Then pick the title of "Asian Banker" China's best wealth management bank and reveal the competitive force of CMB

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pick title asian banker china
“ Customer focus ”, Polish professional service ability .

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Following retail AUM( Manage total assets of customers ) Breakthrough in time and scale 10 After the trillion mark , China Merchants Bank sends another good news . In international authoritative financial institutions 《 Asian bankers 》(The Asian Banker) Sponsored “2021 Annual international outstanding retail financial services and Business Achievement Award Program ” In the selection of , China Merchants Bank won the laurel again , continuity 2 received “ China's best wealth management bank ”, China Merchants Bank App Is the first 3 Times obtained “ The best mobile banking service in China ” Honor .

More Than This , CMB also won “ The best non-traditional banking service in China ”、“ Best blockchain project / application ”、“ Best financial derivatives provider ”、“ China liquidity risk management achievement award ”、“ The best custodian bank in China ( Joint stock bank )” And many other international and domestic awards , It can be said that it is one of the big winners of this selection .

according to the understanding of , this 《 Asian bankers 》 The series of awards program is a well-known consumer finance selection project in the Pan Asia Pacific region , The evaluation process and standards are extremely strict 、“ High in gold ” And famous for , It can be called the financial sector in the Asia Pacific region “ Oscar ”.

Behind many big Awards , Once again, it shows the role of China Merchants Bank “ The king of retail ” Strong strength in the field of wealth management . Facing the complex and changeable internal and external environment , since this year on , China Merchants Bank has made frequent moves in the field of wealth management , Upgrade the wealth open platform , Take the lead in building “ New ecology of big wealth management ”;“ Delineation ” Quality fund managers , Advance layout “ Zhaoyang plan ”; And take the lead in the new Bureau of fund consignment in the banking industry , On 7 At the beginning of this month, the official announced that more than 1000 equity funds would be sold at a discount rate , And insist on internal integration 、 Open Ecology 、 Take the initiative in terms of customer service .

1、 When water flows, a channel is formed , A firm “ Big wealth management ” Beginner's mind

retail AUM It is the core index to measure a bank's wealth management strength , The reason why CMB is praised by the industry as “ The king of retail ”, One of the reasons is that CMB is ahead of its peers in wealth management .

As a forerunner , CMB is in 2002 It was launched in 2000 “ Sunflower financial management ” Product and service system , To own financial assets in excess of 50 10000 yuan of personal customers to provide high quality 、 Personalized comprehensive financial services , Lead China's retail banking industry from the era of savings deposits to the era of wealth management .

After nearly 20 The precipitation of , CMB's reputation in the field of wealth management has been highly recognized , And accumulated a huge wealth management customer base . At present, the retail customers of China Merchants Bank have exceeded 1.6 Billion , Recently, China Merchants Bank has officially announced its retail AUM The time scale has taken the lead in 10 Trillion new steps , It soared by more than trillion in half a year .

such “ The acceleration ” Shocked the industry again , However, China Merchants Bank is obviously not satisfied with its existing achievements , But constantly adjust business ideas according to the market environment , Constantly update and iterate according to their own talents , Integrate internally 、 Opening to the outside world 、 Continuous optimization in service upgrading and other work .

This year, 3 month , China Merchants Bank put forward a proposal to “3.0 Pattern ” An important direction of transformation —— make “ Great wealth management value cycle chain ”, Take big wealth management as the logical main line of the bank's operation . in other words , Each business unit is closely linked , They are connected in series to form a plurality of “ Free wheel ”, Finally assembled into a unified and huge engine , Drive the wealth management business of China Merchants Bank to a new stage of development .

According to the relevant person in charge of China Merchants Bank , Big wealth management is the result of the combination of market environment and CMB's own development . The purpose of big wealth management is to let funds and assets pass through China Merchants Bank “ meet ”, China Merchants Bank has become a source of social financing and residents' wealth “ The connector ”. On the capital side , China Merchants Bank starts from the balance sheet from the perspective of customers ,“ Customer funds don't have to go into my pocket , As long as I manage ”; On the asset side , China Merchants Bank also jumped out of the bank's perspective ,“ Customer financing does not have to be funded by me , As long as I serve ”.

2、 proactive , structure “ Wealth open platform ”

all the time , Powerful open wealth product platform 、 Outstanding product selection ability and mature wealth management service system , They are all the winning tricks of China Merchants Bank . and “ Great wealth management value cycle chain ” The proposed , China Merchants Bank is required to make further progress at both ends of capital and assets 、 proactive .

