Che Xiao's figure and temperament are amazing. She wears a light pink lace wrapped fishtail skirt, which is high-grade and elegant

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che xiao figure temperament amazing.

1 / 6 Che Xiao is a clear stream among female stars , Her temperament is superior , It's very beautiful , Acting is also very good . This time she appeared in a light pink lace wrapped fishtail skirt , The whole person sends out the ultimate girlish feeling , Fresh and energetic , It shows a strong aging temperament , If you are an older beauty , You can also choose . Pink is tender and advanced , Publicity and eye-catching

2 / 6 Che Xiao “ Bracket hips ” It's charming ! Wearing a light pink lace wrapped fishtail skirt , Noble and elegant , Pink is a very tender color , It can bring a natural sense of advanced , Publicity and eye-catching , Let you shine in the crowd in an instant , Harvest a full return rate . A lighter and brighter pink like this can easily wear out a dark effect , So I don't really suggest that you choose this , It can only collide with a white beauty to produce a perfect temperament , Yellow and black skin women can choose a deep rose red , Or lotus root powder close to skin color 、 Bare powder , The results will be great .▼ deep v Collar embellishment

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