Didi refutes rumors that the data right may be transferred to a third party

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didi refutes rumors data right

[ Car home information ]  In recent days, , Didi travel's official microblog said ,“ In the near future “ Didi transfers the data right to a third party 、 Introduce major shareholders and delisting ” And other market rumors are false information ”. before , According to a source , Didi is working with Westone, a third-party information security company with state-owned background (Westone) Cooperation and consultation on handling its data management , Didi's statement should be a response to this matter .

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Review the didi incident , This year, 6 month 30 Japan , Didi was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange , Ticker “DIDI”.7 month 2 Japan , The Network Security Review Office issued an announcement on launching network security review on didi travel ;7 month 4 Japan , The national Internet Information Office announced , Drops travel App There is a serious problem of illegal collection and use of personal information , Notify the app store to take didi off the shelf App. This matter has aroused widespread concern and discussion inside and outside the industry .

And in the 7 End of month , There are rumors that didi will embark on privatization , But didi also quickly refuted the rumor , Call the rumors about Didi's privatization false information , At present, the company is actively and comprehensively cooperating with the network security review . About the progress of didi incident , We will continue to pay attention .( writing / Car home Xing Yueyang )

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