Chevrolet: exposure of patent map of pure electric version of suspected Explorer

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chevrolet exposure patent map pure

[ Car home New energy ]  recently , We have obtained a group of patent drawings of pure electric vehicles submitted by SAIC GM Chevrolet from relevant channels , You can see the new car and Chevrolet explorer ( Parameters | inquiry ) The similarity is high , Or for the electric Chevrolet Explorer , Positioning medium SUV.

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 Saic gm Chevrolet Agent world person 2021 paragraph 535T Collar Edition

The above picture shows the Chevrolet Explorer

The patent map shows that the front face of the new car adopts a closed design , The upper part of the vehicle line is integrated with the headlamp , The lower part is designed with a dense transverse stripe grid , Probably designed for decorative purposes . In terms of headlights , It's a place where the appearance of the new car is quite new , There are two vertical lines under the face through headlamp set , At present, it is not clear whether the lines on both sides are light strips , But it's combined with headlights , The visual effect is outstanding .

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The body side , New rim design , While enhancing the sense of fashion , It can also effectively reduce the wind resistance coefficient , It is also beneficial to the increase of new car mileage . Rear of vehicle , There are also two vertical lines that echo the front of the car , The overall broad and heavy tail shape is the same as that of the explorers .

Besides , At present, about the power of new cars 、 There is little information about launch time and so on , We will also continue to pay attention to , Interested friends can continue to pay attention to the car home , We will bring you a report as soon as possible .( writing / Car home Jiang Tianshuang )

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