Can Anta achieve its next five-year goal by investing 4 billion in R & D and transforming DTC?

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anta achieve five-year year goal
I hope Anta will expand after consolidating the foundation , Don't walk a hundred miles and half a ninety .

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The popularity of national tide , It has brought more imagination to domestic clothing brands .

Before you know it , Anta's market value hit an all-time high , Recently, it has broken through 5000 Million Hong Kong dollars , Has surpassed Adidas , Become the world's second largest sports brand after Nike . This indicates that Anta has the confidence to compete with international sports brand giants .

After 30 The development of , Anta has upgraded itself through multiple rounds of changes , It has achieved seven consecutive years of performance growth ; At present, it ranks first in the Chinese market , The market value is also rising all the way 10 Year in year 6 times . It is reported that , Anta plans for the future 5 Invest... In the year 40 Billion yuan for R & D and innovation , The industry believes that this plan shows that Anta will “ Sports brand ranks first in the world ” Our goal is to accelerate .

Anta has always adhered to the popular line , For a time, consumers could not erase their “ parity ”“ Not with fashion ” Stereotype of .

However, in recent years, Anta has made frequent efforts in the international market , And strive to change the sales model and brand strategy . For stepping on the international stage and becoming the first in the world , Is Anta ready ?

1、 Anta's counter attack

Anta's counter attack story , Let's start with Chendai Town, Jinjiang, Fujian .

Chendai town is an ordinary town in China , The only difference is , In the 1980s, the shoemaking industry rose here , Ding Shizhong was born in a small shoe-making Workshop . At that time, he never thought , A world-class sportswear brand will be born from their own hands .

Because my family is engaged in shoemaking , Ding Shizhong looks at the tourist shoes produced by the workshop every day ( At that time, sports shoes were called tourist shoes ) Sell out of town at a cheap price , He had a question , Why can we only sell shoes for more than ten yuan , And the shoes in the store can sell for hundreds of dollars ?

After realizing that this is the premium brought by the brand ,1994 Ding Shizhong joined Anta company . The name Anta means “ Start a business at ease , Feet on the ground ”, This coincides with Anta's subsequent development process .

After Anta was founded 5 It didn't develop so smoothly in , Even a little difficult . However, with Chinese athletes winning gold medals in the Olympic Games , Ding Shizhong smelled the opportunity .1999 year , Ding Shizhong resolutely decided to invite Kong Linghui, the world champion of table tennis, to speak for him , At that time, inviting sports stars to advertise was basically an adventure , When Anta's annual benefit is less than ten million yuan , Signing Kong Linghui needs 80 Ten thousand yuan , And spent on advertising on CCTV 500 Ten thousand yuan .

Ding Shizhong later recalled that , Advertising has been out for more than a month without any effect , He began to panic , After all, advertising investment is equivalent to Anta's profit for half a year .

But Ding Shizhong won the bet , Anta used Kong Linghui to play on CCTV “ I choose , I like ” After the advertisement , It took only two years to get on the market “ chew ” I'm off 13% Occupancy rate .

For Kong Linghui's marriage with Anta , Kong Linghui later joked that :“ Maybe Ding Shizhong and I are destined , Because everyone says we look alike .”

Since Kong Linghui spoke , Anta finally got it right “ Sports stars + television advertising ” The sales model of , In addition, Anta's accurate market research and judgment , Cut into the third and fourth tier cities through parity , We have set up a sales network all over the country, and the sales volume has been rising all the way . Anta ran all the way on the road of counter attack , from 2000 At the beginning of the year, the performance was like opening and hanging , One year's revenue soared 10 Many times , Never come to 2000 Ten thousand yuan goes up to 2 Billion yuan . thus , Anta has also completed the construction of brand and sales channel .

Ding Shizhong not only dares to bet on Anta's future , In the reform of Anta, there is no “ Soft hands ”, stay 2007 year , Ding Shizhong decided to take the company “ De familiarization ”. It was this decision , Let Anta embark on a longer-term development path , Become a group company . Same year , Anta is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange .

