The secret of Hongxing Erke's overnight popularity

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secret hongxing erke overnight popularity
Netizens' wild consumption , Never allow this company to be unprofitable .

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Hongxing Erke is on fire , In a way that even boss Wu Rongzhao didn't expect, he was completely angry .

7 month 21 On the afternoon of Sunday , Facing the disaster of Rainstorm in Henan , Hongxingerke's official microblog announced , Through Zhengzhou Charity Association 、 One foundation emergency donation 5000 10000 yuan material , Rush to Henan disaster area .

This was originally a news about a simple enterprise donating money and materials to the disaster area , It didn't cause any waves when it was released . But in 7 month 22 Japan , Many sharp eyed Netizens found this news and forwarded it one after another , At first, everyone was just promoting righteousness , Cheer for the rainstorm stricken area .

Until a netizen familiar with the stock market posted a post indicating , Hongxing Erke had a negative profit last year 2.2 One hundred million yuan , Donate this 5000 Wan is the last family , So this “ I'll give you a little home for everyone ” The spirit of moved many people . As more and more netizens comment and forward relevant microblogs , Hongxing Erke quickly ranked first on the microblog hot search list , Everyone said in succession “ We must support this kind of conscientious enterprise ”.

In the evening , A large number of netizens poured into hongxingerke Taobao live studio , exceed 200 Ten thousand people participated in the scavenging , One on the shelf will empty one . Netizens brush their praise messages , And called for “ The most expensive in the world ”.

This is a very hot situation , Even alerted the company's boss Wu Rongzhao , Rush to the live studio in the middle of the night to persuade everyone to consume rationally , And said that the company has business and will not go bankrupt , I hope you don't believe rumors and spread rumors .

But most of the replies that netizens gave him in the live studio were :“ We want wild consumption ”、“ The most expensive in the world ”.

7 month 23 On the afternoon of Sunday , There are also a steady stream of netizens entering the live broadcast room to shop , Have left messages to support domestic products , The two anchors are constantly persuading everyone to consume rationally , Don't buy what you don't like , And don't let everyone brush gifts , No hunger marketing , But still can't stop everyone's unprecedented consumption enthusiasm and support .

By 7 month 23 Japan 24 spot , It can be seen only from the data statistics monitored by the third party , Hongxing Erke is in the live broadcasting room of each platform ,36 Sell more than... Goods within hours 6700 Ten thousand yuan .

More interesting , Netizens soon found Hongxing Erke's official microblog “ Very poor ”, I didn't even buy microblog members , This is completely different from the official wechat of other enterprises . Netizens said , Take out your last family property and donate it to the disaster area , But I don't want to spend a penny on publicity , Such an enterprise is really valuable .

This further aroused the sympathy of netizens , We all went to help hongxingerke official wechat buy microblog members , Now hongxingerke's microblog membership has been extended to 2140 year .“ Hongxing Erke is determined to become a century old brand , Otherwise, I'm sorry for the members sent by netizens .” Hongxing Erke official micro responded .

According to the 「 Bullet economy 」 understand , At present, the trend of people going to hongxingerke online store to rush to buy goods has not slowed down , There are signs of growing , At present, Hongxing Erke has been out of stock in a large area in the official flagship stores of major e-commerce platforms , So that the anchor in the live studio was urged by netizens “ Step on the sewing machine , Rush out all the products for everyone to buy ”.

recently , According to a report released by Jingdong ,7 month 22 Japan 、23 The overall sales of Guochao sports brand increased by more than 280%, Among them, Hongxing Erke 23 The sales on the same day increased by more than... Year-on-year 52 times .

In the phenomenon of Hongxing Erke's overnight popularity, we can see , People basically think that , Such socially responsible enterprises are rare in the current impetuous market ,“ We don't allow you to be unprofitable ”.

Wu Rongzhao, the boss of Hongxing Erke, wrote on his microblog in recent days , The most talked about is to thank consumers , He was still in the microblog comment area in the early morning “ Act as customer service ”.

Wu Rongzhao even joked with his friends that , He doesn't even know how the company got on fire . however , A netizen's message in the live room may indirectly “ answer ” This doubt :“ I 2011 In, I bought a pair of Hongxing Erke sports shoes , It hasn't broken yet .”

1、“ Second generation shoes ” Entrepreneurship

Comments about the above netizens , Wu Rongzhao responded personally :“ I'm a shoemaker , A shoemaker should have a good conscience when he makes shoes .”

It's not too much for Wu Rongzhao to say that he is a shoemaker .

