The spy photos of Hongqi's new SUV have been exposed, and the momentum is not inferior to that of kurinan. It is expected to appear in the second half of the year

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spy photos hongqi new suv

For Red Flag cars , I believe everyone is very familiar with , stay 1958 year , The birth of the first red flag car , Instantly made it famous , For many of us , Hongqi automobile is not just an automobile brand , It's more of a feeling , Today, , With the popularity of the price of the models under the red flag , It once became the first choice for many Chinese people to buy cars . recently , Xiaobian obtained a group of red flags from relevant channels SUV Spy map of vehicle model , For its emergence , What surprises will it bring us ? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it .

According to the spy photo of the real car above , The new car USES the latest family design language , The front face is still a straight waterfall air inlet grille , The interior of the headlamp is a rectangular structure , Add the logo on the hood LOGO, So as to give people a strong visual feeling . In terms of body size , In terms of visual effects , The car doesn't lose the red flag at all E-HS9, Even give people a kind of “ Curinan ” Sense of being alike , I wonder if you think so .

As for interior decoration , The new car still continues the family design style , It looks like a red flag E-HS9 Very similar , It's just , Some adjustments have been made in detail , A large number of physical keys are reserved in the central control area , Full LCD dashboard , Plus the LCD touch screen in the central control area , To some extent, it has improved the sense of science and Technology , Reports of a large number of soft materials , Add the covering of wood grain veneer , So as to create a luxurious interior atmosphere . It is worth mentioning that , The vehicle may adopt 2+2+2 Seat layout , also , The rear seats will also support proportional reclining ,, To some extent, it improves the overall space utilization .

motivation , The new car is expected to carry the latest V8 The engine , The most powerful 485 kw , Peak torque up to 850 cattle · rice . And it's worth mentioning that , The new car or will be named “ The red flag LS7”, The price may exceed one million , It is expected to officially appear in the second half of the year . In general , The red flag is brand new SUV The exposure , I believe that the new car should not be far from the official launch , For such modeling design , Although the new car is heavily camouflaged , But it can't cover its due aura , Just momentum , No loss to Rolls Royce curinan . Are you looking forward to it ? Welcome to communicate and discuss below .

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