Tesla cybertruck delivery postponed to 2022

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tesla cybertruck delivery postponed

[ Car home   New energy ]  recently , We learned from overseas media that , In Tesla Cybertruck( Parameters | inquiry ) The order page displays , Mass production of the car 、 The delivery date has been postponed to 2022 year . before , tesla CEO Musk once said on the earnings conference call , If all goes well , Tesla will 2021 Small batch delivery in Cybertruck.

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according to the understanding of , On the second quarter earnings conference call , Vice president of Tesla Automotive Engineering Lars Moravy Express ,Cybertruck Currently in “ The stage of completing the basic engineering of automobile Architecture ”, And added that it will enter the testing stage later this year . So the car is 2021 It is unlikely to be delivered to users in , The order page also confirms this .

 tesla ( import ) Cybertruck 2020 paragraph Basic type

according to the understanding of , In this year 5 Tesla... At the end of the month Cybertruck Your order has exceeded 100 Thousands of cars , In the past week, the new orders for the car exceeded 17000 car , It can be estimated that the current total order volume of the car may exceed 125 Thousands of cars . however , Due to the battery 、 chip 、 Global supply chain and other factors , tesla Semi The truck project has also been postponed to 2022 year .( writing / Car home Hou Minghao )

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