Detailed rules for the requirements of the 16th National College Students' smart car technical report

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detailed rules requirements 16th th

Jane Medium : This paper gives the requirements of intelligent vehicle competition technical report

key word The smart car race , Technical report

According to the rules of the national college student intelligent car competition , All teams participating in the national finals need to submit the technical report on the production of competition model cars before the competition , The technical report is part of the team's work . The technical report is for the team members under the guidance of the team leader , Three members of the team will cooperate to complete , The technical scheme for the production of intelligent vehicles participating in the competition 、 Design thinking 、 Make a summary report on the commissioning process and related technical research contents . Writing a technical report can improve the overall quality of the team members 、 It will help the judges to have a comprehensive understanding of the entries , And conduct comprehensive evaluation .

For the content of technical report and writing quality , The organizing committee will invite an expert group to evaluate , And give the technical report . The Organizing Committee of the competition will select excellent papers and award the excellent paper award .

The organizing committee is going to publish a collection of papers on the smart car competition after the competition , The content of the technical report submitted by each participating team shall be taken as a part of the thesis collection .
below , For the content of the technical report submitted by each participating team 、 Criteria 、 Writing format 、 The submission method is described .

One 、 Content requirements of technical report :

The technical report is divided into two parts: basic content and research paper . The basic content is the necessary content , The research paper can be added at the discretion of the participating team .

1、 Basic contents and requirements of technical report :

1) The main idea of the design and manufacture of the model car and the outline of the technical scheme for its realization .
2) Installation and transformation of mechanical part of model car 、 Design and installation of sensors 、 Fixing and connection of system circuit board, etc .
3) Circuit design description . If the participating team adopts the core provided by the Organizing Committee MCU The circuit board , There is no need to describe the circuit board .
4) The main theory of microprocessor control software 、 Algorithm description and code design introduction .
5) development tool 、 Make 、 install 、 Description of commissioning process .
6) Description of main technical parameters of model car :
a) The overall weight of the transformed car model , Long 、 wide 、 Basic parameters such as height and size .
b) Circuit power consumption , Total capacity of all capacitors ;
c) Type and number of sensors ;
d) In addition to the original driving motor of the model 、 Number of servo motors outside the steering gear ;
e) Track information detection accuracy 、 frequency .
7) The technical report needs to be attached with circuit board detailed design schematic diagram and core algorithm subroutine ;

The content of the report is required to be accurate , The narrative is clear and fluent , The picture and text are detailed .

2、 Some requirements of the research paper ( Optional part ):

In addition to the basic content above , Each team , It can aim at the innovative theoretical ideas adopted in the process of design and production 、 Novel experimental results 、 Advanced technology scheme and various related problems are discussed 、 analysis 、 Summarize the process of research and solution, and form an independent technical paper . For the format of the paper, see 《 Notice of soliciting contributions for the National College Students' intelligent car competition 》 The provisions of . The paper is attached to the technical report . Thesis title 、 Content 、 The space 、 Any amounts . Research papers will be selected to be included in the collection of papers in the competition . The main content of the research paper is placed in the annex of the technical report . Part of the research paper can be cited in the previous basic part .

Two 、 Technical report format requirements

1、 Technical report ( The paper ) Text structure specification :

1) cover
The cover page shall include the name of the report 、 Research paper title ( Optional )、 Participating schools 、 Team name 、 The players 、 The name of the teacher leading the team . Refer to appendix for content format 1: Cover sample of technical report .

among , If the technical report contains the appendix of the research paper , The title of the research paper needs to be listed under the title of the technical report on the cover . There is no limit to the number of articles , The title of the paper should be brief , Summarize the essence , General control at 25 Within a word .
2) Description of authorization for use of technical reports and research papers : Set a single page , Behind the cover . See Appendix for specific format 2: Authorization for use of technical reports and research papers .
3) Catalog : It should be the outline of the technical report , That is, the chapter title of the report component .
4) Main symbol table : If a large number of physical quantity symbols are used in the paper 、 sign 、 Abbreviations 、 Special unit of measurement 、 Custom nouns and terms, etc , A collection table of notes shall be compiled . If the above symbols and acronyms are used in a small number , There can be no special collection table , But it must be explained when it appears in the paper .
5) The technical report should include an introduction ( Chapter one )、 Text ( Several chapters )、 Conclusion ( The last chapter ) Other parts .
In the introduction , An overview of the production of smart cars , Review the related literature . Clarify the content and framework of the following report .
Body part , It is the main body of the technical report . The contents covered in part I of these Rules shall be described in chapters . It should highlight the creation in the production process 、 Invention, analysis and research .
If a research paper is attached to the technical report , The content of the research paper can be briefly introduced in the main body .
Conclusion part : The overall situation and technical indicators of the model car manufacturing process shall be summarized . The existing problems and the direction for further improvement are pointed out , We should highlight the important problems encountered in our work , And put forward their own opinions .
6) reference : List the author's direct reading of 、 Quoted in the text 、 A publication published formally or informally 、 Literature and data . The writing method of references should follow the international common customs and the relevant national standards of our country , And the full text shall be unified , Can't mix . All references are placed after the conclusion of the paper , Do not put after each chapter . References are cited in the main body of the paper , Must be marked with superscript [ Reference No ].
7) The appendix shall include the following contents: :
(1) Some should not be placed in the text , But the content with reference value , Such as the deduction of the formula 、 Algorithm language programming 、 Drawing 、 Data tables, etc .( Optional )
(2) Program source code ;( Must include )
(3) A research paper . ( Optional , Any amounts )
Above , The appendix number is in accordance with appendix A,B,C,D… In turn .
8) Layout description : The first pages of the above items start from odd pages .

