New interior layout, eye-catching, ideal X01 spy exposure

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new interior layout eye-catching eye

[ Car home   Domestic spy photos ]  recently , We have acquired a set of ideals X01 Road test spy photos of models , As a brand new brand SUV models , The new car will have more than ideal ONE Higher positioning , According to previous news , The new car may be on 2022 It was officially released and listed in .

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We can see from the picture , Compared with the previous version , This picture has higher definition . Front part , And ideals ONE Different , The new car is not equipped with a wide front grille , It looks more like a pure electric model . Besides , From the outline of the headlamp group , The new car may continue to be equipped with a through headlamp set , however , The size of the lamp group may be larger than ideal ONE Bigger .

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The rear part , The new car will continue to have a smooth design , The through tail lamp group is not expected to be absent , meanwhile , The wide rear surround can make the vehicle seem to have a strong sense of security .

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interiors , And ideal for through screen design ONE Different , The new car may be built in a more conventional design language , A suspended central control screen will appear on the new car . meanwhile , The area under the centre console will also have a different layout , The air conditioning control panel may be integrated into a smaller screen , Besides , The air outlet of the air conditioner may be moved under the air conditioner control panel . however , The new car is still in the trial assembly stage , What kind of design will the future mass production models adopt ? We will continue to focus on .

motivation , Combined with previous news , The new car will be built based on the second generation extended range platform ,1.5T The four cylinder Miller cycle extender is expected to appear on the new car , The tank volume will reach 65L. Endurance mileage , It is reported that , New car or will have 800 Comprehensive endurance performance of about KM .( Interior picture source : Sina Weibo users Jeremy; writing / Car home Andy du )

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