He made $1.3 billion just making a movie! Buy 8 million luxury cars and never drive them. It's a shame to ride a battery car every day

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billion making movie buy million

Now people's economic ability has been generally improved , Even for ordinary people , It's not difficult to buy a car , That's even less important for rich people , Although it also benefits from the prosperity of the automobile market , The price of cars in the market has dropped a lot , But it is undeniable that even if the expensive car is still affordable . Seeing luxury cars in China is nothing new , And among those who buy luxury cars , Stars should be the most concerned group of people , Once a star buys a new car or drives a limited edition luxury car out of the street, it will be reported by the media for the first time . Xu Zheng is no exception , He made money by making a random film 13 Billion , I bought a car easily 800 The Marriott car , But I never saw him drive , Instead, it's embarrassing to ride a battery car every day .

Speaking of Xu Zheng, everyone should be familiar , He can often be seen in film and television plays , Whether from the image or appearance , In terms of acting ability , He has obvious advantages , The reputation among many audiences is also good . Xu Zheng not only plays his own film and television dramas , And make movies , There is no doubt about business ability , The films and TV programs that participated in and directed have good ratings , In this way, he naturally makes a lot of money , Once he made a random movie and made money 13 Billion .

Xu Zheng with strong economic ability , Like many stars, they like to buy luxury cars , He bought more than one luxury car , But the most remarkable thing is 800 Wan's Phantom . Don't say anything about the shape of the car 、 Interior upholstery and power performance , We haven't used it, and we don't know , What about the hype on the Internet , Only the owner knows what the car is like , But the Rolls Royce brand is enough to attract people . Ordinary people buy a luxury car and of course have to drive out to show off , But Xu Zheng is obviously not an ordinary person .

With the phantom, he rides a battery car every day , Compared with the phantom, the battery car is of course very poor , Xu Zheng is not ashamed to ride , Where can I see people with luxury cars go out of their battery cars all day ? See here , Like Xiaobian, many people must envy Xu Zheng's low-key and calm . Buying a luxury car is a dream of many people , It's nothing to buy a car with money , But what's rare is that after Xu Zheng had a luxury car , And enjoy the fun of civilians , buy 800 He never showed up in a luxury car , Some people will feel that people with value are ashamed to go out by battery car every day , But Xu Zheng doesn't think so , enjoy happy life .

In fact, it's really convenient to ride an electric car in the city , When people driving cars are stuck on the road , Electric cars can take their owners through the streets easily , There are also battery cars. Good . Regarding this , What do you still think ?

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