Tucson will release its second quarterly report in the future

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tucson release second quarterly report

[ Car home information ]  Local time 8 month 5 Japan , Tucson, a self driving truck technology company, will announce 2021 Second quarter results of . data display , Tucson will realize revenue in the second quarter 148.2 Thousands of dollars , A substantial increase over the same period last year 463%; In the first half of this year, the accumulated revenue 242.6 Thousands of dollars , Year-on-year growth 365%. The company said , The reason for the sharp rise in revenue , The main reason is that the commercial utilization rate of self owned fleet and partner fleet has increased significantly .

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meanwhile , Tucson's future losses will further expand : Its operating loss 1.21 Billion dollars , The operating loss in the same period last year was 2802.3 Thousands of dollars ; The net loss reached 1.17 Billion dollars , Far more than in the same period last year 2808.4 Thousands of dollars .

In addition to the increase of relevant costs caused by the increase of operation scale , Tucson's future R & D expenses 、 Marketing expenses 、 General and administrative expenses have increased , This leads to the expansion of the loss . among , Year on year growth of R & D expenses 245% to 7589.1 Thousands of dollars , Marketing expenses increased year-on-year 328% to 104.1 Thousands of dollars , General and administrative expenses increased year-on-year 715% to 4242.5 Thousands of dollars . Tucson future said , By accelerating investment in research and development , Help expand the company in L4 A leading position in the technology of class a conditional autonomous truck .

By 2021 year 6 month 30 Japan , Tucson will have cash and cash equivalents in the future 14.9 Billion dollars , Among them through IPO The funds raised exceed 10 Billion dollars , Much higher than that of the same period last year 2157.5 Thousands of dollars .

Performance outlook , Tucson expects to achieve revenue in the whole year in the future 500 Wan to 700 Thousands of dollars , R & D expenses are estimated to be invested 2 Million to 2.2 Billion dollars , To strengthen the construction of technical team and technical development , It is estimated that the loss before tax, interest, depreciation and amortization for the whole year will be 2.6 Million to 2.8 Between us $100 million .( Source : Financial network ; compile / Car home Li na )

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