In the era of traffic, how can entity businesses achieve marketing breakthrough

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era traffic entity businesses achieve

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How can traditional industries with offline stores gain a foothold in this traffic era , How to make better use of online traffic to add value to your physical store business “ Firewood ”, Go through the difficulty of getting customers when opening a new store 、 The old store is rejuvenated and the transformation is difficult . The following questions become the focus of thinking :

1、 Which is the current marketing platform with higher consumer activity ?

2、 Is the content operation and transformation path of the platform suitable for you ?

3、 What tools can be used on this platform at low cost 、 Finely bring customers with real consumption intention to their business ?

「 Bullet economy 」 In depth visits were made to several business cases that have successfully stepped onto a new level , Open up for everyone “ Traffic ” To “ sales ” The veil of mystery .

One 、 Outside traditional channels , from “ Explosive single ” Our studio is open C Mid-market

Exclusive travel in Guangdong , It has been a major company for many years B Regional travel agency with end-to-end business . last year , Want to expand C Exclusive travel for transformation in the end market ,“ at ” Tiktok . Tiktok is a platform for sharing a good life. , This coincides with the values of exclusive travel .

But after really entering the game , New troubles appeared : Exclusive travel has good products and content , The number of fans on the account is also large 1W+, However, no suitable transformation path has been found , Business growth has never been satisfactory , The person in charge of exclusive travel believes that the right method must have not been explored .

finally , After a thorough discussion with many tiktok marketing experienced marketing agencies and cultural travel industry counterparts , Exclusive travel found “ The law of breaking the game ”: Tiktok live collocation DOU+“ Small windmill drainage ”, A combination of fists .

This year, 4 month , Enjoy travel and listen to suggestions during the first live broadcast , Put it in DOU+ Small windmill drainage . What they didn't expect was , This launch , The transaction volume of the live broadcasting room suddenly soared from several thousand yuan to two or three hundred thousand yuan , Sales have increased dozens of times compared with the previous direct sales .

This attempt to convince exclusive travel , Finally, I found a tiktok transformation path for the travel industry. .

Even in highly competitive traffic 618 period , Exclusive travel on launch DOU+ After small windmill drainage , The studio continues to appear “ Explosive single ” The situation of . Explosive growth , Let this travel agency brand suddenly “ Be suddenly enlightened ”, They are also more optimistic and firm about the way ahead .

Beyond the joy of marketing high transformation , The person in charge of exclusive travel is also right DOU+ With a new understanding :“ Used DOU+ after , Maybe more than any way I've tried before , Are better able to C Open a larger market at the end .” Exclusive travel presentation , For cultural and tourism businesses , In traditional B In addition to product distribution through end channels , The form of short video and live broadcast is closer to consumers , It provides a good transformation opportunity for the industry and businesses , It also enriches the product sales model .

In the process ,DOU+ Small windmill drainage has the effect of catalyst . When offline businesses control good content 、 Good products , Spread to the target group in a refined chain , It can bring more efficient traffic conversion , Effectively help businesses achieve business growth .

Two 、 Efficient “ dialogue ” Target users , Old hot springs rejuvenate

In the traditional cultural tourism industry , Also in the vibrant freshman tiktok, Fengxiang hot springs in Luoyang, Henan. , It's an old brand “4A” First class hot spring tourist area , As an old player who has long been connected to the Internet for publicity , Fengxiang hot spring has its own fan group 13 Thousands of people , Annual online sales can also reach 2000 ten thousand .

However, Fengxiang hot spring is not satisfied with the traditional Internet graphic marketing promotion . According to Fengxiang hot spring , Information plane carried by graphics and text , The link with tourists is not smooth enough , And video is more effective 、 A form that can create an atmosphere and a sense of experience .

So , from 2018 From the year onwards , Fengxiang hot spring is officially put in tiktok. : Shoot high-quality video materials , Participating in tiktok's promotional activities , Customers in the park are encouraged to take videos of scenic spots and participate in interaction .

The marketing director of Fengxiang hot spring said frankly : Such a forward-looking layout , It seems to have opened the door of Fengxiang hot spring “ Ren Du's two veins ”. Fengxiang hot spring has been loved by many tourists in the form of video , Among them, there are many young people who have stronger purchasing power and pursue a higher quality of life , meanwhile , It also greatly improves the popularity of the scenic spot .

