What is the tiktok private domain dilemma?

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tiktok private domain dilemma
A new way to play enterprise private domain traffic , coming .

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A high-end residential area outside the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing , The property has posted a notice to recruit convenience stores .

Count up , This is the third time in two years that the property has issued an announcement for a specific business form . Because the whole community 1.5 Within kilometers, there is a large supermarket and a front warehouse of fresh e-commerce , Convenience stores in the community because the price is not dominant , Two have fallen before and after .

In particular, the newly closed store is still a franchise store of chain brands , But in the end, it is still subject to the price and the reality that shopping in the community during the day is dominated by the elderly , And the dimensionality reduction blow of the new power of Internet fresh e-commerce , Business conditions have been tepid .

in addition , In order to withstand the impact of community group buying six months ago , This brand franchise chain store once launched the membership system , Expect to build a firewall with private domain traffic .

It is a pity , Limited by the lack of operational talents and transformation tools , Even if the shopkeeper has paid for an expert course on the Internet , But only based on the lectures of experts and the basic tools provided by the platform , The chain store operates in a private domain with high hopes , It didn't bring much improvement to the business , Finally, I had to close the door .

This actually reflects the anxiety of many business operators .

Today, with the rapid change of Internet business model , More and more traditional business operators can't find their own development path under the new environment , Most of the Blindly learn the Internet e-commerce model . The result is not only a drag on performance , And so Caught in the traffic anxiety brought by the Internet model .

therefore , Popular private domain operation of Internet enterprises , Become an important thing they have to grasp “ straw ”. The current private domain operation of enterprises actually does not work well , Easy to enter two misunderstandings : Or just introduce interested potential users into the group to precipitate , Send some advertisements from time to time , It is found that users' interest is decreasing ; Or spend a lot of money on advertising and using platform tools , But many of the traffic found does not match the users who really need it , Low customer extension efficiency .

This also makes many enterprises operating private domain traffic feel overwhelmed .

1、 Private domain operation without transfer

actually , More and more offline enterprises begin to pay attention to private domain operation , In fact, it is the qualitative change caused by the essential change of flow .

When Internet dividends take off , The new scene also stimulates users' sufficient freshness and curiosity , With the huge influx of traffic, and with a high willingness to taste and transform .

But as the development of the Internet accelerates , The flow dividend began to slow down , Users' tastes are becoming more and more selective , We need more content and atmosphere to support the growth of interest . This promotes the rise of new Internet models, such as content e-commerce , By creating content that users are interested in , Enhance users' interest in products , Finally complete a from “ Want to buy ” To “ stop yearning ” The process of . And obviously , At a time when users' attention is highly distracted , This process needs to be controlled in an enterprise more and more “ Traffic private domain ” In order to better achieve .

That's why , Private domain operation is paid more and more attention by enterprises .

After all , Strengthen communication with users , It has become something that enterprises must constantly invest energy and resources in the Internet , If enterprises want to achieve the effect of private domain operation , Two points are enough : One is called Precision fishing in the public domain , One is called Private area fine fish culture . This is also an important chain from obtaining to transforming private domain traffic .

First , We media and e-commerce channels currently provided by various platforms , In fact, it is the source of corporate public domain traffic , It is also the basis for enterprise private domain traffic to obtain customers .

secondly , Private fine fish culture is the content flow “ Acquaintance relationship ” A relatively closed social circle based on , Strengthen the guidance and influence on users through diversified ways , Finally, the process of promoting consumers to form consumption behavior . The first half of the Internet focused on digitization , That is, how to pull people in , The second half focused on behavior digitization , That is, how to keep people .

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This is also the real core of enterprise private domain operation . however , There are still pain points that are difficult to solve in this process .

One side , The daily number of users and new content production of each platform are tens of millions , Even hundreds of millions , therefore Meeting consumers in the public domain will pay a higher price . Only you know enough about consumers , You can predict where he might appear , To meet him through accurate layout .

The problem is Many enterprises have limited capacity , The ability to obtain dispersed traffic is low , This means accurately obtaining traffic from the public domain , It is difficult for enterprises .

On the other hand , Even if enterprises try to get traffic from the public domain , And import your own private domain traffic pool , However, in the later transformation process, only the management tools provided by the platform can not achieve the ideal effect , Extensive management and communication disturb users or become superficial , It's like talking to each other when you meet a blind date and friends “ I love you! ”, And when the love is strong, it is clear that it is sent to the door, but it is slow to take out the diamond ring and say “ Please marry me ”, Eventually lead to Users miss the right time in the advanced process of transformation to consumers .

Actually , The requirements of enterprises for private domain operation are very simple .

First of all , Enterprises must obtain a large number of accurate users to enter the private domain , It means obtaining stable and abundant traffic from the public domain , In order to achieve efficient access to customers ; second , Enterprises should strengthen operation 、 Increase stickiness with users , Therefore, it is necessary to manage the whole life cycle of users ; Third , The results of enterprise private domain operation should be implemented into the business , Promote their own business and can grow up .