2、 Format requirements of the paper

1) Title Format
Chapter one  ( Center writing )
1.1 
1.1.1 

2) Header and page number
header : From the first chapter , In Arial five point characters . There is no header on the first page of each chapter , Even page headers are set on the left , The content is the first section of the technical report of the National College Students' intelligent car Invitational Competition ; Odd page headers are set on the right , The content is : The first x Chapter and chapter name .
Page number : From the introduction ( Chapter one ) Start , Arranged consecutively in Arabic numerals . The previous parts are arranged separately in Roman numerals from front to back ; After the text , Also arranged separately with Roman numerals . The page number is at the bottom of the page , Center writing .
All blank pages do not have headers and page numbers . There is no header before the body .

3) About figure 、 Tables and formulas, etc
chart : The serial number and title of the drawing are centered at the bottom of the drawing .
surface : The sequence number and table name of the table are centered above the table . The parameters in the table shall be marked with quantity and unit, indicating symbol .
The formula : The number of the formula is placed at the end of the formula line , Expressed as : The formula x .
chart 、 surface 、 There should be a line spacing between the formula and the text .
The picture in the article 、 surface 、 Note appended 、 All formulas are numbered in Arabic numerals , Among them 、 Table subchapter No , Formulas are numbered consecutively . Such as : chart 2.5; surface 3.2; The formula 1 etc. . If there are notes in the figure or table , For them, such as :①、② Sequence number ; The notes are written at the bottom of the chart or table .
appendix A、B Chinese 、 surface 、 Number of formula , It should be distinguished from the number in the text , That is, the Arabic numerals are preceded by the number of the appendix , Pictured A-1, surface B-2, The formula C-3 etc. .

3、 The printing requirements of the paper

1) cover
a) Technical report title : Bold one , When one row cannot be arranged, two rows can be arranged , The line spacing is 1.2 lines;
b) School 、 Team name 、 The players 、 Name of the teacher leading the team, etc : No. 3 imitation song style , The line spacing is 1.5 lines;

2) Paper font 、 Font and size requirements and examples

3. Paragraph and line spacing requirements
The text paragraph and title are taken as “ Row spacing 20pt” , The distance between the front and back of the section is 6 pt.
According to the title level , Different post segment spacing shall be adopted respectively :

  • Title level The interval after the segment
  • Headline 20 pt
  • First level section title 12 pt
  • Secondary section title 6 pt
  • Third level section title 6 pt( Level 3 section headings are not recommended )
    ( The post paragraph spacing of titles at all levels can be adjusted appropriately , In order to control the appropriate page change position of the text )

The spacing after the paragraph of the title of the reference is 20pt. Fixed line spacing is used for the text of references 17pt, Add spacing before the segment 3pt.

4. Paper and text page setup

3、 ... and 、 Technical report scoring standard :

For the submitted technical report , The organizing committee will hire technical experts , Review all aspects of the basic content , And give the report score . If the research paper attached to the technical report , The research paper will be reviewed , Increase the score of technical report as appropriate .

The following table mainly describes the content types and score proportion of the reviewed technical report .

Judging content Content details Percentage of scores
scientific Principle design in racing car production 、 Technical realization 、 Whether the commissioning scheme is scientific and reasonable ; about S12 Whether MCU and related hardware resources are reasonably and fully utilized . 40%
innovative For the mechanical structure of the car 、 transmission 、 Control plan 、 Path detection 、 Innovation in vehicle condition parameter detection method . 30%
A research paper
( Optional part )
Whether the content of the paper is innovative 、 scientific 、 And whether the writing meets the specifications of technical journals and papers . 10%
Thesis writing Whether the writing of the thesis meets the standard , Whether the discussion method is appropriate , graphics 、 Is the data accurate . 20%

Four 、 Technical report submission method :

The format of technical documents shall be submitted at the same time :Microsoft Word,PDF Two formats . The team participating in the national finals must submit the technical report on the production of racing car models , The technical report shall be submitted in 2021 year 8 month 25 Recently, it was sent to the competition Secretariat by e-mail :

  • EMAIL:
  • Naming format of technical report documents : School name _ Team name _ Competition group . file extension
  • Contact information : Xu Dexin , 15846382463

Secretariat of the national college student intelligent car competition

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