Focus on the Sino Korean market and the official publicity cooperation between Geely and Renault

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Netease car 8 month 9 Reported Wednesday  8 month 9 Japan , Have 120 French carmaker with a history of years Renault Group and China's largest private automobile group geely The holding group jointly announced , The two sides have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), Build innovative partnerships .

 Focus on China and South Korea market Geely and Renault announced their cooperation

The hybrid market in Asia is booming , The cooperation between the two sides will aim at this opportunity , Share resources and technologies , And carry out cooperation with China and South Korea as key markets .

according to the understanding of , The two sides will jointly develop Renault brand hybrid models based on the advanced platform technology of Geely Holding Group . meanwhile , Renault will make full use of the brand strategy 、 Content and channels 、 Advantages in developing ecological services and optimizing user journey , Create value for consumers .

 Focus on China and South Korea market Geely and Renault announced their cooperation

The cooperation between the two sides will reflect the opening strategy of Geely Holding Group for its vehicle architecture . The cooperation mentioned CMA The structure can be applied to a variety of body forms and sizes , Compatible with gasoline engines 、 A variety of power systems including new energy power , And already in Volvo 、 Proton 、 geely 、 Led the g And other different brands , It has very good openness 、 Sharing and extensibility . And Geely is 2020 Released in SEA The vast architecture also reveals , It covers 7 Two brands include not only the brands within Geely Holding Group , It also includes external brands .

Open cooperation 、 Vertical and horizontal , To explore more ways , Respond more actively to industry changes , Participate in the competition in the global automobile market .

In a previous conversation , Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, once said :“ international situation 、 The pattern of the world , Very significant changes are taking place , under these circumstances , Geely motors will continue to integrate into the global economy , We should continue to participate in the competition of the global economy . Therefore, we should have ideals , Don't be disoriented by the difficulties in front of you .”

 Focus on China and South Korea market Geely and Renault announced their cooperation

meanwhile , This cooperation will also accelerate the Renault group “Renaulution plan ” Landing in the above two markets .

2021 year 1 month 14 Japan , Renault Group officially released “Renaulution” strategic planning , The plan is divided into three stages : From now on to 2023 The year is the revival stage , Focus on profitability and cash appreciation ; From now on until 2025 The year is the innovation stage , Continuously update and enrich the product matrix , Improve brand profitability ; 2025 Years later is the stage of change , Turn the business model to technology 、 Energy and travel , Make Renault group a leader in the new travel value chain .

In the Korean market , Renault Samsung has a long history 20 Years of success Development experience . Renault group and Geely Holding will be based on Lingke energy saving platform CMA Cooperate with the architecture , Jointly develop models suitable for the Korean market .

For the Chinese market , Renault group previously said , At present, the group's strategic focus is on electric vehicles and light commercial vehicles . Renault group will reshape its business model in China in the future , Using assets in China , At the same time, with the help of China's industrial ecosystem , Develop new mobile solutions for China and the global market . meanwhile , Renault also works with the lutes brand (Lotus) cooperation , Develop the next generation of electric sports cars . Geely's cooperation with Renault , It will undoubtedly further promote Renault's development in China .

Both sides also expressed , We will uphold the spirit of openness and cooperation , Continue to explore the possibility of in-depth cooperation between the two sides .

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