1977 year , Wu Rongzhao was born , His family was very happy at that time , There is a brother Wu Rongguang who is two years older than himself , Father from 80 In the s, he began to make shoe factories with others in Quanzhou , Later, he came out alone to set up his own company , Take the list of foreign trade shoes .

until 90 years , Wu Rongzhao's father founded Hongxing shoes , This can be regarded as the earliest prototype of Hongxing Erke .

At that time , The whole factory is still dominated by foreign trade orders , The core of the annual revenue is the orders sent by several international well-known sports brands .

Thanks to the efforts of my father and the help of my eldest brother , This small shoe company is growing in Quanzhou . and 1995 Wu Rongzhao, who was admitted to the University in , It has become a new hope for the family .

By my father “ Be a good man first , Do good things again ” The impact of the idea of , Unlike most rich children , Wu Rongzhao has excellent academic performance , There is no arrogance and extravagance .

meanwhile , In order to provide the greatest help to my father's career , During the University, Wu Rongzhao also majored in law , And before graduation , Successfully obtained a double bachelor's degree in economics and law .

chart / Photo net , be based on VRF agreement

1999 year , Wu Rongzhao, who graduated with a double degree, began planning to study abroad , And my brother Wu Rongguang, who studied design , Also put forward the idea that we should build our own brand at the family meeting .

This is the real starting point of Hongxing Erke . at that time , Wu Rongzhao voted for his brother at the family meeting , He felt that instead of doing OEM for international brands , It's better to be your own brand .

But who would have thought , He just stepped into Australia with his front foot , Brother Houjiao's phone came after me —— Because creating a brand requires a lot of money , The original shareholders of the company withdrew their capital one after another , The whole hongxingerke has become a “ be in form only ”.

Later in an interview with the media , Wu Rongzhao once said that Hongxing Erke had just been established at that time , Only 300 More than ten million accounts receivable , Hundreds of thousands of cash and a warehouse of foreign trade shoes products .

“ at that time , We're basically in debt 1000 More than ten thousand people opened , The old man once said , If you can't, go home and farm .” Wu Rongzhao said .

And what my brother said to him was more serious , Prepare him for the worst . According to Wu Rongzhao's later memories , At that time, the company's financial situation was very poor , The capital chain has reached the edge of fracture , Many accounts receivable can't be collected .

At that time , Domestic managers are at a loss , And as the most knowledgeable person in the family , Wu Rongzhao suggested that his brother boldly introduce foreign strategic investment , At the same time, carefully maintain customer resources . in addition , In order to increase customer stickiness and identity , Wu Rongzhao brothers also established an unprecedented exclusive agency model .

What is unexpected is , In such a few times, it can be called “ Arabian nights ” Under the operation of , Hongxing Erke really turned the corner .

But Wu Rongzhao did not feel relieved at all , Instead, redouble your efforts , It took just 15 Months , Just finished the course that needs two years to study , Finally return home to participate in company management .

2、 Have been caught in heavy rain , Want to hold an umbrella

2003 year , Wu Rongzhao returned home with his master's certificate of overseas returnees , I haven't been in the company yet , I met something I can't forget all my life —— And in the 2021 year 7 month 22 On Tuesday night , He answered the netizen's donation 5000 The reason for that , I also mentioned that when I returned from studying abroad , The typhoon that impressed him most .

“ It's raining hard , The wind is also strong , After the whole rain , All the sneakers we are about to deliver to our customers in our warehouse are soaked in water , Unable to deliver on time ”, Now I recall the storm that almost killed Hongxing Erke , Wu Rongzhao is still very excited .

therefore , Under such experiences and emotions , He repeated that he knew “ The taste of being in the rain ”, So I want to give it to others when they suffer from flood “ Put on an umbrella ”.

chart / Photo net , be based on VRF agreement

This has also become an important factor for many netizens to be moved by the hongxingerke donation event .

in fact , stay 2003 year , That typhoon not only caused a major trust crisis to the channel just established by Hongxing Erke , It has also greatly shaken Wu Rongzhao's idea of starting a business .

Fortunately, my brother Wu Rongguang started the whole company , All management personnel were convened overnight to discuss countermeasures , And with the good reputation accumulated over the years , It has obtained the understanding and support of major agents .

This incident gave Wu Rongzhao a great entrepreneurial experience , That's it “ Not to the end , Don't give up ”. And maybe it's a blessing in disguise , After that, the road of Hongxing Erke's development becomes more and more smooth .

