Wu Yifan's prison life is far away or copy Gao Yunxiang? Thousands of luxury cars have been dusty and their tires have been punctured

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wu yifan prison life far

In recent days, , Wu Yifan's case affects the hearts of countless people , Netizens are also talking about Wu Yifan's bit by bit . Some people are discussing whether Wu Yifan is really guilty , There is also a heated discussion about how many girls have been cheated by Wu Yifan , Of course, there are still people discussing how long Wu Yifan will stay in prison ?

Wu Yifan has been in prison for several days , It seems that the investigation is still continuing . Because of the number of people that may be involved , So it will take a long time to investigate and collect evidence . In addition, Wu Yifan, previously reported by the police, is suspected of rape , Because the evidence of rape is also very difficult , Besides, it's been a long time , So Wu Yifan's life in prison may still have to wait a long time , It may even be similar to Gao Yunxiang , Quite a long time .

It is reported that Wu Yifan's prison life is still very regular , With the disclosure of netizens , Official rumor refutation, clarification and further disclosure of prison life , Only then did I know that Wu Yifan's life in it is OK . But recently, some netizens have posted a group of photos , It means that Wu Yifan's ten million luxury car has not moved for a long time , There is a lot of dust on it . The important thing is that Wu Yifan's luxury car tire was also punctured , It seems that Wu Yifan really angered so many people , Many enemies .

According to media reports , Wu Yifan's current situation is not optimistic , Because not only are they detained and prosecuted at home , In the United States, Canada also faces complaints from victims , So now wherever you go , There may be no place for Wu Yifan , The important thing is that Wu Yifan's current work is in a state of neglect , Coming back should be even more difficult .

Wu Yifan's prison life is far away or copied Gao Yunxiang ? Thousands of luxury cars have been covered with dust and their tires have been punctured . Now whether Wu Yifan's crime is established , How many people are involved , We don't know the severity , I hope netizens can eat melons rationally , Look at it rationally . It's not too late to wait for further notification from the police , After all, today's evidence and materials are hearsay . I hope there will be no financial events that will destroy others to continue to happen .

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