2008 year , During the Beijing Olympic Games, it became an opportunity for Anta to surpass other domestic sports brands , At that time, all major sports brands thought that the market increment was coming , So they started to produce , Later, this also led to oversupply of many brands 、 A large backlog of inventory . At the time , Anta chose the de inventory mode , Even close more than a thousand stores , One step ahead of other sports brands out of the inventory quagmire .

2012 year , The sportswear industry has experienced another inventory crisis , Some brands have opened and closed stores 、 Selling strategy . Anta's revenue is also increasing 2012-2013 There was negative growth in the fiscal year . But Ding Shizhong thinks this is an opportunity for transformation , Through nationwide market research , Ding Shizhong found that Anta can no longer follow the wholesale mode , Must transform to retail . However, the retail model has higher requirements for investment and payment collection , It's also more risky .

Anta quickly adjusted its mode with a steady pace , Get rid of inventory pressure , Not only survived the crisis , And the revenue exceeded the industry at that time “ The elder brother ” Lining , It has also become the first brand in the industry with a revenue of more than 10 billion , The counter attack was realized again .

chart / choice

Over the years, Anta's revenue has increased , It also confirms its development history of counter attack all the way , from 2004 Year of 3.11 100 million yuan all the way up to 2020 Year of 355.12 One hundred million yuan , The compound growth rate is as high as 34.46%, From the whole industry, the performance is quite bright .

2021 year 3 month “ Xinjiang cotton ” event , More let Anta usher in “ Highlight time ”,6 Mid month , Anta Sports released a profit forecast announcement for the first half of the year , Data show that Anta Sports operating profit increased by no less than 55%, The profit attributable to shareholders increased by no less than 65%. Constant good news , It also pushed up the market value of Anta , Only in the 7 months , Anta's market value soared 2021.6 Million Hong Kong dollars , Once as high as 5033.6 Million Hong Kong dollars .

chart / 6 month 29 Anta Sports opening report 186.6 The Hong Kong dollar / stocks , Total market value breakthrough 5000 Million Hong Kong dollars

By contrast , The market value of Anta sports has once exceeded the market value by 624 A billion dollar Adidas (6 month 27 Closed yesterday , About us 4843 Million Hong Kong dollars ). More Than This ,2020 The net profit of Anta Sports in was 51.62 One hundred million yuan , It also exceeds Adidas's net profit ——33.14 One hundred million yuan .

It can be said that Anta's counter attack process , In fact, it's more like a survival history —— Every time I'm in a desperate situation , And finally realize anti super .

2、 Anta's road to internationalization

Becoming the first local sports brand is not Anta's ultimate dream , The world stage is Anta “ Stars and sea ”.

Chairman of Anta board of directors and CEO Ding Shizhong once declared publicly that :“ We don't want to be Nike in China , Our goal is Anta of the world .”

As for how to get on the world stage , Ding Shizhong has laid out for many years . stay 2014 year , Ding Shizhong said at the semi annual performance meeting , Anta will learn from Lenovo's acquisition IBM A sample of the business , Let enterprises go global through mergers and acquisitions .

In fact, the development is just as Ding Shizhong wishes , Anta started from Chendai Town, Jinjiang and spent 30 Years after the sedimentation period , With the blessing of capital, it has started all the way mergers and acquisitions “ Buy buy buy ” The pattern of , Achieved the goal of moving from China's local market to the world .

according to an uncompleted statistic , Up to now , Anta has increased its sub brands to 30 More than a , One of the things that made Anta famous in World War I was to buy it from belle FILA( Feile ) The Chinese brand . This is the beginning of Anta's high-end layout , It is also the beginning of internationalization .

2009 year , Anta follows Ding Shizhong's strategy , From belle FILA China's franchise and trademark use rights , And dispatched Yao Weixiong, a strong general, to serve as FILA China's CEO, Yao Weixiong once served as an executive in L'Oreal and French crocodile .

