Tong Liya, 38, in good condition? Ex husband Chen Sicheng sent a document to celebrate his birthday, but the comment area was overturned

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tong liya good condition ex

8 month 8 It's Tong Liya 38 birthday , It's just past zero , As an ex husband, Chen Sicheng celebrated Tong Liya's birthday at a card point , And a caption : Duoduo mom , Happy birthday, , be young forever . And then , Tong Liya responded : Thank you. .

In the photo, Tong Liya is wearing a white dress , Straight hair draped over the shoulders , Tong Liya and her son are sitting in front of the piano , Blossoming white T T-shirt for the camera , Practicing the piano , The picture of mother and son sitting together is very warm .

After Chen Sicheng's birthday microblog was released , The comment area soon overturned , Many people think that Chen Sicheng is moving himself , My wife is good at everything , My ex husband is too diaphragmatic .

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