That means , Enterprises do not need that kind of vigorous private domain marketing , But every interaction with users , In fact, they are valuable expressions , Until finally ripe .

2、 Do not take the tiktok of the unusual road.

This pain point , Responsible for operating business in a large number of engine enterprises ⼈ According to Mu Jianxin , To solve this problem, we should clarify the public domain 、 The relationship between private domain and business domain .

“ The core of private domain operation is to obtain useful traffic ”, When talking about how to solve the pain points of enterprise private domain operation , Mu Jianxin believes that the top priority is to first solve the traffic obtained by enterprises from the public domain and business domain , To match your potential users .

In his opinion , The tiktok tiktok company that has been running for three years and the upcoming quiver private domain , Through the fine stratification of fans , It perfectly solves this important private domain operation capability required by enterprises .

“ We have established a fan centered business flywheel ”, Mu Jianxin said , The core of tiktok is to help enterprises to manage and operate users' relationships well. .

In terms of user precipitation and touch , enterprise 2.0 Make fans “ True love powder 、 Liking powder 、 Passerby powder ” Fine stratification of , Let the enterprise identify the intimate state of each fan , Develop differentiated communication strategies .“ This is actually trying to combine the potential users of the enterprise with the transformable parts of the enterprise fans ”, Mu Jianxin feels that the stratification of fans through big data analysis , It is more conducive for enterprises to operate their own private domain traffic .

“ Because fans who are really interested in enterprise products or services are now clear at a glance , And repeat touch to these people in the next stage , Finally stimulate interest , The conversion from planting grass to pulling grass is an inevitable result .”

In fact, after obtaining the target population , They also need repeated touch and information exchange , In order to cultivate their interest ,“ This is the core content of enterprise private domain operation ”.

In Mu Jianxin's eyes , Enterprise private domain operation is not just about building a traffic group , We also need to constantly strengthen the interaction with these delineated true love fans , Finally, the brand image or product interest of the enterprise will be “ planting ” To the user's heart , This leads to users' repeated purchase of enterprise services or products .

The released voice tiktok private domain and enterprise number 2.0, Provides a range of operational tools , Combined with customer relationship management system (CRM) And data management platform (DMP) Ability , New upgrade subscription 、 Direct messages 、 Touch and transformation ability of group chat scene , Integrate all channels that can reach users efficiently , Continuously increase the proportion of core fans , Let enterprises have more true love powder .

This means that enterprises can help tiktok not only from their public domain and business domain to their private areas. , It can also increase the interaction with fans , Improve the communication efficiency of fans .

For the conversion end , This issue is tiktok private domain. , Using discount cards and coupons 、 Live booking 、 Various playing methods such as fans' red envelopes start from the scene , So that the enterprise's brand goods and services and other information can be transmitted to the real love powder in a variety of ways , Promote the business of enterprises to be completed anytime, anywhere .

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actually , Just released enterprise number 2.0 It also launched an intelligent business system , On the current situation of business - The goal is - business - Results the whole link is standardized and quantified .

This means that after the enterprise sets its business objectives , This system can also integrate and visualize the current situation and objectives of large-scale operation , Provide intelligent business strategy support for enterprises 、 Detailed task disassembly and equity reward , Combined with regular monitoring and review of business results , Make the growth of enterprises more clear and measurable .

in addition , from 8 Month begins , Tiktok enterprise will be on line and users will draw lottery. 、 Add powder, cards, coupons and other playing methods , Promote the activity of fans and promote the transformation of orders ;DOU+ Multiple fine drainage methods , Provide leverage for enterprises to leverage large traffic with content and continue to provide leverage .

“ The reason why enterprises operate private domain , In fact, it is for two purposes : The first is to reduce the traffic cost , The second is to increase product sales . So the private sector is tiktok and is recognized by many companies. , It must be because it brings increment ”.

Because the private sector brings tiktok increment. , Tiktok will certainly increase the investment in the private sector. , And this action will Trigger a large positive cycle .“ One side , Under the tiktok recommendation mechanism , The content of enterprise number can directly reach the core fans in the information stream , Easier to bring transformation and effective interaction , And further help enterprises leverage more exposure and recommendation ; On the other hand , Enterprises can advertise directly to fans , Or based on fan group portraits , Expand more refined crowd package , So as to improve the efficiency of commercial advertising .”

Tiktok's core function in his eyes ,“ In fact, it is more efficient to help enterprises solve the problems encountered in traffic and business .”

3、 Why can the tiktok break what is happening?

Actually , Before, there was no enterprise doing private domain operation , However, the support of each traffic platform for enterprise private domain operation , There are still some deficiencies .

In general , The private domain traffic of enterprises either comes from major e-commerce platforms , Or get it from social networks .