Based on this , China Merchants Bank App Based on “ Wealth open platform ”. One side , Connect the products and services of excellent institutions in the whole market , adopt “ De centralization ” The model allows excellent asset management institutions to give full play to their respective advantages , So as to form a new organic whole of wealth management with China Merchants Bank , Meet the diversified needs of CMB customers 、 Personalized needs .

And on the other hand , China Merchants Bank innovates its products through the wealth open platform 、 Event operations 、 Content accompanies 、 Risk management 、 Big data and other capabilities are given to excellent institutions , Let CMB's own platform and intelligent ability further derive into an ecological ability , Better improve the accuracy of the organization's products and services to reach the target customer group 、 Precision and speed .

In addition to the heavy upgrade “ Wealth open platform ” Outside , Another recent move of China Merchants Bank in the field of wealth management , Is to launch “ Zhaoyang plan ”. Through the plan , The cooperation between China Merchants Bank and institutions has deepened , From connecting excellent institutions to connecting excellent fund managers , Then realize the improvement of wealth management ecology .

according to the understanding of , existing 34 Of a fund company 100 A number of fund managers were shortlisted in the first batch “ Zhaoyang plan ”, Professional coverage interests 、 Fixed income and other investment directions .

data display ,2012 So far this year , China Merchants Bank has made a cumulative profit of nearly 3000 Billion ,2020 In, it hit an all-time high , near 1400 Billion . According to the data disclosed by China Securities Investment Fund Association , By 2021 At the end of the first quarter of the year , In public fund sales institutions , CMB “ Stocks + blend ” The holding scale of public funds is 6711 One hundred million yuan , Number one in the market .

More Than This , China Merchants Bank is also carrying out systematic upgrading of wealth management capability , Introduction “ Original plan ”, Comprehensively refresh the asset allocation methodology . Through “ Pre sales promotion — In sale planning — After sales inspection ” The whole journey of , Formed a unified 、 Clear 、 Methodology supported by professional theory , At the same time, with the help of digital platform 、 Empowerment in digital tools and digital wealth , Comprehensively improve the professional service ability and service efficiency of customer managers .

3、“ Buyer thinking ”, Continuously create value for customers

Tian Huiyu, President of China Merchants Bank, will “3.0 Pattern ” Defined as “ The business model of big wealth management + Digital operation mode + Open and integrated organizational model ”, One of the core elements of the big wealth management business model lies in the team behind it . actually , since 2013 Start , CMB has trained and established the first wealth consultant team in the industry , In the industry, it is called “ Huangpu Military Academy ”.

Professional team building is the core of wealth management business “ Basic disk ”. More than 10000 account managers of China Merchants Bank 、 Wealth consultants and remote agents covering the whole network “1+N” Professional service team , In the mode of online and offline Integration , Covering Market Research and judgment 、 Product preference 、 Asset allocation 、 Asset review and adjustment , With “ Service aggregation ” For grabs , stay “ Before casting - Hit - After casting ” Provide close company for customers in the whole process .

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To see only one spot , China Merchants Bank has long been “ Customer focus ” The original intention of polishing professional service ability , It also reminds China Merchants Bank of the need to constantly strengthen its ability to create value for customers “ Buyer Mode ” thinking .

2020 Year begins , China Merchants Bank took the lead in launching index funds and bond funds in the industry. The subscription rate is 10% off . This year, 7 At the beginning of , CMB once again officially announced the launch of differentiated rate system for public funds , Reduce the subscription rate of more than 1000 funds to 10% , At the same time, there is no charge for the front-end layout C There are nearly a thousand such share funds , To better feed back to customers , Meet the diverse needs of customers .

Why did you make such a decision ? Zhang Dong, general manager of wealth platform Department of China Merchants Bank, once revealed , Reducing transaction based fees is also a general trend in the field of wealth management . From the situation of top international wealth management institutions , The proportion of revenue generated based on transactions is decreasing year by year , The proportion of charges based on the increase of customer asset scale is increasing year by year , That is, the change of charging mode caused by the transformation from seller's service to buyer's service .

At the recent shareholders' meeting , Tian Huiyu once said ,“ There is no immutable business model ‘ The moat ’, If you don't take the initiative to change , Yesterday's ‘ The moat ’ May become tomorrow's ‘ The swamp ’”. Now , China Merchants Bank has handed over the contract “ Great wealth management value cycle chain ” Your first answer , It has also ushered in a new starting point for the era of comprehensive development and great wealth management , By building “ Wealth open platform ”、 Introduction “ Zhaoyang plan ”、“ Original plan ”、“ The fund rate is 10% off ” And so on , CMB will continue to form a competitive force in wealth management , Continue to lead the industry , Serve customers well .

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