Wu Rongzhao with an international perspective , Gradually highlighted in the management team , Especially the persistent investment in science and Technology , Became a label on him .

When the company recovered from the Typhoon , Wu Rongzhao insisted that the team invest in “ non-toxic 、 Efficient 、 Environmental protection ” In the research and development of shoe glue , And the glue that invested a lot of money in research and development , It is also applied to the corresponding footwear products OEM by Hongxing Erke to an international well-known sports brand .

What Wu Rongzhao didn't expect is , Due to new processes and technologies , Hongxing Erke not only did not get the praise of customers , He was also strongly criticized by the customer quality supervisor .“ Because foreigners at that time felt , China can't have such advanced technology , Think we're lying to him .” Wu Rongzhao said .

After signing the quality assurance certificate , Almost humiliating to let the order finally close . However , Afterwards, the internationally renowned sports brand company gradually recognized Wu Rongzhao's R & D ability , It also added subsequent orders to Hongxing Erke .

This experience is not recognized by overseas brands , Let Wu Rongzhao clearly realize that he must build his own brand , You can't do OEM all the time . And enterprises should make great progress , We must break through the bottleneck of capital , Introduce foreign strategic investors —— Go public , Can bring greater promotion to the internationalization strategy of the enterprise .

He communicated the idea to his brother , With his support . however , He encountered strong resistance in his communication with his father . As the older generation of Entrepreneurs , Father's feelings for the enterprise are very deep , Worry that once a company goes public , Will lose control of the enterprise .

Wu Rongzhao can only constantly enlighten his father :“ If it can help enterprises become bigger and stronger , Build a century old brand , Losing control is also worth .” Final , Father was persuaded by him .

2005 year 11 month 14 Japan , China Hongxing Sports Co., Ltd. is listed on the main board of Singapore , Issue of shares 1.20 Million shares , Issue price per share 0.40 SGD , Jointly raised funds 4800 Ten thousand Singapore dollars . thus , Hongxing sports has become the first Chinese sports industry stock on the Singapore Stock Exchange .

3、 Crazy development and hidden worries behind

After hongxingerke went public , Enterprises use the funds raised , Rapidly expanded production capacity several times .

meanwhile , Wu Rongzhao became the executive deputy general manager of the company , At his strong request , The company shot the first brand advertising film , Hong Kong star Chen Xiaochun is invited as the image spokesman , That famous advertisement “to be number one”, From this time, it began to ring through the north and south of the river .

2006 year , Hongxing Erke's sales revenue has exceeded 14 Billion ,2007 In, it reached 20 One hundred million yuan , During this period, hongxingerke sponsored a number of international events , Brand influence has also gradually increased .

In order to avoid competition with international giants , Wu Rongzhao chose a very independent sports segment , That's tennis .

2005 year , Hongxing Erke began to lay out the field of Tennis , Sponsor tennis events at home and abroad , And Shanghai ATP1000 Masters 、 China open 、 Shenzhen WTA Open tennis tournament 、WTA Cooperation in tennis events such as the year-end finals in Istanbul , Become at one stroke “ The first brand of tennis apparel in China ”.

After two years of development ,2007 The Hongxing Erke in may be said to have a unique scenery —— Enterprise stores once expanded to 7000 A number of , Its products are exported to Europe 、 Southeast Asia 、 Middle East and other countries and regions , stay 100 Several countries have exclusive rights to trademarks .

At that time, I mentioned Hongxing Erke , People see it as one of several players that China is expected to impact the world's sports brands .

But what's the difference between success and failure , Xiao He also defeated .

2007 year , In competition 2008 In the process of the exclusive sponsor of the General Administration of sports of the people's Republic of China for the 2008 Olympic Games , Hongxing Erke lost to Adidas , Wu Rongzhao deeply realizes that the strength of his brand is not strong enough .

At this moment , stay 2006 In, his retired father decided to hand over all the management of the company to Wu Rongzhao , The eldest brother Wu Rongguang retreated behind Wu Rongzhao , Willing to escort him ——2007 year , Wu Rongguang gives up Hongxing Erke CEO A post for Wu Rongzhao , He was changed to Chairman of the board of directors of Hongxing sports .

stay 2008 Before the 2008 Olympic Games , Wu Rongzhao believes that only the brand of hongxingerke that is constantly strengthening , In order to get out of the step of competing with international giants . The young man's brain is hot , Let Hongxing Erke carry out the first large-scale global store opening action , Trying to improve market share and brand awareness .

However , backfire .

