Ganfeng 8.4 billion new lithium battery expansion project with a capacity of 15gwh

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ganfeng billion new lithium battery

[ Car home   information ]  In recent days, , Ganfeng lithium industry official revealed , Ganfeng lithium, a holding subsidiary, plans to invest in 84 Billion yuan to build two new lithium battery projects , Put into operation with 15GWh Annual production capacity .

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One is located in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province “ Annual output of power battery phase II 5GWh New battery project ”, The amount of investment does not exceed 30 Billion , plan 2023 year 10 Completed and put into operation in June . The second is located in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing “ Ganfeng new lithium battery technology industrial park and advanced battery research institute project ”, Proposed construction 10GWh Lithium battery manufacturing base , And set up an advanced battery research institute , Total project investment 54 One hundred million yuan , It is planned to start from 18 Complete the completion filing within months , after 6 Months into production .

among , Advanced battery research institute will update the technology of all kinds of solid-state batteries 、 Provide technical support for product iteration , With cars 、 Consumer electronics and other downstream customers jointly carry out application technology research and development .

As the power battery plate of Ganfeng lithium industry , Ganfeng lithium battery has laid out consumer batteries 、TWS The battery 、 power / Energy storage batteries and solid-state batteries , And after years of technical reserves 、 Product iteration , Its development is stepping into the fast lane .

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7 End of month , Ganfeng lithium intends to increase the capital of Ganfeng lithium battery with its own funds 20 One hundred million yuan , And introduce millet production and investment 20 The investors have increased the capital of Ganfeng lithium battery by about 9.71 One hundred million yuan . Expanding the capital strength of Ganfeng lithium battery 、 Ensure that while funding needs , Bring in more investors , Jointly promote the rapid development of battery business .

Solid state battery field , The energy density of its solid-state lithium-ion battery reaches 240Wh/kg, The energy density of solid-state lithium metal battery is very high 360Wh/kg, All through acupuncture , Extrusion and other tests , Safety and performance . On the application level , Ganfeng lithium has launched solid-state battery demonstration and operation cooperation with Dongfeng .

Ganfeng lithium industry has also accelerated the layout of supporting materials .4 month , It plans to invest 22 One hundred million yuan , New annual output 7000 Ton metal lithium and lithium material project , Construction of ultra-thin lithium cathode material project for high specific energy solid-state battery , New lithium metal molten salt electrolysis plant 、 Purification of metal lithium by low temperature vacuum distillation 、 Ultra thin lithium tape 、 Aluminum lithium alloy 、 Lithium boron alloy and other production lines .

TWS Button type battery , Improve battery tightness through special housing , Strengthen safety protection 、 Anti electromagnetic interference .

Consumer batteries , After several generations of technical optimization , At energy density 、 Thermal stability 、 Security 、 Cycle life 、 Fast charging performance continues to improve .

power / Energy storage battery , Ganfeng lithium battery LFP The power cell has been turned on for external supply , Supporting Chery new energy A00 The new car announcement of the Ministry of industry and information technology , And provide Kexin technology with an annual supply of no less than 1GWh Of LFP The battery , In new energy batteries 、 Communication base station energy storage 、 Cooperate with resource regeneration projects such as data center energy storage and battery recovery .

Besides , Ganfeng lithium is still combining the battery business with the parent company's resource industry . Ganfeng lithium industry is opening up the upstream and downstream industrial chain , At present, the business runs through the upstream lithium resource development 、 Middle reaches lithium salt deep processing and metal lithium smelting 、 Downstream lithium battery manufacturing and comprehensive recycling of retired lithium batteries .( compile / Car home Guo Chen )

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