Association: the problem of automobile chips has been alleviated and the production capacity of automobile enterprises has been restored

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association problem automobile chips alleviated

[ Car home   information recently , China Automobile Circulation Association recently released the latest issue of “ Car consumption index ”,7 China's automobile consumption index was 59.6, Compared with last month, it rose month on month , But it's down from a few months ago .

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China Automobile Circulation Association data shows , The production capacity of automobile manufacturers has gradually recovered , The supply of mainstream models has also begun to recover , The chip problem has been significantly alleviated , The previous market demand will be released , expect 8 Car sales will increase significantly in January .

before , Affected by the shortage of chip supply , In recent months, domestic automobile production has continued to decline ,6 month , China's automobile output is 203.8 Thousands of cars , Less than last month 5.8 Thousands of cars , This is the second consecutive month that the output of China's automobile market has decreased year-on-year .( writing / Car home Qin Chao )

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