total circulation index , In fact, mass customization has become the of micro alliance “ Cash cow ”, While achieving the brand, Weimeng also achieved a bumper harvest last year .

For going to sea , The strategy of mass customization also plays an important role . In the process of Globalization , To do touch well, you must do “ deep ” industry , Deep ploughing industry should pry the benchmark customers .

Now there are Japanese near railway department stores 、CDF Overseas merchants such as China free international use wechat applet to open stores . It is reported that ,ShopExpress In the form of invitation , There are already super 100 Enterprises join the internal test .

Secondly, ecological , For micro Alliance , Ecological SaaS Services are embodied in two dimensions: breadth and depth .

In depth , Weimeng continues to improve its ecological layout , Bring high-quality investment projects into the ecosystem of Weimeng .

such as , In the smart catering business line , Micro alliance integrates through investment , Quickly set up a mature and complete intelligent catering business line . Results show that , In the first half of last year, the revenue of Weimeng smart catering business was RMB 2,211.8 Ten thousand yuan , Year-on-year growth 69.3%. The catering business line accounts for SaaS Gross income 7.3%.

In terms of breadth , Micro alliance is expanding its scope by investing overseas . This year, 3 month , Weimeng participated in the battle against the caravan ERP The software A+ Round of funding , Combined with the caravan ERP And the advantages of cross-border e-commerce solutions , Provide brands for e-commerce enterprises at home and abroad 、ERP、 Supply chain 、TSO All-round services such as full link marketing .

Ren Zhengfei once had a few widely praised words :“ An enterprise needs a global strategic vision to work hard ; A nation needs to absorb the essence of globalization in order to prosper ; A company needs to build a global business ecosystem to survive .” In the process of Chinese brand merchants going to sea and forming a global business ecosystem , Micro alliance will also become an indispensable help .

Finally, internationalization , Micro alliance online ShopExpress There are two considerations when brand merchants go to sea .

One side , The profit of Weimeng for many years has proved that it is in China SaaS The leading position of service , At this time, going to sea is to deal with the domestic environment “ Internal volume ” Good policy .

The so-called inner volume , In a completely closed system ( For example, the living environment of domestic brands ), Because the pressure is all inward , It's easier to have “ Involution ”.“ Involution ” Once occurred , In the absence of external force , Individuals in the game are hard to avoid , So fight “ Involution ” The way is to expand to the outside .

For domestic brands , Facing the flow ceiling , Many brands whose strength is not inferior to the first and second tier are difficult to obtain popularity matching the product quality , This phenomenon is caused by involution , Therefore, we can only rely on the external market environment to make a breakthrough . let me put it another way , The internationalization strategy of Weimeng may become a good medicine to help solve the brand involution .

In terms of the real business environment , The epidemic has triggered a decline in many industries , Online shopping has become an irreversible way of consumption , meanwhile , The state has intensively introduced favorable policies to support cross-border e-commerce , The globalization of e-commerce has become a general trend , The global layout strategy of micro alliance is at the right time .

On the other hand , This is Weimeng in DTC New empowerment of businesses under the outbreak of new models , It is also different from Shopify Where you are .

From Square and Mercury Analytics A channel survey for small and medium-sized sellers shows that : In the U.S. , The supply side is fleeing the aggregators , The reason may be the high platform Commission 、 Improper cooperation terms, etc , and DTC The model is favored by more brand merchants .

Shopify Started from Amazon, a centralized e-commerce platform , The e-commerce platform has provided growth opportunities for some brands , But the third-party platform will also become a chain limiting the brand .

On the platform, the traffic cost is getting higher 、 Under the background of fierce business competition , And Amazon and tmall global 、 Compared with domestic and foreign cross-border e-commerce platforms such as koala Haigou ,DTC Independent station of brand direct marketing mode , It enables sellers to accumulate their own private domain traffic , Master customer data .

from DTC According to the difference between independent stations and centralized e-commerce platforms , if Shopify What we do is centralize e e-commerce “ infrastructure ”, Then micro alliance is equivalent to SaaS Service oriented full link digital technology solution “ Car making ”, Help brand businesses escape the kidnapping of centralized e-commerce platforms , Take back the initiative of brand operation .

The ancients said :“ He who does not plan for the whole , Not enough for a domain .” Micro Alliance 2020 Annual financial report , Micro alliance has served 1009 Overseas customers , Micro alliance's digital business has been established in Australia 、 Canada 、 Japan 、 Hong Kong and other countries and regions . stay ShopExpress blessings , Micro alliance, which has been internationalized in advance, will complete another important strategic layout .

Throughout the history of modern industry , There is no powerful country or leading enterprise , Not formed through the experience of Globalization . Nowadays, Chinese enterprises go to sea like sailboats sailing into the ocean , You can't wait until there's no problem to attack , But in the fight in the overseas market , Familiar with the market , Win the market , Build an international team 、 Business model , And micro alliance is becoming an indispensable assistant .

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