The 16th National College Student smart car competition - opening before the competition

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16th th national college student

Jane Medium : In order to ensure that the track designed by the online racing team participating in the smart car competition meets the competition standards , Easy to check the track and score during the race . This paper presents the pre competition opening of all teams before the competition - That is, the requirements of track audit .

key word The smart car race , Track Designer


§01 " Before the opening

One 、 Background introduction

2021 year , The 16th National Smart car competition for college students Because of being The impact of new crown epidemic , The northeast division and the national finals will In the form of online competition . In order to adapt to the scattered teams 、 The difficulty of making a unified track and many other factors , The competition organizing committee has made a bold reform in the design of competition questions , The traditional timing system has been changed to the integral system . Teams can design their own car models according to their own characteristics , According to the unified track element standard, the race track is formed by self combination , In this way, the cost of making the track can be saved , It also avoids the impact of track deployment accuracy on race results .

Two 、 Track audit

The race track is designed by the participating team for the first time this year , in order to :

  • Avoid the team's wrong understanding of the track design, resulting in the design of the track does not meet the specifications ;
  • It is convenient for the competition organizing committee to measure and certify the track remotely ;
  • Accurately calculate the score points of the track and formulate the referee's penalty standards during the competition ;

The competition organizing committee requires all teams participating in the online competition , Including teams from northeast division and teams participating in the online competition of the national finals , stay 8 month 15 Japan Before that, I will send the race track to the national finals organizing committee . After being reviewed and approved by the Competition Organizing Committee , Can be used in online games . If modification is needed , The participating teams need to modify according to the modification suggestions given by the organizing committee .

When the online race track of the participating team is recognized by the Competition Organizing Committee , Modification is no longer allowed . Except for special reasons , Changes can only be made after negotiation and approval with the competition organizing committee . To ensure the fairness of the game 、 justice 、 Open , The competition organizing committee will be in 8 month 20 Japan The track designs of all participating online teams were previously announced , It is convenient for all participating teams to observe 、 Study 、 supervise .

3、 ... and 、 Submit track design content

The track design submitted by the teams participating in the online competitions of the eight problem groups includes :

  • Circuit design principle drawings : It is required to indicate :
    • The length of the track 、 wide 、 area ;
    • The distance between the key points of the track 、 The distance between adjacent elements of the track 、 Total track length ;
    • Key dimensions of track elements : The length between three intersections 、 Length of straight path of trigeminal branch 、 Roundabout radius 、 Benzene ring side length 、 The side length of a few word curve 、 Length of straight road at the entrance and exit of the intersection and other required data ;
    • Ramp dimensions ( Height 、 length 、 Width ); Off road track elements ( Bumpy road section 、 Gravel section 、 Simulated turf ) The size of the ; They are deployed on the track ;

▲ chart 1.1 The overall design layout of the track , Laying site area and key point size

▲ chart 1.1 The overall design layout of the track , Laying site area and key point size

▲ chart 1.3 Size of key points on the track

▲ chart 1.3 Size of key points on the track

  • Photos of the track laying site : Shooting requirements :

    • Provide an overall picture of the track laying in two directions , The view angle of the photo should be as perpendicular to the ground as possible . If there is a top view , Or the top view taken by helicopter is better . The higher the clarity and resolution of the picture, the better .
    • Please deploy four red objects in the four corners of the track , The size exceeds 10 centimeter . The center distance between the four red objects is given in the description of the track submitted later .
  • Track documentation : Track documentation needs to include :

    • Explain the overall situation of the track : Including track length 、 Site area 、 Electromagnetic wire diameter, etc ;
    • Indicate the center distance of the red signs around the track , To the millimeter ;
    • The types of track elements in the track 、 Number 、 Location 、 Specifications, etc ;
    • The total number of scoring points of the vehicle model in one week ;
    • For two car sets , Omnidirectional group , Give the plan of car model score during the competition ;
  • A bike

In the course of the game , If the model rushes out of the track , It is required that the model can automatically return to the track from the place where it rushed out of the track and continue the race along the running direction of the original track . Or the model automatically returns to the track from any point on the track , You don't start scoring until you drive out of the track again . If the model cannot automatically return to the track , Then the game scoring ends .

Four 、 Requirements for submission of track documents

1、 submission

The track documents of the participating teams are sent to the national finals organizing committee by e-mail :

  • Contacts : Harbin Engineering University Xu Dexin
  • mail [email protected]
  • contact number :15846382463
  • Mailing address : Nantong street, Nangang District, Harbin 145 Number

2、 File format

Edit the track description to a unified WORD In file , Send according to the following file naming method :

School name _ Team name _ Competition group . file extension


§02 ancient Strange track

One 、 Trident island

Zhuo dada , The circuit does not allow nesting of outgoing line elements , For example, there is a ring island in the Trident .

Two schemes are given below :

1、 Exogenous trigeminal island :

This program , High scoring efficiency , You can double your score every time , But it doesn't save the area .

▲ chart 1.1 Trident roundabout

▲ chart 1.1 Trident roundabout

2、 Embedded trigeminal island :

This built-in trigeminal ring saves the area of the track ..

▲ chart 1.1.1 Endogenous trigeminal ring track

▲ chart 1.1.1 Endogenous trigeminal ring track

Two 、 Cross ramp

Zhuo dada , Is it allowed to pave the cross road on the ramp , Design the ramp like this . If this is allowed, how do you score every time you cross such a ramp , Every time 7 What's the difference ? If allowed, please don't make the photos public .

▲ chart 2.1 Cross ramp

▲ chart 2.1 Cross ramp

Comment on : In order not to cause problems in track design “ The arms race ”, The design of the above two composite track elements is still “ prohibit ” Is that right .

3、 ... and 、 Cross ring

Zhuo, I asked you about the cross type of the official account. , Please have a look . How many points are there in a lap ?

reply : According to what you mentioned , stay CSDN It is clearly stated in the draft , Continuous cross , Two passes . If you pass once 2 branch , That's four points . Mainly considering that this difficulty is equivalent to the difficulty of roundabout .

▲ chart 3.1 Continuous cross circle track

▲ chart 3.1 Continuous cross circle track

Mr. Zhuo , It is also recommended to limit the number of crosses .

reply : Thank you for your advice . Now the public does limit the number of intersections to no more than 2 individual .

Four 、 Asymmetric zigzag curve

Does Mr. Zhuo calculate a few right angles like this ?

▲ chart 4.1 Zigzag right angle curve

▲ chart 4.1 Zigzag right angle curve

reply : Your design is a little interesting . To avoid ambiguity , Both sides of the zigzag curve need to be designed to the same length .

5、 ... and 、 Track boundary and shoulder

PVC The black boundary line can not be laid on the track 、 shoulder 、 Midline electromagnetic guide line . The participating teams can decide whether to pave according to their own needs , How much to lay .

▲ chart 4.1 You think they're tidying up the track shoulders

▲ chart 4.1 You think they're tidying up the track shoulders

▲ chart 4.2 But they actually play Gatling machine guns

▲ chart 4.2 But they actually play Gatling machine guns

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