The new forces of the third front investigated their cries, and no one heard them

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new forces investigated cries heard

[ Car home industry ]  “ If you still consider our car , We'll give you another discount 1 Ten thousand yuan .” After a day of investigation , The car home received another call from the sales manager of Aichi car . For this Love Chi U5( Parameters | inquiry ), The sales manager has already given on the spot in the store 5 Ten thousand yuan discount . To win customers , Love Chi shows sincerity again .

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On the same floor , Almost the same position , Xiaopeng automobile experience store and Weima automobile experience store , It's like two seasons . One is a hot summer , Another is like a cold winter . This is the most true feeling of auto home coming to a shopping mall in Chaoyang District, Beijing , The new forces of car making that were born almost at the same time ,“ Wei Xiaoli ” Very influential , And Wima 、 Tianji and Aichi these enterprises , Facing Nezha 、 The rise of Zero run , Gradually become the third echelon , It can be said that it is sliding towards the edge of the cliff .

The new forces on the third front seem to be gradually forgotten , No sales , There is no heat . Now , They hope to cut prices and make a way , But still far from the target sales . They have become new forces on the third front , How long do you have ?

store :“ We have no confidence in sales ”

We are used to taking sales as the standard , Divide the echelon of the new forces of car making . The monthly sales volume is always in the top three 、 Xiao peng 、 There is no doubt that Wei Lai is firmly in the front line .2021 Since then , Which zha 、 The sales of zero running cars increased rapidly ,7 Monthly sales even ranked fourth 、 Five , Become a new force in the second tier . Weima automobile has not announced the delivery volume so far , Horizon 、 Love Chi 、HYCAN Hechuang's monthly sales hover between hundreds of vehicles , Can only become a new force on the third line .

Take Aichi automobile as an example , There is data showing ,6 month , Love Chi U5 Sales of 181 car ,5 Monthly sales volume is 65 car ,4 In sales 337 car . The same is true of skyline cars ,6 month , Horizon ME7 Sales of 186 car ,5 month 178 car ,4 month 211 car .

Such dismal sales , Also exposed at the terminal . Compared with “ Wei Xiaoli ” Hot direct stores , The stores of the third tier new forces are cold and pitiful .

Waiting all morning , A skyline car experience store located in a shopping mall in Chaoyang District, Beijing , Just ushered in the first batch of customers . The salesperson stopped his work , Come over from the station , Explain to us . however , When autohome asked about skycar sales , The salesperson's answer was very vague ,“ The whole country should have 1000 More than one , To tell you the truth, according to the current sales volume , We don't feel confident ourselves .”

 Car home

The salesperson also told car home , Tianji automobile has opened two experience stores in Beijing , The main task is to carry out brand publicity , As for store sales , He remained silent .“ It can only be said , This skyline ME7 Mainly for high-end customers , So at present, the sales volume of stores is not high . We now focus on the sky ME5 models .” The salesperson didn't respond positively to store sales , But it gives an important message ,“ Our store in Wangfujing , The rent is as high as... A day 3 ten thousand . Sell several cars a day , To cover rental costs , Now there are all discount operations .”

Weima seems to be facing the same fate . Maybe it's because no customers have entered the store for a long time , There is only one salesperson in Weima automobile experience store , Playing the game for yourself , Indulge in it . The car house and his party watched in the store for 15 In a minute or so , The salesperson realized that there were customers entering the store , Then we will have a brief explanation .

From the salesperson's mouth , Weima car sales are not satisfactory . As for the specific sales performance , The salesperson couldn't answer for a moment , Just respond vaguely ,“ Thousands a month ”. But you can see that , For the sales problem , The salesperson also showed a slight lack of confidence . data display , Vemma 2021 Cumulative sales in the first half of the year 1.57 Thousands of cars . And Weima, which has been on the market for a short time W6, It is very mysterious , Auto Home asked about total sales and store sales , The salesperson never mentioned .

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『 Weima automobile Experience Hall in a shopping mall in Beijing 』

“ We used to be in the square outside the mall , Now after moving to the mall , It's hard to find .” After many times the phone can't be connected , According to the address given by Aichi Auto's official website , Found the love Chi experience store located in a shopping mall in Chaoyang District , And the sky 、 Weima seems to be in sympathy with each other , Aichi parked in the mall U5, Similarly, no one cares . Auto home and his party naturally became one of the few people in Aichi experience store that day “ Key customers ”.

Why are stores so deserted ?HYCAN The sales staff of hechuang automobile think , This is the process that a start-up brand must go through .“ We are a start-up brand , Compared with new forces like Wei Xiaoli , We haven't delivered enough . Compared to other new forces , Up to now, none of the cars have been delivered , In this way , We have developed very well .”

“ Our plan is , Brand first , Make a benchmark , Then walk .” According to the plan given by hechuang automobile salesperson , Brand first , Sales are guaranteed . However , On the issue of sales , The new forces on the third front have almost adopted the same plan , That is to reduce prices in various forms 、 Discount , To improve the problem of poor sales .

