SAIC Audi a7l, do you have a head?

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saic audi a7l head

It's been a long time , SAIC Audi A7L Finally here , The pre-sale price does not exceed 70 Ten thousand yuan , First episode 1000 Limited edition models , this 1000 The car not only has a unique number for its future owners , Its product power is to sell “ Wang fried and four 2”.

If you use SAIC Audi's own words, it probably means this :A7L The positioning of is higher than that of BMW 5 system 、 Mercedes E level , Its product strength is similar to that of imported BMW 7 system 、 Mercedes S There is a spell in the grade , The key is SAIC Audi A7L The price of is cheaper than these imports .

Specifically, SAIC Audi A7L How strong is the product power of .

Lengthen : SAIC Audi A7L As “ Chinese special car ”, And imported Audi A7 The biggest difference in appearance is “ Lengthen ”, Its length, width and height are respectively 5076mm、1908mm、1429mm, The wheelbase is 3026mm. After lengthening A7L Weakened imports A7 The weakness of insufficient rear and head space , Instantly became a luxury executive car . Although this change has been scolded , But to sell in the Chinese market , And import A7 There's differentiation , Then you have to change .

power : SAIC Audi A7L this 1000 This limited edition model is mainly equipped with 3.0T V6 The engine +48V Light mixed system , The matching gearbox is 7 Fast double clutch gearbox , Its maximum horsepower 340 horse , Peak torque 500 cattle · rice , At the same time, Audi is proud of quattro Intelligent 4WD system will not be absent . in addition , All wheel steering system 、 Active air suspension in this Audi A7L It's also fully equipped on the .

In fact, most domestic luxury cars at this level are equipped with 2.0T Engine based , Like BMW 5 system 、 Mercedes E level 、 Cadillac CT6 etc. . If you want to buy a car carrying 3.0T 6 A luxury car with a cylinder engine , Then you have to choose from imported cars , Like BMW 7 system 、 Mercedes S level , At this time, their price is really high .

So , SAIC Audi A7L The price of may be controversial , But it also depends on who you compare with , Its purpose is to cut into Mercedes Benz 、 Markets BMW has never set foot in , That is, Mercedes Benz E level 、S Between classes , BMW 5 system 、7 The market between departments . If you want to buy a car of this class , that A7L It would be nice , At least the power is like this .

But then again , The opponent has no layout , Doesn't mean your brother doesn't have a layout .

import A7 Already cancelled 3.0T V6 The engine , The main sales models are equipped with 2.0T High and low power engine . thus it can be seen , SAIC Audi's original intention is to make A7L Space for existing executive cars , And want to keep A7 The performance of the car series . But here comes a problem , FAW Audi A6L Of 55 TFSI The model is also equipped with 3.0T V6 The engine , Plus A7L“ No more than 70 Ten thousand yuan ” The price is also very high A6L It's embarrassing , This leads to competition between the two models .

To tell the truth , Now Audi A6L, sell 10 car , Among them is 8 The trolley is 2.0T models ,3.0T V6 The model is also used to support the field , With the audi A7L It's because eight poles can't hit . in the future , SAIC Audi A7L Introduction 2.0T When the car model , This is FAW Audi A6L When there's pressure .

To configure : SAIC Audi A7L, In the space 、 The power is full of sincerity , Therefore, the configuration cannot be left behind . Like this 1000 This limited edition model has the limited color of qingshandai , Now there is , There will be no more . besides , It can irradiate 600 Intelligent laser headlights meters away , And the sense of technology and practicability are not low MMI Touch feedback system 、 virtual cockpit 、 Head-up display system 、5G/V2X High speed communication technology is not absent . In many configurations ,5G/V2X High speed communication technology is “ Black science and technology ”, Yes, assisted driving 、 The car engine system is very helpful .

On the whole , SAIC Audi A7L In addition to the controversy over the design , Other aspects have reached the ceiling of domestic luxury cars , But it is such a car with excellent product power , But still get sprayed . What's the problem ?

The misunderstanding is too deep

Many people subconsciously put SAIC Audi A7L As an imported Audi A7 Of “ Domestic version ” models , Or FAW Audi “ Sister model ”.

Imported by others A7 The entry price is 50 More than ten thousand , The highest price is 70 All s , You know A7L Why is it so expensive ? Then there A6L Also have 3.0T V6+48V The power system of , No better than SAIC Audi A7L Bad , Plus A6L Now the discount is big , There's really no need to buy A7L. To be honest , In fact, SAIC Audi A7L With imports A7 and A6L It's not the same thing at all .

In terms of product power ,A7L than A7 Much more generous , Only some people care too much about the identity of its imported cars and sports sedans , And ignore A7L The advantages of , say A7L It's not going to work , That won 't do either . In fact, this is also Audi's business strategy , Aren't the two cars good for different consumer groups ?

Then Audi A6L, The back wave pushes the front wave , Have you ever seen a generation of cars getting worse ? Don't be nostalgic . SAIC Audi A7L The arrival of the , Or the arrival of SAIC Audi , Just to spur FAW Audi , Make it better , stronger . After all, I'm running 、 Under the weight of BMW , Influence of FAW Audi 、 Sales have been affected , And its preferential strength is also the largest of the three . Don't think of another way , Audi in Germany can't sit still .

SAIC Audi A7L Did you do anything about it :

There's still a head .

SAIC Audi , Or SAIC Audi A7L, It is opening up a new market segment , Although the reclamation stage must be a little difficult , But there are still prospects , Especially competitor BMW 、 When Mercedes Benz is not involved in this market , It's a lot easier to walk . in addition , The purpose of SAIC Audi's visit is also another opportunity for Audi in the Chinese market “ Brand reinventing ”, This includes marketing 、 Products and other attempts , This way of laying the foundation for the future is a marathon , The idea is right , Success will come sooner or later .( writing / ATV forward )

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