When the wave of live broadcasting this year “ Sweep up ” When you come , Fengxiang hot spring joined the ranks without hesitation , Start to try to cooperate with local talent to broadcast live , For their own hot spring products “ Take the goods ”.

After the live broadcast , Discovery of Fengxiang hot spring , The first live broadcast passed the launch DOU+ Small windmill drainage , Brought it 5 More than 10000 income , The whole input-output ratio is approaching 5 times . What surprises Fengxiang hot spring is ,DOU+ Focused coverage for local users in Henan , The traffic brought to the live studio is not only very interested in Fengxiang hot spring , Some are even regular customers of Fengxiang hot spring .

Refined coverage , Let Fengxiang hot spring harvest fans with higher interaction and consumption intention , Also let the sales of the live studio “ Keep climbing ”.

When tourists who place orders through the live studio come on vacation , They will also shake their voice and video tiktok to record their vacation and leisure status. , Address and related topics of Fengxiang hot spring , Secondary publicity has been formed for the scenic spot , Invisibly, the popularity of Fengxiang hot spring has been improved again .

For offline small and medium-sized businesses , This amount of conversion and degree of refinement are very attractive . Businesses like Fengxiang hot spring , It has already been laid from 0 To 1 The basis of , But from 1 To 100 in , Need to find “ New increment ”. Every time it's live 、 Each video , stay DOU+ Driven by , There will be snowball growth , It can be seen from this that , Select the right marketing platform 、 Use the right promotion tools 、 Adjust marketing ideas and channels in real time , It is an important way to help offline businesses break the game .

3、 ... and 、6 Passengers within km , Cold start of new restaurants “ Move ”

Also seeking a breakthrough in the new era is the catering industry : Steak house in Beijing is a catering chain group with a certain scale , Except Beijing 10 Outside the store , The steak house is in Shenzhen 、 Both Hangzhou and Ningbo have branches . To increase exposure , The steak house is early 2019 In 2003, the official voice was set in the tiktok. , However, it did not form a systematic operation at that time .

The beginning of the year , Steakhouse has invested special manpower in video creation . The head of the steak house said , In order to increase the number of colleagues making videos “ A little confidence ”, A video was released to the new store with a trial mentality DOU+ Store heating , As a result, it took only two or three days , The video exposure has risen to hundreds of thousands .

After seeing this effect , Steakhouse decisive pursuit , adopt DOU+“ Store heating / Click on ”, The focus covers the new store of the steak house 6 Users within km , The exposure reached near 6 ten thousand , It has also reached the national level 120 Million exposure . The person in charge was very surprised by the exposure and exposure position ! about “ Caterer ” Come on ,“ near ” People mean key potential consumers , This is also an important basis for the transformation to stores .

The head of the steak house said , A conservative estimate ,DOU+ Store heating has brought a third of business growth to new stores . Now? , The official steak of steak house is also favorable, and the sales volume of the tiktok set has also been greatly improved. , This also makes the steaks look forward tiktok growth. !

Four 、 From point to face DOU+“ Four or two thousand catties ” The effectiveness of began to show

By dismantling the cases of the above three successful enterprises , We can also see that , Entity businesses should now change the traditional drainage thinking and promotion mode , Tiktok, a powerful flow platform, is used skillfully. DOU+, Find more details for yourself 、 Target customers in the right direction . Many offline businesses have proved it with personal experience , Use DOU+ Since draining the business , Small investment can leverage more than ten times the return , produce “ Four or two thousand catties ” The effect of .

The person in charge of exclusive travel said , I am also in the local cultural and tourism industry exchanges , Actively recommended by peers DOU+.“DOU+ It has brought us obvious revenue growth , But to enlarge this increment , Our family alone is not enough , We want everyone to use it together DOU+、 Jointly promote tourism products of the same type , Make the cake bigger , This is very important for our own business growth , It's more .” This idea is not limited to exclusive travel , Those who taste the sweetness , All hope DOU+ It can be more deeply and widely used in the industry .

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