What SUV does 100000 choose? Don't miss the 3 domestic cars. They have a high appearance and have face when driving out!

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suv choose don miss domestic

hand 10 Over the budget , I want to buy SUV, What good models are available ? I believe many friends have such trouble buying a car right now , After all, there are too many models available in the auto market , I was a little dazzled , So it's normal not to know what car to buy .

And you want me to say , Hold 10 Don't think about ten thousand yuan SUV The top models in the hot list , Because like Harvard H6、 changan CS75 PLUS、 Geely boyue and other models, we take 10 Ten thousand yuan can't buy , Their landing prices are mostly in 12-14 Ten thousand yuan range , So instead of staring at these cars , It's better to focus on other models with the same good product power . After all , These cars 10 You can buy it with a budget of 10000 , And they are also selling well 、 Suitable for people of different ages 、 There is also face when you drive out , There is not much to say next , Let's take a look at the models .

The first paragraph , Chery tiggo or dingle 8

The guided :8.88-15.99 Ten thousand yuan

Suits the crowd :30-45 Year old middle-aged consumer

6 In sales :11106 car

For those who 30-45 For middle-aged consumers at the age of , Buy one SUV More is to take into account the family , So at this time, if only 10 Over the budget , The consideration should be whether the large space and the riding experience are comfortable enough . And in the 10 In the price of 10000 yuan , Can meet this condition and sell well SUV, Only Chery Ruihu 8 This car is .

Need to know , Just in the 6 In April, Ruihu 8 They sold it 11106 A new car , Proper domestic medium-sized SUV Second in sales , Isn't that popular yet ? In terms of product power , Tiggo or dingle 8 The shape of the is also that kind of atmospheric and beautiful , It is in line with the aesthetics of middle-aged consumers . Plus the internal mention 5、6、7 Seat layout is optional , The power is equipped with 1.5T and 1.6T Turbocharged engine , Therefore, it can also meet the needs of household .

Last , Let's start with a minimum manual gear Ruihu 8 The model only needs 8.88 ten thousand , After counting the cost of 7788, it's almost 10 All s . Therefore, for those old drivers who are more skilled in driving manual models , This car can obviously become a good choice , I suggest you hold 10 Wan to buy SUV Don't miss it in case of .

In the second paragraph , Chang'an Auchan X5

The guided :6.99-10.29 Ten thousand yuan

Suits the crowd :30 Young people in cities and towns around the age of

6 In sales :10442 car

If 10 Million budget to buy Ruihu 8 It makes you feel too big 、 Not enough delicate , Well, Chang'an Auchan, which focuses on the third, fourth and fifth tier areas X5 Maybe it can also be a choice for you . As a boutique of Chang'an Auchan brand SUV, auchan X5 With high appearance value and fashionable and simple interior design , For those aged 30 For urban youth around the age of , The auchan X5 It seems very cost-effective .

Need to know , auchan X5 Not only does the appearance match 30 The aesthetics of young people , In terms of power form, it also provides 1.6L+ Manual 、1.6L+CVT as well as 1.5T+7DCT Three rich power combinations . Whether it's an old driver who often drives or a novice driving school , auchan X5 There is a powertrain that can meet the demand . If you want to drive with passion , that 1.5T+7DCT The model is undoubtedly the first choice , Maximum power accessible 180 horsepower , Maximum torque has 300 Cattle meters , Proper domestic small steel gun SUV 了 .

Last , Whether it's starting 1.6L The model is still 1.5T models , The money it costs is 10 Wan Shang Xia , So the price is not expensive . Personal advice , Give priority to 1.5T Luxury models , The price in 8.89 ten thousand , to ground 10 Ten thousand is enough , powerful 、 Rich configuration , High cost performance , It can meet the needs of most young people , Recommend buying .

In the third paragraph , Auspicious rainbow

The guided :7.58-11.98 Ten thousand yuan

Suits the crowd :18-25 Year old schoolboy 、 Young people who have just entered society

6 In sales :9982 car

After reading the first two models , If you still don't like , Well, it's made by the big brand Geely 、 The Geely Binyue model specially made for young people should meet your needs . Need to know , What bingyue focuses on is 18-25 The age group , In the recently , Binyue even held a national basketball concentration camp , This shows the accuracy of Binyue's positioning .

And for those students in school and young people just entering the society , The younger and sportier the appearance, the more people like it . In addition, the high configuration model is also equipped with four outlet exhaust , Therefore, it is also well in line with the high-profile but not publicized temperament of young people driving . Besides , The colorful interior design is more fashionable 、 Trend , Plus rich configuration , So it can also capture the hearts of young people .

Power on ,1.5T The three cylinder version is the kingpin model of Binyue , The most powerful 177 horsepower , Maximum torque 255 Cattle meters , The transmission is matched 7 Wet double clutch gearbox . in addition , The more fun there is 1.4T The four cylinder version is optional , The most powerful 141 horsepower , Maximum torque 235 Cattle meters , The transmission is matched 6 Manual and 6 Wet double clutch gearbox . General statement ,1.5T The driving experience of the model will be more radical , Driving is also more in line with young people's driving habits . as for 1.4T models , Is a more conservative option , The price discount ends at 6-8 More than 10000 intervals , It's cheap overall , Suitable for just 10 Thousands of users , It's also worth starting .

At the end : If you're worried about holding 10 I don't know what to buy SUV, What about this 3 Don't miss this domestic car . Different from haver H6、 changan CS75、 Geely boyue's landing price is 12-14 Ten thousand is , this 3 They're in 10 It can basically land within 10000 , At the same time, the product force 、 Level of appearance 、 The power performance is also very good , So I recommend them to you today , I also hope those friends who haven't bought a good car can help . Last , hand 10 Million budget to buy SUV, You'll choose this 3 Is there a model ? Leave a message below , Let's talk about .( writing / Youshi auto Dazhuo )

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