Lingke's most failed car! 120000 vehicles and walking volume models are all three cylinders, with 817 units sold in June

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lingke failed car vehicles walking

Speaking of link , It is also a domestic automobile brand rising in the past two years . As a Geely Holding Group 、 A new era high-end brand jointly established by Geely Automobile Group and Volvo cars , Link promoted its collection of European technology at the beginning of its birth 、 European design 、 Made around the world 、 Global sales in one , And to this day , Lingke car has been born 01、02、03、05、06 With the upcoming 09 models , Its family car camp has also become increasingly perfect .

As a family 2016 A new brand officially released in , Led the g 01 Is based on CMA The first model developed by the intermediate vehicle infrastructure module architecture , Although the new car arrived 2017 year 11 month 28 It was officially launched on the th . But today , Led the g 01 It is still the most popular model of Lingke brand , With this car , Link has gained a firm foothold in the domestic auto market , And have their own in “ Car world ” A place in the .

here we are 2018 year , Lingke once again struck while the iron was hot and launched its second model Lingke 02, New car positioning high-energy car running SUV, Today's price is 11.98-16.88 Ten thousand yuan range . I thought Lingke 02 Will also be like link 01 So hot , But through the link released after 03、05、06 From the sales data of other models , Led the g 02 On the contrary, it has become the most unsalable model of Lingke brand except for new energy models . So far, we can't help but say : It turns out that Lingke also has failed cars . Let's follow my perspective , Let's take a look at this Lingke with dismal sales today 02 Let's go .

aesthetic , Led the g 02 The overall shape of is still Lingke's family design style . Whether it's the urban skyline in front of you , Or the energy bar crystal tail light at the rear of the car , Put on 15 In the car market of less than 10000, it can be called full of personality . therefore , Led the g 02 I've just come out and still got a lot of people's attention . Can only cherish , Led the g 02 The size is not big ,4448/1890/1528mm Length, width, height and 2702mm The wheelbase is also destined to be only a minority car , And now sales have proved to be true .

Come into the car , Led the g 02 The whole also belongs to a concise and capable design style , It's no different from other models of the Lingke family , It seems that it can cater to the aesthetics of young people at present . in addition , although 10.25 The inch central control screen supports mobile phone interconnection 、4G Surf the Internet and APP Usage function , But the size of this screen can't be said to be too big now . In addition, many Lingke car owners have always reported that Lingke's car engine system is stuck in use 、 Unsmooth , Therefore, most people don't have a good impression of this central control screen .

In space , Led the g 02 My performance is not satisfactory . height 180cm The experimenters sit in the back , Head and leg space are only 1 boxing , The overall ride feeling is relatively depressed . Besides , The rear middle seat is hard , The protruding design at the air outlet of the air conditioner is also easy to knock your legs , In addition, the middle platform has a certain bulge , Therefore, it is not suitable for a third person in the back .

motivation , Led the g 02 Yes 1.5T、2.0T Two gasoline versions and 1.5T PHEV Three new energy power options , among 1.5T The three cylinder engine is also divided into high and low power , Respectively 156/180 horsepower , Maximum torque 245/265 cattle · rice , Transmission system matching 6 Manual and 7 Double clutch gearbox . What's interesting is that ,1.5T The price is the main model sold in the whole series , However, Lingke manufacturers have equipped it with different power 1.5T Three cylinder engine , I don't know what the intention is , Just to adapt to emissions and coffee regulations ? Judging from today's sales performance , The manufacturer does mean to be self defeating .

as for 2.0T models , The price has come 15.38 10000 yuan start , The maximum power of the engine is only 190 horsepower , Maximum torque 300 cattle · rice . Above the driveline ,2.0T The two-wheel drive models are equipped with 6 Self - contained gearbox , 4WD models match 7 Double clutch gearbox . On the whole ,2.0T The price of the model is too expensive , Therefore, it is destined not to become a walking car .

Finally, to tell the truth , Led the g 02 It's common sense that they can't sell well . After all , People's acceptance of three cylinder engine is very low , And link 02 Ergodic 1.5T The model is a three cylinder engine equipped in the whole series , This will certainly make many users retreat . in addition , Except for the three cylinder engine , Led the g 02 The spatial expression of is general 、 The body size is not big 、 The price is not cheap and other factors are also the direct reason for the poor terminal sales . After all , flowers 12-15 Million budget range , Now people can buy things like Geely Xingrui 、 Hyundai Elantra and other high-quality cars , So in front of such a Lingke 02 models , Naturally, it will be ignored by consumers .

All in all , From your collar 02 stay 4、5、6 Only sold in January 1049 car 、1072 Vehicles and 817 We can see from the sales performance of new cars , Led the g 02 It has become the Lingke brand with the worst sales at present 、 The most failed car . future , Led the g 02 Whether it can enhance the competitiveness of products through replacement , We are also looking forward to link's next move , So let's wait and see .( writing / Youshi auto Dazhuo )

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