2008 Annual financial report , because “ Greedy for perfection ” And did not consider the location and management , Many new stores once fell into negative profitability , Hongxing Erke almost changed from profit to negative value .

Fortunately, the foundation is still , This year, Hongxing Erke entered the Asian brand for the first time 500 Forced list , He also sponsored the North Korean sports delegation participating in the Beijing Olympic Games . In that Olympic Sports year , Their sales reached 28.89 One hundred million yuan .

here we are 2009 year , Hongxing Erke also spent his time in closing stores and adjusting , Just as it keeps “ act blindly ” When , Other local brands that have been dormant for a long time, such as Anta 、361° etc. , It began to emerge , And quickly carve up the market that Hongxing Erke did not have time to rectify .

At this rhythm , The former overlord Hongxing Erke , Soon the past scenery disappeared .2009 year , Hongxing Erke's revenue is 19.99 One hundred million yuan , Compared with the previous year, the decline was more than 30%.

4、 Lost 5 year

2010 year , The whole Hongxing Erke fell into confusion 、 Trapped and adjusted emotions .

In order to impact performance , In that year, Hongxing Erke launched a variety of fist products , Match Nike and Adie and surpass 300 The price of yuan is sold in the domestic market .

But limited by Nike ADI's global expansion , At that time, the cognition of domestic consumers on footwear products had undergone great changes , This also makes Hongxing Erke's inventory in 2010 It increased sharply in the second half of the year .

As expected 2010 The financial results in will not look good , Wu Rongzhao made a regretful decision at that time —— He began to press goods into the channel .

Under such strong marketing measures ,2010 The financial report in is really the same as Wu Rongzhao and the capital side , It looks very nice , It also makes Hongxing Erke's share price get a new round of rise .

However , here we are 2011 year , The inventory that cannot be digested by the channel has become a problem that the whole company must face “ Time bomb ”.

In order to appease dealers and promote them to continue to open stores and expand , Wu Rongzhao is 2010 Financial year to Beijing 、 Dealers in Shanghai, Tianjin and other places spent 3.35 Hundred million yuan ; in addition , Also to Anhui 、 Dealers in Fujian and other six provinces paid 4.67 An interest free short-term loan of 100 million yuan .

thus ,2010 In, Hongxing Erke's cash and bank deposits were only 2.63 One hundred million yuan , But the financial report of that year showed that 14.17 One hundred million yuan , Inflated amount up to 11.54 One hundred million yuan .2011 Beginning of the year , The matter was discovered and exposed by Ernst & young .

chart / Photo net , be based on VRF agreement

So Hongxing Erke's finance was re audited ,2012 year 7 The audit results showed that Hongxing Erke did inflate the financial data .1 After a month , Wu Rongzhao resigned from the listed company CEO The position of , His brother Wu Rongguang took over , Hongxing Erke's shares are also suspended for a long time .

To avoid risks , Hongxing Erke transferred core assets such as industry and plant to Xiamen Hongxing Erke company , And Wu Rongzhao is also 2012 He reappointed as the chairman and CEO of Xiamen Hongxing Erke .

When you encounter the most difficult hurdle in enterprise development ,“ strive for changes ” It must be the main idea of the enterprise at this time , Wu Rongzhao is no exception .

At the time , Anta has become the best in China , Although Li Ning fell , But the turnover is not what Hongxing Erke can catch up with in a short time .

In order to break through the bottleneck of development as soon as possible , Wu Rongzhao wants to find another way , When I saw ZARA、 Fast fashion brands such as UNIQLO are booming in China , He was inspired to build Hongxing Erke into a fast fashion brand .

And then , Hongxing Erke has launched a series of similar Lapel jackets 、 Assault clothing and other cross-border products , Although this move has improved the brand image to a certain extent , But it also makes the customers who originally paid attention to Hongxing Erke feel at a loss .

in fact , Wu Rongzhao's decision this time is indeed somewhat “ Take it for granted ”, Finally, it took Hongxing Erke three years to digest all the inventory and collect funds , Return to the main track of sporting goods .

2015 year , Just as Wu Rongzhao was about to get back to work , A sudden fire , Let most of the plant 、 Machinery and inventory are gone .

Ill fated Hongxing Erke , Seems to have reached the edge of a cliff . Wu Rongzhao later recalled ,“ At that time, the cash flow on hand was not enough to support a week .”

5、 The return of Hongxing Erke

Due to location failure 、 Frequent transformation , Coupled with high inventory 、 The capital chain is tight , from 2017 Year begins , News about Hongxing Erke constantly appearing in the newspapers , Most of them are related to closing stores and rectification .

