Cross border hair salons? Why do young people like this "improper" catering brand?

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Founded only 6 year , Set up shop 280 home , All over the first and second tier cities , revenue 27 Billion , Become 2020 The net growth of sauerkraut fish in , It is planned to hold another meeting in the next two years 300 Restaurants , Covering many countries and regions in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea .

This is the result of Taier pickled fish, a single food brand .

Now , Too many two fans have exceeded the official account 1200 ten thousand , And set up 700 Multiple wechat fan groups , Possess approximately 40 Million core fans . Among them ,25~35 There are a considerable number of young women aged , And young people , It has always been the most direct target consumer group of Taier .

Besides making young people's taste buds sour with pickled fish , Taier also conveys his own brand personality with action .

7 month 22 Japan , Taier pickled fish brand 6 anniversary , In Shanghai, 、 Guangzhou 、 Shenzhen and Hangzhou launched 「 Taier hair salon 」 Flash mob , Through a series of interactive experiences , Encourage young people to wash away their irritability 、 Cut off the disturbance 、 Blow away the label , Be yourself .

1、 In line :“ Be yourself ” The spiritual core of

According to the 《 Big data of Chinese catering 2021》 data display , Even though 2020 Because of the epidemic situation , The catering market has been seriously damaged , However, the annual registration volume of catering enterprises has not decreased, but increased , reach 236.4 Thousands of families , Year-on-year growth 25.5%, The competition in the catering industry market is still fierce .

meanwhile , The whole industry is also undergoing changes from comprehensive restaurants to subdivided vertical tracks . Take sauerkraut fish as an example , from 2016 Year of 1.3 Ten thousand has grown to 2019 Year of 3.5 The scale of 10000 families , In four years 100% The growth of .

In a red sea , Taier pickled fish stood on the air outlet , Become a leader in the industry , The harvest 1200 Million fans and billions of revenue . In addition to stepping on a high-quality subdivision track , It is also because it adheres to “ Be yourself ” The spiritual core of , It has successfully aroused the emotional resonance of countless young consumers , Occupy the mind of this part of the crowd .

In marketing , Taier is very good at unconventional scenario Marketing , Skillfully integrate brand values and activities , In a younger expression , Let young people have the greatest sense of identity . for example , In recent years , Cross border marketing is emerging one after another , Seemingly unrelated elements are grouped together , There are always different sparks —— In this regard , Taier has achieved the ultimate .

In order to popularize the history and culture of sauerkraut , Taier has opened pickle Museum and pickle exploration base ; For the treatment of young people “ The only disease ”, Taier has opened a traditional Chinese Medicine Museum ; even to the extent that , Taier also opened a bathhouse in the downtown , Claiming to make contemporary young people “ Scrub the soul , Sour life ”.

“ Taier hair salon ” It continues the style of Taier brand anniversary , Through the sour shampoo area 、 Hairstyle free zone 、 Baking area 、 Blow away the label area and other interactive experiences , Let the experimenter feel the sour and cool of free hairstyle . Besides , Surprise blind box area 、 Sour snack bar and colored eggs hidden in the activity , Rich imagination , Be creative .

Under the cloak of creativity , Hide Taier and insist on being your spiritual core , This point , From what Taier has shouted over the years “ slogan ” You can see that .

with “4 More than people are not welcome ”、“ No spicy, less spicy ” Your overbearing rules , Taier successfully created “ Have a attitude ” Brand label , It will arouse the curiosity and attention of consumers .“ Sauerkraut is better than fish ”、“ Only the second most delicious pickled fish in the universe ” And other slogans stimulate people's psychology of tasting fresh food , While slightly showing the second grade, it also successfully impressed the diners .

Taier sauerkraut fish “ attitude ”, It is distributed in all directions online and offline . Offline , In the same catering stores , Taier's black and white elements are simple and playful , While improving recognition, it is also closer to young people ; And in the online , Too two the official account also relies on the two interesting styles , Create self media content that meets the tastes of young people , The article reached 10w+ achievement .

since “ career ” since , Taier is always conveying his brand attitude , With the help of popular forms of interaction , Starting from the unique personality culture of the brand , Output “ Be yourself ” The attitude of , It resonates with countless young people .

meanwhile , Taier constantly makes consumers feel fresh and sticky through novel ideas , To precipitate the staunch fans and loyal consumers of sauerkraut fish products , And refresh everyone's fish eating experience .

