Henan Provincial Department of Commerce: free passage of materials and vehicles

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[ Car home information ]  recently , From the press conference on accelerating post disaster reconstruction in Henan Province ( The second game ) come to know , When implementing epidemic prevention and control policies for some cities in the province “ One size fits all ”, Zhengzhou license plate vehicles are not allowed to enter the local area at high speed even if there are nucleic acid certificates 、 The phenomenon of being directly persuaded back , It is required that vehicles transporting daily necessities meet the epidemic prevention conditions , Free green passage and high-speed passage are available . In addition, the Department of Commerce of Henan Province has paid special attention to key livelihood guarantee and supply enterprises , Coordinated by local and municipal governments , Add nucleic acid rapid detection points in large guarantee and supply enterprises , Free testing , Ensure the normal operation of drivers and transport vehicles in key enterprises . Drivers and transport vehicles of small and medium-sized guarantee and supply enterprises operating in various cities , Depend on “ pass ”+“ Green health code ” Allow passage .

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Event review ,8 month 2 Japan , Henan Provincial Department of Commerce will not allow vehicles with Zhengzhou license plate to enter the local area at high speed even if they have nucleic acid certificate 、 The phenomenon of being directly persuaded back , Reported to the provincial government for the first time 《 Urgent request for instructions on ensuring the passage of transportation vehicles for daily necessities in our province during epidemic prevention and control 》.

8 month 3 Japan , Emergency communication between Henan Provincial Department of Commerce and Henan Provincial Department of communications , Reach a preliminary opinion on the issue of passes .8 month 5 Japan , Henan Provincial Department of Commerce reports to the provincial epidemic emergency response joint command , It is suggested that under the unified leadership of the provincial headquarters , On the basis of strictly implementing the provisions on epidemic prevention and control , Issue passes to transport vehicles transporting daily necessities , Smooth logistics , All places shall not obstruct the passage without reason .

And then , The Department of Commerce of Henan Province has drafted and formulated the measures for the management of vehicle passes for the transportation of living materials during the prevention and control period , After the relevant documents of the provincial headquarters are issued , Organize and implement immediately , Unblock the logistics channel of daily necessities , Ensure the stable and sufficient supply of daily necessities in the whole province . Now , There is a solution to this incident , Materials and vehicles can enter smoothly under the conditions of epidemic prevention .( Source : CCTV news 、 Henan business daily ; compile / Car home Li na )

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