Accelerated automatic driving front loading mass production horizon Hesai

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accelerated automatic driving loading mass

[ Car home   information ]  recently , We learned from the authorities that , Horizon has reached strategic cooperation with laser radar manufacturer Hesai technology . The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation on building a lidar sensing scheme for mass production of high-level automatic driving front equipment .

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According to official information , Horizon is based on the journey of full scene vehicle intelligent central computing platform 5 chip , Hesai is based on ADAS Front mounted mass-produced vehicle specification level hybrid solid-state lidar AT128, Joint development and adaptation .

AT128 It's Hesai ADAS A forward hybrid solid-state lidar with a front mounted mass production vehicle , With super high frequency and resolution , Excellent ranging performance , Embedded highly integrated special self-developed chip , At the same time, it has passed the complete vehicle regulation test , High performance 、 High integration 、 High reliability and cost advantage .

Through this collaboration , Both parties will provide more choices for common customers . When customers jointly use horizon automotive intelligent chip and wo racing car specification hybrid solid-state lidar , The built-in perceptual optimization algorithm will help customers process perceptual point cloud information more efficiently , Get stronger perceptual results .( compile / Car home Xue Lian Zhang )

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