And those who gradually grow up and regard domestic products as the first choice Z Generations of consumers , It is also not clear that China once had a leading sports enterprise Hongxing Erke .

In an unconfirmed ranking of domestic sports products , Hongxing Erke's sales are less than a fraction of that of Li Ning, who ranks second . But in this case , Wu Rongzhao and his team are maturing , And strengthened the determination to fight in the field of sports .

2017 year , Hongxing Erke owns 7000 Offline stores , And overseas 1000 Multiple outlets .2018 At the beginning of the year, Hongxing Erke worked with Alipay , Test the new retail model .

The key is from 2015 Year begins , No matter how difficult the company's capital is , Wu Rongzhao “ Ensure the continuous development of scientific research funds ” My decision has never changed , This also makes Hongxing Erke one of the few domestic brands with all intellectual property rights and patents of footwear in China .

After five years of hard work , Hongxing Erke has been in the world 100 Several countries have exclusive rights to trademarks , Have 200 Multiple patented inventions .

Today's hongxingerke , To configure 40 An international shoe production line 、120 A garment production line , Annual production and sales of sports shoes 3000 Ten thousand pairs , Clothing is close to 2000 Ten thousand sets , Harvest one after another “ China 500 The most valuable brand ”、“ Asian brands 500 strong ” And so on ,2019 Annual brand value breakthrough 315.18 One hundred million yuan .

Now , Wu Rongzhao has led the enterprise to establish the first perfect product R & D and technology research center in China , from “ New technology 、 The new material 、 New design ” Three levels to build a professional sports brand .

Energy storage is being launched one after another 、 Arrow plume 、 After the cushioning technology of cage and other structures , Hongxing Erke is 2019 In, it made another breakthrough in the field of material cushioning , Usher in a new generation of Technology —— Erkeqi bullet , This is in the traditional “ Non Newtonian fluid cushioning material technology ” Based on , Scientific and technological materials α-FLEX Mix different chemicals , the 600 The remaining foaming 、60000 Multiple folding tests and tests , Finally, it makes this kind of both soft and elastic , Mass production of midsole materials with unique foot feel .

This is also the most expensive and best shoe sold in the live studio at present —— Sell to 300 Yuan of above , And this shoe is highly praised on all major platforms , Many people even say that this is the only way to 500 Big carbon soled sports shoes bought under yuan .

With the blessing of this scientific and technological ability , Hongxing Erke is quietly recovering , The popularity of its brand overseas is also gradually improving .

2018 end of the year , Hongxing Erke opened its first flagship store in Malaysia , Because of the rush of time 、 There is no time to change the price plate in RM , On the opening day, all products are directly priced at the price of the domestic market 1.8 Sell at twice the price . To Wu Rongzhao's surprise , The high price didn't affect the enthusiasm of customers at all , The products sold well on the first day of opening .

Latest message display ,2020 In, Hongxing Erke's revenue reached 28.43 One hundred million yuan , Close to the 2008 The scale of revenue at the 2008 Olympic Games .

Although it is far from reaching the market size of other competitors , But there is an upward trend in the market , It also makes many old customers of Hongxing Erke feel gratified .

These five years , Wu Rongzhao and Hongxing Erke who really sink down to make products , In fact, I didn't expect to be in 2021 year 7 month 22 A donation charity on the th , Let the whole nation ignite new hope for their brand .

In fact, this is not the first time Wu Rongzhao has donated money to the disaster . from 2003 Years later, , Every time there is a major disaster , Hongxing Erke will appear in the list of donations . Even in 2015 Plant fire in , When the working capital is not enough for a week , He also performed the last donation of charity money and goods signed with the Fujian disabled persons' Federation .

Such a Chinese enterprise that regards social responsibility as bigger than heaven , That's why consumers desperately want to buy Hongxing Erke live studio .

actually , Another angle can explain hongxingerke more appropriately “ Night hit the ” The phenomenon of —— If Hongxing Erke sells inferior products , Even if it has national feelings , Consumers won't buy it either . Now, behind consumers' love for its volcanic eruption and sweeping goods , It is the scientific and technological content and product quality that this enterprise is comparable to its competitors .

Generally speaking , Good products are the beginning of all marketing , It is also the foundation of the enterprise .

And Hongxing Erke is now popular overnight , People just found out , Human heart is the most priceless product in the world .

After all , Those who win the hearts of the people get the market .

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