FILA As expected, it's up to expectations , from 2018 Since, it has contributed a considerable proportion of revenue to Anta . It showed a profit ,2018 Year to 2020 year FILA The revenue is 84.92 One hundred million yuan 、147.7 One hundred million yuan, 174.5 One hundred million yuan ,2019 year FILA In the whole group, the revenue accounts for 43.5%, and 2020 year FILA The revenue even exceeded the main brand Anta , Proportion to 49.1%.

Anta's road of M & A has not stopped , Since then, it has successively acquired... In the UK SPRANDI( Spandy ) And Chinese Hong Kong brands KINGKOW( Xiaoxiaoniu ), also Amer Sports And its Archaeopteryx 、 Salomon 、 Wilson and other well-known sportswear brands in the world , These brands push Anta's dream of medium and high-end market layout one step forward .

More Than This , Step on 2016 In, it acquired desant China ,2017 Purchased Kelong China in , Plus those who have been under his command before FILA China , Anta has created its own brand “ troika ”.2018 Year to 2020 year , Anta except FILA The revenues of foreign sub brands are 12.82 One hundred million yuan 、17.08 One hundred million yuan, 23.13 One hundred million yuan , Revenue mainly comes from desant and Cologne China .

With the continuous expansion of Anta's brands , Profits also soared , At this time, Anta has become a clothing brand giant of all categories , Covering medium, high and low-end markets , Across leisure 、 Professional outdoor and sports fields .

chart / Anta official website

however , This also brings hidden worries to Anta , At present, Anta's revenue mainly depends on “ troika ”, In particular, half of the revenue comes from FILA China , This makes the outside world begin to question “ What is Anta's Philharmonic , Or Anta of Philharmonic ”, Anta even suffered five consecutive short selling by overseas short selling institutions .

Besides ,FILA The rapid growth of reflects the slowdown trend of Anta's main brand . Results show that ,2019 In, Anta's main brand realized revenue 174.5 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 21.8%, Accounting for the total revenue 51.4%;FILA Achieve revenue 147.7 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 73.9%, Accounting for the total revenue 43.5%. here we are 2020 year ,FILA Its revenue exceeds Anta's main brand .2020 In, Anta's main brand realized revenue 157.49 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year decline in 9.7%;FILA Realized revenue 174.5 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 18.1%.

Some people in the industry pointed out that , Hold in your hand FILA Such a high-end brand , Whether it's management 、 Brand building or dress design , Anta hasn't learned much yet , Now start thinking about the main “ The public 、 major 、 The new air ” Main brand development strategy . This also shows that Anta has not fully digested the acquired brands , There are hidden worries behind the rapid expansion .

Anta has also gradually realized the problem , Sub brands outperform the main brands , How to get through this growth curve ? Ding Shizhong's strategy is , Set three growth curves , The first is the blessing of science and technology with Anta as the core “ The public 、 major 、 The new air ” The growth curve of , To save the fatigue of the Savior brand .

in addition , Anta has also established transformation DTC Pattern ( Brand side direct sales ), The first mock exam can increase customer touch rate , It can also realize the efficient unification of people, goods and stores , Simultaneous decentralization , Greatly improve operational efficiency , Make multi brand operation efficiency superimposed .

But what needs to be vigilant is , There is a certain risk in transferring the distribution agent operation to direct operation . One of the most intuitive is that the cost to be borne by direct sales is much higher than the operating cost to be borne by distribution , The company's revenue may be under pressure .

Fortunately, Anta has made great achievements in brand building in recent years , More than 100 cross-border models have been launched IP, For example, Sprite co branded sneakers 、NASA Co branded clothing 、 Longzhu super co branded clothing and limited national flag series products , However, such a move has also been questioned by the market and the response is limited .

But these questions are not the most critical , Anta is most questioned by the market “ Weak R & D capability ”, This is also the of Anta ecology “ The last ring ”, that , What is Anta's real R & D capability ?

3、 Anta's five-year strategy

Ding Shizhong likes to give Anta a “ Small target ”, Then spare no effort to achieve it .

