It is suspected that the patent map of the mass production version of Harvard x dog has been exposed, and the shape is domineering and tough. It is expected to be listed next year

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suspected patent map mass production

earlier , In this year's Shanghai Auto Show , The harvard X DOG The emergence of concept cars , It can be said that it has aroused the heated discussion of many netizens , Many friends speculated about its appearance after mass production . In recent days, , A group of suspected Harvard on the Internet X DOG Mass production version of patent map exposure , The new car is expected to be officially launched next year , For its emergence , What surprises will it bring us ? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it .

We combine the previously released Harvard X DOG From the concept car , The design style of the new car is very retro and tough , A polygonal intake grid for the front face , The interior has been blackened , Plus round headlights on both sides , And the blackened front bumper , It makes people feel very dynamic . The new car as a compact hardline SUV, After the official listing in the future , I believe it will become a tank 300 The strongest opponent , Who do you prefer ?

The side body lines are very smooth and concise , It also adopts the popular hidden door handle design , It looks very advanced , The blackened luggage rack on the roof , Plus a high ground clearance , And a wheel hub similar to five petals , This adds a bit of off-road flavor . As for interior decoration , The new car may continue the interior design style of the earlier concept models , It's just , Some details may be adjusted to a certain extent .

motivation , The harvard X DOG Expected to provide 1.5T/2.0T Engine options , So as to meet the car purchase needs of different friends , Transmission in , And what matches that is 7 Wet double clutch gearbox . In general , The exposure of the patent map , We can find that the new car basically continues the design style of the concept model , Just the gas field , Xiaobian thinks he won't lose the tank at all 300, After the new car was officially launched , If the price is close to the people , It is likely to become “ Popular models ”, I don't know what you think ?( eighteen / edit )

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