Renault group and Geely Holding Group signed a memorandum of understanding

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[ Car home   information ]  8 month 9 Hangzhou, China / France , We have learned from the officials of Renault group and Geely Holding Group , The two sides have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), Build innovative partnerships . The cooperation between the two sides will aim at the opportunity of hybrid power market , Share resources and technologies , And carry out cooperation with China and South Korea as key markets .

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The cooperation between the two sides will reflect the opening strategy of Geely Holding Group for its vehicle architecture , It will also accelerate Renault group “Renaulution plan ” Landing in the above two markets .

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Geely Holding Group has mature industrial layout and excellent technical strength . The two sides will jointly develop Renault brand hybrid models based on the platform technology of Geely Holding Group . meanwhile , Renault will make full use of the brand strategy 、 Content and channels 、 Advantages in developing ecological services and optimizing user journey , Create value for consumers . 

In the Korean market , Renault Samsung has a long history 20 Years of successful development experience . Renault group and Geely Holding will be based on Lingke energy saving platform CMA Cooperate with the architecture , Jointly develop models suitable for the Korean market . The two companies will uphold the spirit of open cooperation , Continue to explore the possibility of in-depth cooperation between the two sides .

● About Renault group

  Renault group has five brands ―― Renault (Renault)、 Dacia (Dacia)、 LADA (Lada)、Alpine and Mobilize, Achieve complementary advantages , Provide customers with sustainable and innovative mobile travel solutions . Renault group has strengthened its strength through the alliance with Nissan and Mitsubishi and with its unique expertise in the field of electric vehicles . Renault group is in 130 Many countries sell cars , In the world with 18 10000 employees ,2020 The global sales volume was nearly 300 Ten thousand units . Renault group is committed to transformation , Continuously create value . Renault group focuses on developing new technologies and services , Launched more competitive 、 A full range of electric models . To meet the challenges of environmental problems , Renault group has set 2050 Achieve the goal of carbon neutrality in Europe in .( compile / Car home Zhouyi )

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