What car does 100000 budget buy? It is suggested that these three models should be preferred for domestic products, of which two sell tens of thousands a month!

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10 What good domestic cars can you recommend ? If you don't want to buy SUV, I suggest you take a good look at these models . They all come from big domestic brands , Not only the product quality is guaranteed , In terms of terminal sales performance , There are two models that can sell tens of thousands of units a month . therefore , For those who hold 10 For people who don't know what car to buy , These models obviously can't be missed , Let's have a look .

The first paragraph , Changan Yidong

The guided :7.29-10.39 Ten thousand yuan

Sales in the first half of the year :99075 car

Changan Automobile Co., Ltd CS75 Hot sales of vehicle series , The status in the eyes of Chinese people is also gradually improving . As a state-owned car enterprise , Chang'an has a classic car in the field of cars , The car is not only popular all year round , Now it has been “ evolution ” Become escape PLUS. In this year's 1-6 month , The EMU system was sold 99075 A new car , Toto's domestic car sales number one , So it's definitely worth calling it a good car .

Shape aspects , Escaping PLUS The latest design method of Chang'an is adopted , It has a big mouth front grille and sharp light groups on both sides , Let it have its own sports atmosphere . With the addition of the blue whale model ,7.29-10.39 The price is ten thousand yuan 、 The two kinds of power share 6 The product layout of this model also provides consumers with rich choice space .

On the interior , The application of the latest design style gives the car a new look , The eye-catching double screen also doubles its sense of Technology . But unfortunately , Only top models are equipped with dual 12.25 Inch screen , Some pity . Power on , Users can choose according to their own needs 1.6L Naturally aspirated engine or 1.4T Select from turbocharged engines . Transmission system , What matches the former is 5 Speed manual transmission 、6 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , What matches the latter is 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

in general , The sales volume of changanyi EMU has always been very good , As a domestic family car with time accumulation , Yidong relies on its high appearance 、 High quality and good space performance have been trusted and recognized by the majority of users , So if it's hand holding 10 I want to buy a car , Chang'an Yidong must not miss .

In the second paragraph , Geely emgrand

The guided :6.28-9.18 Ten thousand yuan

Sales in the first half of the year :88559 car

Like Chang'an Yidong , Geely imperial car series is also a classic model of domestic cars . In terms of sales volume , Dihao in this year's 1-6 A copy has been handed over in June 88559 New car sales report card of , And can achieve such good results , It also has a lot to do with its excellent product cost performance . After all ,6.28-9.18 Ten thousand yuan can buy a new car with good comprehensive performance in all aspects , It is indeed a more cost-effective choice .

In terms of appearance , With Geely family style design, Dihao has its own personality , Compared with those models without their own design features , It should also be more classy . meanwhile , New style LED Headlights 、 The new tail lamp is decorated with multiple chrome trim strips , Also let it have a certain sense of science and Technology .

Into the car , The overall design of Dihao looks quite young , At the same time, many leather packages are used in the car , This ensures the texture of the car , It also provides a more comfortable riding environment for the personnel in the car . Power on , The whole imperial family is equipped with one 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , Maximum power is 109 horsepower . The transmission is different according to the configuration , matching 5 Speed manual and CVT transmission . It is worth mentioning that , Although the power of Dihao is more general in the same level , But the fuel economy is really good , According to the official , Regal's 100 km fuel consumption is only 6.1L.

Last , As a classic car , It also has a more attractive appearance and warm and fashionable interior design , Plus the power is relatively stable 、 Excellent fuel economy , The price is not expensive , So for consumers who need a family car , This Geely Dihao can obviously become a good choice . No wonder , Imperial car series can rank the second in the sales of domestic cars in the first half of the year .

In the third paragraph , Chery arizer GX

The guided :8.59-12.98 Ten thousand yuan

Sales in the first half of the year :48322

Chery had previously relied on arizer 5 It has won the affirmation and recognition of many Chinese people , And it is precisely because of the hot sales of this car , Just for Chery's later launch of a new arizer GX Laid the foundation . Now let's see , Ariza GX It has become the main model of Chery in the car sales market , A younger look and sporty atmosphere , Also let it pay more and more attention . In the first half of this year , Chery arizer 5 The car department handed over a copy 48322 The report card of a new car , Although it is not as good as the Yidong and emperor in front , But it is also a main player in domestic brand cars .

In terms of appearance , Ariza GX Chery's official name is “ Future streamer traverse wide body design ” Design language of , When it was just listed, it really brightened people's eyes , Family “X” The shape of the front face is impressive , At the same time, it also reflects the sporty feeling and young atmosphere of the car to a certain extent .

Into the car , Ariza GX It also gives people the feeling of simplicity and vitality , Through-air conditioning outlet 、 The combination of instrument and central control makes its interior have a good young atmosphere . Besides , In order to highlight the texture of the car , Touch panel is also used in the air conditioning control area , This also creates a more advanced visual effect .

As for motivation , The champion model is equipped with 1.5L Naturally aspirated engine , The most powerful 116 horsepower , Peak torque 143 cattle · rice , Transmission system matching 5 Speed manual transmission and analog 7 Fast CVT Stepless gearbox .Pro This model is equipped with 1.5T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power is 156 horsepower , Peak torque is 230 cattle · rice . The transmission matching is analog 9 Fast CVT Transmission and 5 Speed manual transmission . Chery has always been famous for its positive research and development of three piece technology , Therefore, most of the users who choose Chery are those who focus on technical strength , Overall, arizer GX No mistake , You can rest assured .

Last , If you hold it 10 I don't know what car to buy yet ? Well, among the domestic brands, I suggest you choose this 3 models . After all , Their sales figures are good , The model's reputation and quality have also withstood the test of the market , Therefore, friends who want to buy may as well start decisively .( writing / ATV Da Zhuo )

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