Draft rules for the online competition of AI Vision Group in the finals of the 16th National College Student intelligent car competition

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draft rules online competition ai

Jane Medium : About indoor AI The particularity of online competition of visual group , In this paper, the competition rules drafted by zhufei give a detailed description of the competition process .

key word The smart car race , Interior vision , Online competition


§01 Than Competition mode

because AI Special recognition task of visual group , For example, in the competition in the sub race area, we see the need to deploy identification targets at special positions on the track , Therefore, the track demand will be different from other indoor competition problem groups , The target needs to be replaced during the competition , This complicates the game process , Need more people .

In order to facilitate the students to share the track with other problem groups , Simplify the game process , In the indoor of the 16th smart car competition AI In the vision group competition , We investigate the operation function and task recognition function of the vehicle model respectively , Integrate separately . This also prevents teams from scoring only on the track , Or just a recognition score , This is contrary to the purpose of the group . therefore AI The competition of the visual group requires the participating teams to compete within a given time ( Like two minutes ), Perform tracking task and identification task respectively .

1、 Tracking task :

The model runs on the track , Calculate the integral value , The rules and track requirements are consistent with the basic four-wheel set , Only the time limit for each run is changed to two minutes ;

2、 Identify the tasks :

The car model is in a fixed position , Within two minutes, the image content at the fixed position shall be circularly recognized and corresponding actions shall be taken to obtain the integral value , Please check the visual recognition scoring method for action requirements ;

By means of task separation , The purpose of sharing the track with other indoor groups can be realized , At the same time, all identification tasks are also investigated separately , Avoid... In the division “ Stop in case of code ” The way of loophole competition , It is necessary to fully investigate the development of high-level cars in China AI Can the visual task be completed .


§02 meter Time and integral

One 、 timing

AI The timing of the visual group is divided into two parts , The first part is the two minute countdown to the track , The second part is the two minute countdown to the identification task , The two parts of the task are countdown competition .

Considering that the game is played at multiple points on the line , At the same time, combined with this year's point system and competition system , Therefore, it is not necessary to buy a timing system for each online match point . During the game , Just keep shooting another in the live picture ( Two minutes ) Just count down the phone , Of course, if you already have a flight by flight timing system , The timing system can still be used ( Two minutes ) count down , And you also need to take a big screen picture of timing , To record the progress of the game ( Two minutes ) Whether the countdown meets the specification .

Two 、 integral

The integral standard of the track operation task is consistent with that of the basic four-wheel set , Within two minutes of each departure , You can run all the time to get the most points , After rushing out of the track or committing a foul, it will be deemed that the points of this departure stop , It is not allowed to re start from the garage within two minutes of this departure opportunity , It is not allowed to pick up the car and start from the middle of the track after the car breaks the rules or rushes out of the track , This is also an investigation of the stability of the vehicle model . Image recognition points can be recognized in multiple rounds within two minutes , Until the two minute countdown is over . The final score is the score of track operation +AI The integral of recognition .

AI The integral score of each element of the visual group track 、 The scoring criteria for image recognition are shown in the table below :

The mission of the competition The score of the game remarks
Departure task 1 Successful departure according to the departure standard
The roundabout mission 5 Complete the whole movement from entering the roundabout to leaving the roundabout
Three fork task 5 It must meet the requirements of passing through different three fork intersections and branches twice before and after
Crossroads mission 2 Go straight at the crossroads
Ramp task 5 A ramp is required to keep the model from the ground at the highest point 15 centimeter
Vision AI Identify numeric elements 5 If it's even , Then move forward about 30 centimeter , Then go back to where you are ; If it's odd , Go back about 30 centimeter , Then return to where you are ;
Vision AI Group identification AprilTag 5 If it's even , The model car moves forward about 10 centimeter , Then go back to where you were . If Apriltag Is odd , Then the models are returned about 10 centimeter , Then return to where you are .
Vision AI Identify animals 10 Recognize animals , The camera of the model car swings left and right twice , The swing angle is greater than 90°. Or the front wheels of the model swing left and right twice .
Vision AI Identify fruit 15 Recognize the fruit , The car model laser tube sends laser to irradiate the fruit picture and hit the target , The laser spot shall be marked in the purple frame , The exposure time exceeds 1 Second .

The above scoring criteria need to be further optimized . And in 8 month 15 Make a formal announcement before the th .


§03 Than Competition mode

One 、 Competition process

The team has 3 Time Departure opportunity and Identify opportunities , Each departure is limited to two minutes , Each round of identification is also limited to two minutes ; Take the highest score of the three chances as the final score .

1、 The track runs

The penalty for track operation is consistent with the basic four-wheel set , Need a car to start from the garage , Run the elements in the order of the track , As long as you don't get off the track in two minutes 、 No foul , You can always run on the track and get points , Please refer to the referee's Manual for the judgment of rushing out of the track and fouls .

2、AI distinguish

In the traditional way ,AI There are some difficulties in the preparation of identified data sets , The early release of game data sets leads to the use of other ways to identify and give up AI The possibility of identification , If the data set for the game is released only on the day of the game, it is not guaranteed that all teams have color printers to print .

