Chen Shu dressed up low-key and visited high-end brand stores. He was exposed to choose three cars of clothes, and his size was exposed to be super thin

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chen shu dressed low-key low

recently , A netizen posted a document on a social account recording the process of receiving actors Chen Shu to the store to choose clothes . It is reported that , The brand is positioned as a high-end brand . Because it is the first time to receive a star , The netizen is also super excited .

In the photo , Chen Shu wears his signature shoulder length hair and a white cap , Wearing a blue coat and a yellow bag , Dress up, casual and low-key , Fashion and age reduction .

From the photos posted by netizens , Chen Shu should be completely plain and show people , Add a mask and a hat to cover , So that when I arrived at the store, I was regarded as a passer-by by by the clerk .

The whole shopping process , Chen Shu is carefully selecting clothes , Chen, who has been choosing, directly bought three carts of clothes , It's quite a big deal .

However, from the comments made by the netizen in the comment area , Chen Shu's choice of these clothes is paid by the crew .

But beyond that , The netizen also revealed that Chen Shu liked a man's blue shirt too much , I bought it at my own expense . therefore , Chen Shu's blue shirt is probably bought for her husband Zhao Yinyin .

In another picture , Chen Shu keeps communicating with his assistant , This netizen also mentioned , The assistant with yellow hair was helping Chen Shu to match it all the way 、 Selection 、 Arrangement .

The netizen's sharing soon attracted a lot of onlookers , When someone asks if Chen Shu wears S Code time , The netizen replied “160 M The code , The upper body is thin A little crotch ”.

In fact, Chen Shu's official height is 168cm, near 170cm, This height is still wearing M code , It seems , Chen Shu is really thin .

In recent days, , A realistic TV drama starring Chen Shu 《 My name 》 Official startup , At this time, I appeared in the clothing store to choose the number of drama clothes , I don't know if it's what the play needs ?

Chen Shu can be said to be the temperament beauty in the entertainment circle , Husband Zhao Yinyin is a second marriage , And a son , Since they got married , Chen Shu has never wanted his own children , She said it straight :“ Just love him well ”, Always treat your stepson as your own son , The relationship between the two people is very harmonious , Like a biological mother and son .

For this family , Chen Shu really paid a lot , however , Her marriage with Zhao Yinyin doesn't seem so happy , Marriage has been red for many times . This year, 4 month , Zhao Yinyin was photographed wearing the same shoes with his girlfriend , And before that , Zhao Yinyin was also questioned by netizens because of an intimate group photo with the opposite sex , Although Zhao Yinyin responded that the girl is her cousin , But netizens don't buy it .

For these rumors from the outside world , Chen Shu has not made any response . however , This year, 6 month 7 Japan , Zhao Yinyin 49 birthday , Chen Shu sent a document to celebrate her husband's birthday , Birthday scene , She looked very happy when her husband Zhao Yinyin held her in her arms , The two men broke the rumors of divorce with practical actions . Blessings are numbered , I also look forward to seeing her new play as soon as possible !

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