For e-commerce platforms , Users themselves naturally browse with the purpose of purchase .“ I know what I want to buy , I'll search for , It will also push me ‘ Guess you like ’, But when there is no desire to shop , I won't stay here long .” This makes it difficult for enterprises that rely on e-commerce platforms to do private business , The promotion of repurchase depends on planting grass outside the end , Inspire users to cross end search , And preferential attraction .

For the private domain operation of the traffic obtained by enterprises from social networks , It's easy to reach existing users , But the process of taking the quantity in front is very difficult . For example, a restaurant has registered its own media account and continuously released graphic and video information , However, due to the mechanism of paying attention before receiving messages , New customers can only be acquaintances 、 End external drainage 、 Advertising three board axe . So before adding groups or paying attention , One to one communication with users , It requires a lot of extra investment .

“ What do we want to tiktok private domain? , It is because we see the most important problem facing the private domain of enterprise operation , Is the difficulty of obtaining traffic .” Regarding this , Mu Jianxin believes that the number of daily active users has exceeded 6 Tiktok , You can use short video 、 Live broadcast or commercial advertising , Bring sufficient flow supply to enterprises , Let enterprises tiktok more naturally precipitate flow .

In his opinion , On the one hand, the tiktok has become the longest platform for us. , Many users spend hours in jitter video browsing tiktok a day. , This makes the user's attention and traffic gradually precipitate and concentrate on this platform ; On the other hand, after the launch of the tiktok company last year , Increased the production and delivery of tools for e-commerce and fan operation management , bring Tiktok can directly touch users who are interested in their business. , This becomes the basis for the emergence of the tiktok private domain. .

Luzhou Laojiao has been popular all over the network recently 、 Live broadcast of Baique and other enterprises , Tiktok is a good example. . Companies find that users are increasingly willing to search for information on the tiktok. , At the same time, order products to express their needs and wishes .

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“ Tiktok has become one of the most suitable platforms for private sector operations. .”「 Bullet economy 」 Tiktok's private sector recognition has been shown by many companies that have contacted. .

Of course, traffic alone is not enough , After the traffic enters the private domain pool of the enterprise , Also touch these users , That is the so-called in-depth communication and operation . And at this point , Tiktok private domain is very different from other platforms. .

“ On the original basis of flow to business , Tiktok and private sector pay more attention to the energy of fans. .”

Mu Jianxin thinks that for private domain operation , Fans are not just data and consumers , It should also be the participant and colleague of enterprise business culture .“ We're not just layering fans this time , It also analyzes the objectives of enterprise private domain operation , Abstract out two core indicators , One is to highlight the popularity value of brand influence , One is the operating result value .”

And these two indicators , In Mu Jianxin's view, they are a collection of corporate fans' feedback on their content and business results .“ Because fans are the core and foundation of private domain operation , Not only in keeping with the value of tiktok itself , It can also continuously promote fans' awareness of the enterprise and take the initiative , So as to reduce the difficulty of enterprise private domain operation .”

Another important ability to reach customers in enterprise private domain operation , Mu Jianxin thinks that the tiktok itself is a form of enterprise presentation with short video and live broadcast as content. , It has a great role in promoting the private domain operation of enterprises .

“ What is tiktok better suited to private sector operations? , Because live and short videos actually show enterprise application scenarios , It can help enterprises reach consumers more effectively , So as to gain more insight into consumers , Then feed back to the system to better optimize the recommendation mechanism , Tiktok business is becoming more efficient. .”

Because of the inherent advantages of the jitter in private tiktok operation , Mu Jianxin felt tiktok's emergence was a logical consequence. .“ Now basically on the tiktok end. , Enterprises can already run most of their business . therefore , Tiktok private domain appears , In fact, it is helping enterprises operating on this platform to obtain traffic , Then it can be converted into its own unit business by obtaining traffic and some more convenient ways .”

In his opinion , Improve the utilization of traffic obtained in the public domain and business domain , It is the fundamental reason for enterprises to tiktok in private domain. .“ Because we have the carrier of business in the terminal , There will certainly be demands for users to repurchase , The appeal of re purchase is actually a very important thing in the scene of private domain ”.

The corresponding data also show that , Companies are gradually increasing demand for private domain operations on the tiktok. . according to 《2021 Tiktok private domain white paper 》 data display , Now there are accumulated over 65 Tiktok created fans and continued to be active in the jitter. , More every week 400 Ten thousand enterprises received 1.5 More than 100 million users' private letter consultation .

And by the 2021 year 7 month , The number of enterprises entering the tiktok enterprise number exceeds 800 Thousands of families ,2020 Annual business enterprise tiktok business content daily average volume of super 200 Billion ,2021 In the first half of the year, the number of tiktok shopping cart hit a higher level. 77%.

actually , These data just mean , In the past, it was just the tiktok of user hours. , It has gradually become the main position for enterprises to do business . The increasing marketing demand of enterprises , Tiktok is also boosting the evolution of enterprise number. .

therefore , In a sense , Tiktok private sector is becoming a new engine for business growth. .

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