Suggestions on the rules of the finals of the 16th National College Students' intelligent car competition

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suggestions rules finals 16th th

Jane Medium : This article contains the opinions of the Zhejiang Organizing Committee of the national college student smart car competition 2021 Suggestions for the online competition of the national finals of the 16th National University smart car competition .

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The National Organizing Committee :

Affected by the epidemic , The final of the 16th National College Students' intelligent car competition will be held in the form of online competition . In order for the competition to be fair and smooth , The following suggestions are made for the competition rules :

One 、 Suggestions on competition rules

(1) In order to enhance the comparability of competition results , It is suggested to provide a unified track for all groups in the national finals , At the same time, release the track elements included in the track in advance , But no specific connection form is provided , So that all participating schools can prepare in advance ( The track supplier can provide a complete set of , However, no connection drawings will be sent during delivery );

(2) In order to ensure that the elements of the track are relatively controllable , It is recommended to remove track elements such as ramps that are easy to introduce uncertainties ;

(3) It is suggested that the competition be completed in one day , It is required to complete the track laying within the competition time 、 Vehicle model debugging 、 All work such as game video recording and game video uploading .

The specific schedule is suggested as follows :

  • morning 8:00 Release a complete circuit element connection scheme ( Drawing ), The competition officially began ;
  • At noon, 12:00 Finish the track before , Enter the competition stage ;
  • evening 19:00 Finish the game before ,
  • evening 20:00 Provide the best score video to the mailbox designated by the organizing committee .

Subject to the time stamp of the email sent , Out of date ( Or penalty points , For example, every delay 5 minute , buckle 5 branch , Later than 12 Invalid point ; At the same time, for those submitted in advance , Sure 1 Hours is the boundary , The more you submit in advance, the more points you will get , This bonus is used to distinguish the same scoring team ).

▲ Wanjiang Institute of technology ordinary four wheel group students

▲ Wanjiang Institute of technology ordinary four wheel group students

Two 、 Performance evaluation suggestions

(1) Each participating team shall... Within the specified time , Allow repeated debugging , match , record video , Based on the final video submitted ;

(2) Recorded video , It must be a mirror to the end , Clipping is not allowed ; Is the confirmation time , Make sure the video is not edited , In the video, you need to use your mobile phone or other timing equipment to display the time , At the same time, you need to turn on the recording function ;

(3) The vehicle model must start at the designated departure position every time , Run time limit 2 minute ,2 Elements completed in minutes are valid , Count into points ; Start 2 Elements completed in minutes are not scored ; When the model runs out of the track , Scoring of elements completed before rushing out of the track .(2 Minutes for reference , The specific time can be determined according to the average speed of each team and the length of the track )

3、 ... and 、 Fairness protection suggestions

(1) Random competition tour . Set up surveillance cameras at designated positions along the track ( Track information will be provided with , Including erection height ),12:00-20:00 During this period, it is open to the technical expert group , Used for competition patrol ; After the competition , Surveillance video also needs to be in the evening 20:30 The premise is to submit it to the mailbox designated by the organizing committee ;

(2) Conduct track normative testing . evening 20:00 After submitting the competition video , Randomly select the participating teams , Field measurements of the elements in the team's track ; Not in conformity with specifications , Cancel the competition results of this group ;

(3) The submitted competition video must be unedited . The competition video shall be verified with the video recorded by the surveillance camera , If it is found that the submitted video has editing , Cancel the competition results of the whole school , Even influence 2022 Annual qualification ;

(4) Surveillance video and competition video files submitted by each team , The organizing committee has the right to make public , Let more teams participate in the supervision work .

Secretariat of Zhejiang University Student Intelligent Car Competition Organizing Committee
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