In order to solve these two contradictions , The organizing committee entrusts zhufei technology to use OpenART mini The image directly displayed on the computer screen 、 Numbers 、AprilTag The identification code is verified , After verification , Just set the appropriate exposure , The model trained with actual pictures can also recognize the content directly displayed on the display screen .

Therefore, the competition will adopt the method of directly identifying the pictures played on the computer screen , At that time, zhufei technology will provide a software for randomly playing data set pictures , Every round of random play AprilTag code 、 Numbers 、 animal 、 Four pictures of fruit , Players can identify multiple rounds in two minutes , The team that completes the identification quickly can carry out more rounds , You can get more points .

Two 、 Random display picture software

The picture display software and operation steps are shown in the following pictures .

(1) Open the software as shown in the figure above , Click on Start You can start random display :

▲ chart 2.1.1 Initial value status after the software is opened

▲ chart 2.1.1 Initial value status after the software is opened

(2) After clicking start in the previous step, a random animal picture is displayed :

▲ chart 2.1.2 Click to start the random animal picture

▲ chart 2.1.2 Click to start the random animal picture

(3) After identification, continue to click Next picture :

▲ chart 2.1.3 Click the number that appears in the next picture

▲ chart 2.1.3 Click the number that appears in the next picture

▲ chart 2.1.4 Click on the fruit in the next picture

▲ chart 2.1.4 Click on the fruit in the next picture

▲ chart 2.1.5 Click on the next picture to show Apriltag code

▲ chart 2.1.5 Click on the next picture to show Apriltag code

Click the next picture to display a random picture AprilTag picture , After identification, a complete round of identification is completed , Continue to click on the next picture and you will return to the home page with only one box and no content , Click start again to start the next round of random play , The animals in each round 、 Fruits 、 Numbers 、AprilTag The sequence of codes is random , The content of each category is also random .

3、 ... and 、 Model car action

Because the trolley needs to make different actions according to the recognition results , For specific requirements, see Track design of the 16th smart car competition finals online race .

Because of the numbers and AprilTag The code needs to move back and forth by different distances , So when arranging the site , You need to put one at the front and one at the back, not less than 30CM Use a straight edge to mark the distance , In order to judge the action of the car from the video . At the same time, the data set of the national competition will continue to be selected from the previously published data set , But it is the data set of the competition that will contain pictures of animals or fruits with a dark background .

The students mentioned that this recognition method increases the burden and difficulty , In fact, it can be easily solved , Just modify it to traverse once in the original program , This is also an exercise process of Exploring Innovation , It doesn't significantly increase the difficulty .


§04 Than Live broadcast of the game

For the convenience of organization and development , The competition of multiple categories at the same match point starts in series , Therefore, a match point theoretically only needs a live video studio , But you need to rehearse the live shooting angle in advance , Test the live signal , It is recommended to use faster 5G Live broadcast of the signal , If indoor WiFi The signal is stable , Also can use WiFi Live on the Internet , Each process needs to be clearly photographed during live shooting , If there is a hand-held stabilizer or tripod , It is recommended to use such equipment , This ensures a stable picture , Make the recorded video better .

The following are the detailed requirements :

1. After departure, the contestant can't follow the car , It is not allowed to operate or contact the trolley during the operation of the trolley , At the same time, avoid blocking the shooting line of sight ;

2. You need to see the mobile phone or large screen or other countdown devices in the field of view of the live broadcast , No points will be given for the completed actions after the countdown ;

3. When running on the track , After departure, the camera should capture the car in time , Don't lose it. Let the car run out of sight ;

4. When shooting a recognition task , The action of the car and the content of the recognized picture need to be photographed clearly , It is convenient to judge whether the action is completed correctly through video , At the same time, one at the front and one at the back shall not be less than 30CM Use a straight edge to mark the distance , In order to judge whether the action of the car meets the standard from the video ;

5. Need to arrange a seat for live broadcast , One stand records local video storage , In case of signal problems , There is a video of another stand as reference evidence ;

6. During live video broadcasting, the competition process needs to be explained and broadcast in real time , At the same time, you need to open the live broadcast on another computer and record the whole live broadcast process , Finally, it will be summarized and submitted to the organizing committee as effective materials , Please familiarize yourself with the whole operation process in advance ;

7. The official competition needs to be equipped with referees like the sub competition area to judge the competition process , Please refer to the referee's Manual for specific penalty criteria ;

8. The model inspection process also needs to be broadcast live , Refer to the technical requirements table for the inspection requirements of vehicle model ;

9. The purpose of the live broadcast is to make the competition process open and transparent , Don't let people have the situation that they don't see the key points in the live broadcast , This is controversial , So we need to be strict with ourselves in the preparation process , Be open and transparent , The video captures all the details , In case of doubt, it is also easy to have video evidence as an explanation , Let's uphold the rules of the game , To eliminate doubt ;


§05 Than Race results

This year's national finals adopted online competition because of the epidemic , The track is laid by itself , Therefore, each team can have sufficient debugging time in the preparation process , And the team model has high performance , High reliability . So in order to make online games more compact , It's very ornamental , It can be decided three times . That is, each team only starts three times , The track running and picture recognition tasks of each departure are two minutes respectively , Take the best result as the final result .

If the same score occurs , According to the sorting method of other groups .

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