The second year after Anta went public , That is to say 2008 year , Anta has made its first Five-Year Plan .2009 Anta acquired FILA China , It is exactly the goal to be achieved in the first Five-Year Plan . It is the realization of such five-year goals one after another , To Anta on the international stage 、 Beyond Addy's possibilities .

lately , Anta announced a new five-year plan while announcing its second quarter results : Anta brand has a compound annual growth 18-25%; Compound annual growth of online business 30% above ,2025 The annual share reaches 40%; Continue to strengthen the layout of the first to third tier cities , The proportion of running water exceeds 50%; Double the number of shopping malls ; Increase in overall market share 3 To 5 percentage , Maintain the leading position of Chinese sports brands .

according to 2020 The annual income is 355 Billion yuan , Anta may be in 5 Years later 1000 Billion yuan of revenue . If we can achieve this goal , It means that Anta will really surpass ADI and Nike to become the world's first sports brand .

Anta is trying to become “ Anta of the world ” Efforts . The new plan will invest 40 Billion yuan to do professional scientific and technological research and development , This will make up for Anta's short board of R & D capability , Completely improve its ecological chain .

in fact , Anta's scientific and technological innovation is already on the way . Anta side to 「 Bullet economy 」 According to , Up to now , Anta has applied for more than 1400 National patents , It has also accumulated for the eighth Olympic Games and 28 A Chinese national team provided technical equipment support in clothing and equipment . Future investment 40 100 million yuan for R & D , It will help Anta develop more advanced competition equipment , It may even become the leader of global sports technology .

By comparing the technology provided by Adie and Nike in professional sports events, it can be used for civilian purposes , Anta can also apply these technologies to mass sports products , Through the promotion of core scientific and technological strength , Anta's share of high-end goods will also increase , So as to gradually establish a market position among high-end consumers .

in addition ,40 The investment of 100 million yuan will also make Anta DTC Upgrading and digital transformation enter “ The fast lane ”. Anta expects the future 24 Months DTC Store performance will improve by more than 40%,DTC The proportion of stores running water will exceed 70%, This will give Anta's new growth curve a chance to become a reality .

Anta's new 5 The annual plan also emphasizes , future 24 Months , Will focus on 4 Billion yuan to strengthen the construction of digital capacity ,5 At the end of the year , The number of effective members of Anta will more than double , achieve 1.2 Billion , Membership contribution rate 70%, Member repurchase rate 40%. in addition , After the upgrade of the private domain traffic system, the proportion of flow will also break through 20%, Digitization will also improve commodity efficiency , future 24 Of goods within months 5 The last month's selling out rate increased to 75%.

It is reported that , Anta's emphasis on Digitization stems from a “ Self help activities ”,2020 Affected by the epidemic in , Anta's offline channels are blocked , Decline in performance , Anta began to transform itself , The group requires 3 Ten thousand employees sell clothes and shoes on wechat , And build a retail and distribution system at the fastest speed , go online 42 A self operated Mall , The sales volume in a single day successfully exceeded ten million , At the same time, it will drain the brand applet , This also makes Anta aware of the importance of private traffic .

Besides , Anta is opening up “Z generation ” A popular new sports track in , Lay the route of Volkswagen professional sports brand , We are committed to building a younger IP, I just talked to Wang Yibo some time ago 、 Gu Ailing and others have strong sports attributes , And the idols and athletes who have great influence in the young ethnic group work closely .

chart / Photo net , be based on VRF agreement

Although Anta's multi brand strategy has been questioned by the market , But looking at China , Anta is still a sports brand with great potential . This can be proved from the data , from 2016 Since then , Anta's increase exceeded 1650%, Now there is no sign that this momentum has stopped , This is beyond the imagination of other domestic brands . At this rate , It's only a matter of time before Anta surpasses Adidas and Nike .

On the international stage , Anta will welcome more competitors , There is a long way to go . however “ Anta sample ” And show the world , It is not a dream for Chinese local sports brands to go to the world .

I hope Anta will expand after consolidating the foundation , Don't walk a hundred miles and half a ninety .

* The picture is from : Anta official website .

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