With a budget of more than 200000, do you want to buy Camry? How many shortcomings do you know?

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budget want buy camry shortcomings

Gac Toyota - camry , As a best seller in the family B Class sedan , Comments about it on the Internet , Most of them are about how good Camry is , Compared with the same level of models , How excellent it is in all aspects , I believe everyone is tired of such remarks , Next , Xiaobian will show you something different , Talk about Camry's shortcomings , How much do you know ?

Gac Toyota - camry , The guide selling price is :17.98-26.98 Ten thousand yuan , Such a price range , For joint venture models of the same level , There are few advantages , also , Its preferential rate is not big , After all , You've seen several Toyota models with great discounts ? earlier , Some models can even be bought at a higher price , Maybe it's all from our people “ Accustomed to ” What's wrong . In modeling design , Different people have different opinions , For young friends who have not yet married , Xiaobian personally doesn't think it's very suitable , The car looks too steady , Not in line with the tone of young people .

According to the complaint form above, we can know ,2019 Camry's complaints can be said to be surprisingly high , A typical problem is an increase in oil / The problem of oil emulsification , On this issue , Xiaobian also talked with you in detail earlier , Again , Is to tell friends who want to buy second-hand cars , If you buy 2019 Camry , You need to pay more attention . It's on sale now 2021 Camry , Although there is no problem with the increase of oil , however , Failure of body accessories and electrical appliances , There is also the problem of abnormal noise , Some car owners complained , therefore , When you are shopping , Still need to keep an eye on .

motivation ,2021 Camry offers 2.0L/2.5L/2.5L Oil electric hybrid is optional , Transmission in , And what matches that is CVT Stepless gearbox /8 Self - contained gearbox /E-CVT Stepless gearbox . According to the reaction of some car owners , The sound insulation effect in the car is not very good , The interior smell of the new car is very strong , There is also a loud tire noise , It affects the overall driving comfort . As a classic model , Camry does have many advantages , however , There are shortcomings , It is also a very objective fact , Xiao Bian, this is not “ Bone in egg ”, For those who want to buy Camry , You can't just know the advantages , Without knowing the shortcomings , A more comprehensive understanding of , So as to “ Avoid pit ”, Isn't it better ? Regarding this , What do you think ? Welcome to communicate and discuss below .( eighteen / edit )

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