Mercedes Benz also has cars that can't be sold! Starting from 500000, the monthly sales volume is only 315. If you want to buy, you should avoid it

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mercedes benz cars sold starting

Mention Mercedes Benz brand , We all know that it is the boss of German luxury cars 、 One of the best in the global auto market “ giant ” Car companies . In the domestic automobile market , Mercedes A level 、C level 、E level 、S And GLA、GLB、GLC、GLE、G Class and other models are loved and highly recognized by the rich , So I have to admit , Mercedes Benz is still a well deserved overlord in the field of traditional luxury fuel vehicles .

however , With the introduction of “ Carbon neutralization ” policy , Major automobile enterprises have also accelerated the pace of transformation from the field of traditional fuel vehicles to the field of new energy models . As a representative of the luxury car field , Mercedes Benz wading “ electric ” In fact, it was earlier .

As early as 2009 year , Daimler invested 5000 Ten thousand dollars to Tesla, which was on the verge of bankruptcy at that time ,2010 In, Mercedes Benz cooperated with BYD to launch Tengshi . Then came 2019 year , Mercedes Benz has launched a new product based on MEA A pure electric vehicle Mercedes Benz built on the platform EQC, With 300km The range of the is the highest 60 The price is ten thousand yuan , So far, the car has also been ridiculed as “ Buy Mercedes Benz logo , send EQC The pure traction ”. Time comes this year , Mercedes EQC Its global sales are only 10215 car , Less than GLC、A Level and GLE Plug in hybrid models .

Come to the domestic market , In this year 1-6 month , Mercedes EQC Just handed in one 3044 Sales report of new cars . Current 6 month ,EQC Monthly sales are even only 315 platform , So it seems , Mercedes EQC It has also secured the title of Mercedes Benz's worst selling model in China , Compared with Mercedes Benz, which currently sells the worst fuel models A Stage three compartment , Even worse . therefore , For such a model, no one bought 、 A Mercedes Benz that can't be sold , We also suggest here , If you want to buy something, you must try to avoid .

As for why this Mercedes Benz EQC Few people buy ? The first is that Mercedes Benz is really too confident about the pricing of its pure electric new energy vehicle . Need to know ,49.98-57.98 The price range of 10000 yuan can buy many high-end new energy SUV. Whether it's Wei Lai ES8 Still ideal ONE, Nowadays, the price of walking models has not reached that of Mercedes Benz EQC So high .

What's more? , The range of the latter two is much higher than EQC, So even if Mercedes Benz's brand influence is strong enough , Nowadays, those rich people don't have to pay IQ tax for EQC Pay for the high price . therefore , It is normal that its sales volume in the terminal is not good .

The second is Mercedes Benz EQC There are only 415 The range of kilometers is really too chicken ribs . Although the endurance performance of new energy vehicles has always been a big problem , But there are 600 Endurance above km SUV There are not a few models .

And for those who want to be Mercedes Benz owners , One sells for more than 50 Ten thousand Benz SUV, Its calibrated range is only 415 km , And that's not the range you can actually run ( Actually, it may be 300 Many kilometers ), How can they accept it in their hearts ? indeed , Most people who buy Mercedes Benz are not bad money owners , But choose this one for environmental protection “ Chicken ribs ” Mercedes Benz SUV models , Isn't Tesla fragrant ?

So , Mercedes EQC Why not sell well , To put it bluntly, it's still because of its high price 、 Successive navigation deviation , In addition, this car is only Mercedes Benz's in the new energy market “ Try the water ”, The pure electric vehicle truly developed by Mercedes Benz should be based on EVA Mercedes Benz built on the platform EQS And the following EQE、EQS SUV and EQE SUV Models such as , therefore , Under the imperfect new energy development mode of Mercedes Benz , Naturally, rich people will not be willing to play the role of mice and leeks . therefore , Mercedes Benz that even rich people don't buy EQC, Are we ordinary people going to buy it ? Washing and go to bed. .( writing / ATV Da Zhuo )

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