A new generation of Mercedes Benz C-class is coming and will be officially listed at Chengdu auto show. Are you looking forward to it?

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new generation mercedes benz c-class

In our domestic auto market , Just mention luxury B Class sedan , Many friends will immediately come to mind : Mercedes C level / BMW 3 system / audi A4L, earlier , About the BMW 3 It's about subtraction , I'm sure you've all heard about it , Although it has been praised by many netizens “ attack ”, But sales have remained steady . In recent days, , Xiaobian learned from relevant channels , A new generation of Mercedes Benz C Class a sedan will be officially launched at Chengdu auto show , For its arrival , Many fans can be said to be full of expectations , Some netizens even said :“ BMW 3 system / audi A4L, Are you ready ”?

It is worth mentioning that , Because of the impact of the epidemic , Originally scheduled for 8 month 27 Chengdu Auto Show opened on the th , It has been announced that... Will be postponed . This new generation of Mercedes Benz C level , The new car will provide a standard axis / the major axis 、 Large scale / The model of landmark version is optional , In order to meet the aesthetic needs of different people , As for modeling design , The new car USES the latest family design language , It looks very young and dynamic . Have to say , New Benz C The first level is the gas field , Compared with BMW 3 Series and audi A4L, Can be said to be “ There is more than that ”, I don't know what you think ?

interiors , It can be said to be a new Mercedes Benz C One of the biggest highlights of class , It looks very advanced , Many netizens call it “ trumpet S level ”,12.3 Inch full LCD meter plus 11.9 Inch vertical central control entertainment screen , It adds a bit of due scientific and technological flavor , also , The new car is also equipped with the second generation MBUX Intelligent human-computer interaction system , Filling of large area soft material , With chrome elements , Thus creating a comfortable and technological interior atmosphere . For the new Mercedes Benz C Class overall design style , Compared with the existing BMW 3 Series and audi A4L, Who do you prefer ?

motivation , New Benz C Level will provide 1.5T/1.5T+48V Light mixed /2.0T Engine options , Transmission in , And what matches that is 9 Self - contained gearbox . My personal point of view : Undeniable? , New Benz C No matter in modeling design or interior atmosphere , Have been greatly improved , Facing BMW 3 system / audi A4L, It's really very attractive , however , It is estimated that the price of the new car will not be very close to the people , If you don't consider the new Mercedes Benz C level , So cash Mercedes Benz C Level is undoubtedly a good time to copy the bottom , Look at the new Mercedes Benz C The arrival of class ? Welcome to communicate and discuss .( eighteen / edit )

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