Some time ago , Taier launched a stray cat care activity , Fish meat not used in making pickled fish , Secondary utilization , Made into public welfare cat food , Used to rescue stray cats . In the last year 7 month , Taier sauerkraut fish is the first super fish in Taiyuan “ Fan Shop ”, For a man named “ Shen Yu ” Fans , It also designed its own plaque 、 Theme wall , And keep your own table .

Young people can find its interesting soul from Taier's behavior , It can also be seen that it is insisting on being itself 、 Love pets 、 Pet fans, etc. think carefully . Whether it's a flash to release pressure for young people , Still adhere to the brand building of personality , Both reflect too two “ Be yourself ” The spiritual core of .

All this , To some extent , Tai'er is more like a cultural tide card .

Of course , Understand the marketing of young people , Nor can it support the growth of a brand , What's more, in the catering industry with such cruel competition .

2、 Taier's success “ Secret book ”: Always stand with young people

There is data showing ,2015 year , When Tai ER was founded , The market scale of sauerkraut fish is 52 One hundred million yuan , And by the 2019 year , This figure has reached 174 One hundred million yuan , And every year 30% The compound growth rate is growing . meanwhile , since 2015 Year to 2019 year , The whole country has opened 3 More than 10000 pickled vegetable and fish shops .

Besides , In terms of age structure , The main body of catering consumption is still 25~35 Age group , In terms of growth ,20~25 Year old consumers are 3.4 Percentage points ranked first in the growth rate —— How to catch the rising group of young people , It is the most important issue for every catering brand .

establish 6 Taier pickled fish, which ranked first in the industry in , They firmly grasped this successful method .

First , Taier insists on only using the direct store model , Avoid the problems caused by the rapid expansion of many peers “ Join indiscriminately ” The phenomenon , More direct and more stable control of product quality , Avoid problems such as uneven product quality .

secondly , Sauerkraut fish itself is easy to implement standardized dishes , This can reduce the pressure on the back-end supply chain and kitchen . Tai'er fish and pickled vegetables from the source are made to a high standard , With standardized central kitchen and food materials distributed in the supply chain , To present excellent quality of sauerkraut fish .

One side , Stable and controllable quality output is easier to win the favor of young people , On the other hand , This is also conducive to large-scale replication and expansion , It can be said that there are more than one stroke .

Besides , Taier's menu structure is very simple , It is one of all Chinese restaurants SKU The least , Including drinks and snacks , have only 20 To a SKU, Sauerkraut fish only make classic spicy taste , Only one kind of fish , Customers can't choose the kind of fish 、 The size of the fish .

Compared with the current saturated comprehensive restaurant market , Young people prefer Taier, a personalized single product restaurant , There are not many fancy choices , The simplest is the most elegant .

It is worth mentioning that , Too two simple services : No ordering in 、 Settle accounts 、 While pouring water and other processes, it also increases the sense of dining ceremony by feeding fish and shouting slogans , It reduces the psychological pressure of young people to eat .

so to speak , Hold tight “ Grasp ” Young people's too two , It provides an excellent template for the standardization of Chinese food , It also sets a benchmark for brands to communicate with young people .

“ Too two ” Not just the brand name , It is also the value proposition of the brand , It means sticking to your personality —— This coincides with the young generation's pursuit of individuality . stay “ Be yourself ” Under the brand attitude , Strict product control 、 Highly standardized output 、 Personalized marketing , Let many young people become too two fans , So that its achievements are also quite brilliant . Annual report ,2020 Annual Taier income 19.62 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 53.6%, Than 2019 An increase of 24.8%.

at present , Taier's stores are mostly distributed in the first and second tier cities , With the sinking market and the rise of young people's consumption ability , Taier is bound to attack the third and fourth tier cities , Burst out more imagination .

* The picture in this paper is from : Taier official .

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