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HYCAN He Chuang automobile experience store

terminal : Quietly lowering prices may be able to reverse the decline

“ It depends on how long you need . If you choose 400km Endurance models , Now the preferential strength can reach 5 Ten thousand yuan .” Facing the inquiry of car home , Love Chi car sales staff immediately give love Chi U5 The price reduction of ,“ in other words ,16.99 Thousands of cars , After the offer ,12 You can take it down in your early years .”

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A shopping mall in Beijing Aichi Car Experience Center 』

And love Chi U5 High range models , Although there is no 5 Ten thousand special offers , But the salesperson also showed sincerity ,“ We 24.99 The highest matching model of 10000 yuan , If you order now , Here you are 8 fold , There should be no big problem .”

after , There was the scene at the beginning of the article , To further demonstrate sincerity , The sales staff of Aichi automobile increased the discount to 6 Ten thousand yuan . As a direct sales model, Aichi automobile , Why do salespeople have such great freedom to reduce prices and discounts ?“400km We can reduce the price of endurance models appropriately ,500km We have the right to negotiate the price of the vehicles in stock .”

The skyline auto salesperson told the truth about the price reduction in the store .“ What we see online now is the official guide price , But at the specific store , The enterprise granted the right to reduce prices , We can reduce the price according to the actual situation , It mainly depends on how we talk with our customers .”

The skyline auto salesperson said , Price reduction is to enhance the horizon ME7 An important way to sell .“ Horizon ME7 Since listing , The market situation has changed a lot , For now 23 The price of more than 10000 , It's really not competitive , Only waiting for a price cut can increase sales .”

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Weima, which has just been on the market W6, Also gave their own preferential prices . Weima auto salesperson said to auto home ,“ At present, this Weima W6 The price is 18 More than ten thousand , Now there is 2 About ten thousand discount .” And then , The salesperson also specifically asked , If you decide to place an order in the near future , The price can be more favorable .

Car house looked up the data and found that , Under the direct mode , Tesla's price cuts are all through open channels to reduce the official guidance price , The whole operation process is also open and transparent . And the new forces on the third front , No price reduction information has been released through official channels , Instead, the price reduction right is delegated to the store level .

“ The reason why the price reduction of the new forces on the third line is covered up , Because they are in a dilemma .” Wang Min, an expert in the new energy vehicle industry ( alias ) Tell car house , Third tier new forces because of poor sales , Have to cut prices to increase sales , But publicly announcing the price cut also means admitting that their sales are dismal .“ So we have to adopt this ‘ Darkbox operation ’ The way , To get consumers to buy .”

In Wang Min's opinion , The new forces in the third line are under the pressure of sales , The so-called direct marketing model , There has been a serious movement deformation .“ It meant transparency 、 Fair buy it now models , However, sales are not good , So only quietly reduce the price , Maybe it can save some of the decline .”

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Cry : How long can the new forces on the third front last ?

Only a short while ago , The new forces on the third front have also shone everywhere . Aichi automobile is proud to export to overseas markets , And put forward the slogan of bravely striving for the first place of the new forces of building cars . Weima automobile is based on Weima EX5 The result of No. 1 single car sales , Once fought against Wei Xiaoli . Even if skyline has no brilliant product delivery results , Also because of the high volume , Occupy a leading position in the second tier new forces camp .

however , The market situation is complicated , In the fierce competition , They can only retreat to the third line of new forces , Still struggling with life and death . Why do they drive high and walk low , To this day ?

Chen Zhong, a marketing expert in the automotive industry ( alias ) Think , The new forces on the third front have now fallen into a dead circle .“ Weak product perception , The store management is chaotic , Poor consumer experience , So we have to keep cutting prices , And this will have a negative impact on the brand . When the third tier new forces lose brand value , The ultimate destiny is to be forgotten .”

Wang Min also put forward his own point of view , The reason why these enterprises are divided into three new forces , In fact, they are being marginalized . In policy trends 、 Technology trends 、 Under the comprehensive influence of resource factor trend , They are not in time for mass production 、 The funds are not available in time 、 Technical trends are not followed up in a timely manner , Caused a certain degree of marginalization .

On the issue of product rhythm , The experience of skycar is worth mentioning . The skyline auto salesperson sighed to the auto home ,“ At that time, the sky ME7 When it comes to the market , Focus on Weilai ES6, It's also our bad luck ,ME7 It was just in time for the epidemic , The volume didn't rise . The market has really changed too fast , We are not sure about the product layout , Last year 410km In fact, the endurance is not low , And now compare the endurance ,410km Endurance is basically not competitive .”

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The core issue , The reason is that the new forces on the third front are not good enough .“ Maybe it won't last long , Sales have been going downhill , Financing is not going well , No financial support , New products have not attracted the attention of the industry . I hope the response will be better after cooperating with JD .” Skyline insiders , Express your anxiety to the car home .

In this world , The terrible thing is not to be noticed , But forgotten . The cries of these three new forces , More and more weak , No one can hear .( writing / Car home Li Zhengguang )

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